Five ships were hit by a crystal and turned over. One and a half ships were completely paralyzed. One ship was still able to take place in World War I. Even Lin momo didn’t expect Harley to fiddle with it for a long time and finally issued the first gun, not the main gun but the auxiliary gun.

Supposedly, this gun was not powerful, but the angle created a miracle when it was bombarded. The destroyer just locked the Phantom of the Opera, and the light was faintly revealed. During this one thousandth of a second break, Harley’s attack just smashed into the other side’s muzzle, causing a chain reaction. As a result, the whole ship was completely ruined
"Can this work?" Lin momo stunned the Ding Ye across the street with the same expression.
Harley is complaining, "Mom missed. I was heading for the bridge. How did I knock down the battery?"
Lin momo’s slow mind can attribute this matter to dumb luck or he is really a lucky star as Harley said.
Ding Ye was sweating because his flagship was stared at, and the back of the ship was a ridiculous sailboat, and the solar sail burst into bright colors.
Volume 2 American enemy! Flight feathers, chapter 3, the battle.
Gunboat armored debris scattered to taizhonglin momo didn’t know that just a hard blow stabbed the other flagship.
The dark-skinned man’s face was in a frenzy and his hatred was terrible. He ordered, "Listen, patrol boats and destroyers were badly damaged, and people left the battlefield with the escape capsule. Although the injury of the second gunboat was heavy, it was fair to fight for the first time. Hurry up and fly away from the third gunboat on both sides, and let out all the magnetic mine nets to trap the other side in five to one. If you don’t get it back, I will be ashamed to hang out with Hydra after Ding Ye."
"Boss, you can’t do this. It’s too dangerous!" Screen several big fellow frighten horribly hurriedly dissuade.
Ding Ye snorted, "Idiot, if you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, we will all die. If you don’t want me to have an accident here, you should hurry up and kill the enemy ship first."
"Yes" with several responses, two gunboats flew rapidly towards the periphery of the battlefield, and the flagship violently counterattacked and crashed into the Phantom of the Opera.
"Hum, the reaction is not slow. Can the captain regret coming to the first ship war?" Lin momo slightly thinking about steering the rudder to pursue the left gunboat. He never thought that three gunboats would hit a magnetic mine net at the same time to cage all sides.
The battlefield is changing rapidly. Facing the Phantom of the Opera, this speed-type spacecraft, the mine net is indeed the best choice.
Lin momo frowned and opened the screen and issued an order "Harley hurriedly cleared a path for me with the auxiliary gun attack"
"Yes, look at me." Harley rolled up his sleeves and made a few shots. Unfortunately, there was no previous good fortune to scatter a magnetic mine net.
Phantom of the Opera, if you don’t find a way to break through, will fall into the enemy’s crazy shelling. This critical head Pei Lin is wearing a Taideng deck and yelling at the screen, "Siso, get rid of the energy shield. I have a way to help you solve the problem."
Lin momo dare not hesitate to type in the operating instructions. Through the screen, you can see that Pei Lin is crouching around the Qiqi twisted mechanical spider. Maybe this method will work.
"Dear Titan II, come on!" Pei Lin felt a little reluctant to tap the key behind the mechanical spider. The seven pieces of machinery quickly rose to the phantom of the opera, and the energy shield was closed again to block the gunfire on both sides.
According to common sense, a mechanical spider will be struck by a magnetic storm if it wants to get close to a magnetic mine net. At most, it will destroy a Zhang lei net, but it may not break through the obstacles. However, things are unpredictable. After Harley, the ship technician Pei Lin once again worked miracles.
Seeing that the mechanical spider moves lightly, the seven spider legs are ejected and the metal cable is stirred, which skillfully connects the thunder net in front of the road and arcs together, and one spear attacks the other shield with one success.
"Haha, Titan II is great!" Pei Lin cheered excitedly. This mechanical spider is here to help Harley lift heavy objects. It’s really tiring to install light cannons in the battery area. Lin momo thinks that it can improve the efficiency of work and strongly supports it. A lot of crazy founders, D ‘Artagnan, never imagined that it would be a big help in the battle.
Less than two minutes before and after, the enemy gunboat has not yet launched a fierce bombardment. The Phantom of the Opera power galloped out of the minefield and crashed into the left gunboat.
Even if the Malta crystal is strong, Lin Sisuo will not dare to hit the hull vertically. The anti-seismic force will easily cause damage to the hull. Every time the hand angle is slightly deflected, it seems as if it passed by, but in fact, the opening of the enemy ship’s flank is extremely fatal.
Five patrol ships of their enemy ships were the first to be eliminated, and the destroyer was struck by dumb luck and destroyed most thoroughly. His three gunboats were not much better, and one of them, the Phantom of the Opera, which was already half-disabled, suddenly fell apart when it came again.
"Report whether the other party requests the call to be connected?" Light screen flashing band waiting indication
"Take it and see if Ding Ye still has something to say." Lin momo relaxed a lot. The huge difference in hull performance is the first victory for the method to cross the gap.
Ding Ye appeared on the screen and said as low as possible, "Hello, I am willing to pay the ransom according to the interstellar regulations. It is not difficult for me to avoid Hydra with such a clipper, and I am fully charged with the fact that the little people in the peripheral department of Hydra may have been desperate just now, but your ship showed its strength, which made me die. So-called my brothers can’t escape the fear of death."
"Well very good excuse to pay the ransom? Tell me about the price "Lin momo looked at each other with great interest.
Ding Ye pondered for a moment and replied, "The 150-unit Crystal Refining Adventure Association has issued four gold points cards, in addition, some portable weapons and equipment can be loaded into boxes and ejected to the opposite side. Please accept it."
Lin momo was getting cold. "What interstellar regulations do you really think I will do? Messing with the captain’s yard is destruction! The property can wait until you defeat yourself to get it. "
"No, you won’t! Killing us won’t do me any good, so I’ll be cornered and choose mutually assured destruction. The battle picture has been sent to him. When the fleet cabinet is not enough, the advantages and disadvantages of collecting the battle profit are so rare and will be wiped out? " Ding Ye said, paying attention to each other’s expressions, secretly surprised. The captain’s eyes were so cold that it made people shudder and couldn’t resist at all.
Lin momo’s theory of battlefield or imposing manner has completely defeated his opponent, but in this way, he spared the dark-skinned man. Obviously, it was not the Phantom of the Opera Captain’s personality. His eyes swept awe-inspiring. Xiang Ding said in a tone of no resistance, "You’re just a hydra. It’s not worth the captain’s much attention to ransom. Five hundred units of refined crystal gold points cards, ten weapons and equipment must be filled with three standard boxes."
"What did you say?" Ding Ye froze on the spot, and the captain with dark hair said that he couldn’t afford it.
At this time, Lin momo added, "You have 25 minutes to raise money in 25 minutes. If there are not so many crystal refining and adventure points cards, your ship will not be picky instead of us. There is always something you want and don’t want to play tricks on. I have very advanced scanning tools."
Hearing this, the dark-skinned man was angry but relieved. Hydra was pressing hard on the vast universe, and there was no place to supply it. If he were himself, he would also devour enemy supplies.
The real Phantom of the Opera does not lack anything. It is purely Lin momo’s thought of "hard work and plain living". The more the better, even if you bring it here, you can’t take advantage of the enemy.
It’s unwise to rob a few merchant ships another day and make up for the loss sooner or later.
Try to meet the requirements of Lin momo. After half an hour, Phantom of the Opera hit the traction light to grab the container and roared off.
According to the original plan, go to the Phantom of the 19th Star Domain and switch to autopilot. The crew and the captain gathered on the deck.
"Siso elder brother what’s in these boxes? Why don’t you go without looking at it? " Pei Lin is curious and wary.
"Don’t worry, I have scanned the phantom of the opera ball robot, when did you make a loss? Don’t be silly. Just open the box and you’ll know. "
"All right, I’ll do it." Harley had already been forced to hurry to open the box in front and said, "It was a beautiful battle today. Before I joined the mercenary group, it seemed that I rarely intercepted enemy supplies. Hey, my gun was not bad."
Payne got into the box and said, "Most of them are second-hand. There are few brand-new equipment and crystal refining here is …"
Sasha grabbed the bag and counted it carefully. As a result, a face of regret and chagrin said, "How come four gold integral cards with 210 units of refined crystal have played a vigorous battle, and the profit is so little?"
Lin momo flicker took the refined crystal and looked at the purity of the solar sail light and smiled and said, "Be content! This is much better than I expected. Two years ago, Uncle John spent three units refining crystal and bought me. It is enough to buy the captain hundreds of times. "
"ah? Is there such a thing? Momo and tell me about your past. "Payne is interested in putting a portable one too close to the crowd.
Lin momo dozen ha ha to change the subject "men are not brave! I’m afraid the ship will be full again when I have the opportunity to tell you stories. Please help me quickly screen the materials and move them to the warehouse and wine cellar for scanning. I seem to see several barrels of martinis. "
"Barrel?" Sasha turned and rushed to the crate. Harley was not slow at all. I really found a few barrels of martinis and some loose spirits. It seems that the enemy ship Ding Ye has similar hobbies.
As the Phantom of the Opera entered the ancient waterway, three battleships visited the battlefield, all of which portrayed nine strange snakes with dark heads and iron-blooded appearance.
Ding Ye came to the golden throne in the center of the ship hall with trepidation. A middle-aged man was afraid to look straight down and say, "Why are you the champion?" There should be no problem with the brothers’ fleet under siege. "
"Look at your misery. You’ll lose all your face if I don’t come again. The information sent by the headquarters three days ago shows that according to the nine-level wise man, the target person controls an E-class star cruise ship. Do you know what this means?" Middle-aged male corners of the mouth outline a little smile.
I don’t know! Ding Ye blinked. At this time, he must be stupid to set off the champion’s erudition. Even if he knows it, he can’t say it.
"Idiot, I don’t know that there has been no D-class star cruise ship in the organization for more than ten years, which means that a D-class cruise ship will soon be produced and participate in the out-of-bounds galactic competition. My sister Feiyu will soon pursue her brother and will cooperate with her!"
Volume 2 American enemy! Flight Feather Chapter 4 Bitter Tree
On the seventh day of entering the ancient waterway, captain Lin momo suddenly slowed down and drove the Phantom of the Opera into a nebula.
Nebula is a cloud of gas and dust in the universe. The density of heaven and earth is low, but the volume is very large. Usually, the coverage reaches more than ten light years. Everyone is curious to know why the captain deviated from the channel.
Lin momo table out his intention through the nebula wormhole phantom of the opera, will go to bitter tree star hydra drove very urgent, it is best not to play cards according to common sense and disappear for a few months, which may avoid the limelight.
The real bitter tree star has a planet number, which is very far from the ancient waterway. It was named by Lin Sisuo.
I went to this star because I was forbidden to keep a diary together. I have been to "the cliff associated with wormwood has bitter trees and clouds steaming up into the sky."


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