Xiaowenhui still remembers that Li Chu just said that when someone grabbed the last sentence with her, she lowered her voice.

"hmm? Will Li Chu Xiaoli come over for dinner later? "
"Yeah, she’ll be here in a minute with the baby. I’ve got all the dishes ready at noon."
"Then let’s go. I’ll get your bag."
"Qiu Nan, you pack those two bottles of glucose in the cupboard."
Li Chu put the two children on the ground and let them walk back by themselves.
Take the bag from Ding Qiunan and carry it back.
"What are you doing with glucose?"
"Xiaobai should have been born in these two days. Take this back and give it nutrition when it is born."
The two children ran hand in hand in front and kept calling their uncles and aunts all the way.
After walking out of the hospital gate, the two little guys ran back to hold mom and dad’s hands respectively.
"Qiu Nan transferred to the general hospital class. Would you like to go?"
"Ah, why do you ask me this?" Ding Qiunan was caught off guard by her husband. No, she didn’t know how to answer.
Li Chu told his wife the reason and finally said, "If you go there, you’ll still be a pharmacy and I’ll be a trainer of basic knowledge of Chinese medicine."
Ding Qiunan thought for a moment and asked, "Do you want to go?"
"It’s all so-called whether to go or not, mainly because it’s a little too depressing here."
Across the street, Wen Hui and Wen Xuan put their parents’ hands and ran forward by themselves.
Ding Qiunan looked at a pair of children and smiled. "I listen to you and I will follow you wherever you say."
Li Chu looked at her with some guilt. "It’s very kind of you. I transferred here and transferred to the General Hospital to get to know my colleagues again."
"No, even if you ask me not to work, you can support me anyway."
"That won’t do. You can’t stay at home all day. You can’t be crazy."
"Ah, Li Chu, if we transfer to the General Hospital, can we wear green uniforms? Do you think you can wear that dress? "
Just coming along the road, a soldier Ding Qiunan asked in a low voice.
This soldier was dressed in the Sixth Five-Year Army, which he just changed last year.
The coat has two pockets on the chest and is a soldier.
If you are a cadre, your clothes should have four pockets.
This is also the only way to distinguish between cadres and soldiers.
Because the Sixth Five-Year Army cancelled its rank and replaced it with a red collar.
"Yes, if we go to the General Hospital, it is equivalent to joining the army. We must wear military uniforms." Li Chu definitely replied
"That’s great. This military uniform is really beautiful, and we won’t buy clothes or cloth to make clothes."
Is this uniform nice? The soldier has gone over and Li Chu looked back.
Perhaps it is because he has seen the military uniform of later generations that he always feels that this body is just like that.
But it’s old to be able to wear this military uniform in this age.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-six Help
But my wife’s brain circuit is really novel.
Turned out to be because I like this uniform and agreed to transfer it.
Anyway, as long as she agrees, I’ll talk to uncle Wang later-and sister
At home, Wenxuan just wanted to get into the room to see that Xiaobai was grabbed by Li Chu by the collar.
"Xuanxuan Xiaobai is going to give birth to a baby dog. He is not feeling well these two days, and he is a little upset. Don’t bother him. Go and play with him after he gives birth."
Xiaobai is indeed a little grumpy these two days. Li Chu is afraid that the child’s hands will be unimportant. If Xiaobai is angered, he will be finished if he accidentally bites.
"Dad, when can I go to see Xiaobai?" Xiao Wenxuan raised his head and looked at his father and asked
"When it gives birth to a puppy, you can let it have a good rest now. If you want to play, you can find Xiaohei and Xiaohua, okay?"
"Well … all right."
Li Chu told her daughter again, "Did you hear Huihui’s father talking to his brother just now?"
"I won’t go to see Xiaobai when I hear dad."
"Xuan Xuan and Hui Hui are great!"
"Li Chu" Ding Qiunan came out of the kitchen. "Where did you get so many chickens? And what are you going to do with those chicken heads and necks and chicken racks? "
"I’m going to save it for the dog by dragging others. It just happens that Xiaobai is going to have a baby, so I can supplement it with nutrition."
"It’s too rough. What are you going to do with the little white puppy? Can’t we still have it? There are too many dogs at home. "
"Mom, you can’t give the dog away."
Wen Hui is preparing to ride to lie prone there. The little black body heard Ding Qiunan’s words without playing with the little black and quickly said
"Don’t give it away, don’t give it away to play with you."
Li Chu walked beside his wife and said softly, "The rich boss wants a fierce brother and wants to wait for the puppy to be given to them after the full moon. I don’t know how long it will take. Let’s talk about it then."
Ding Qiunan glanced at the two children playing in the courtyard and lowered their voices. "The children don’t agree with what to do. If you want to give someone a message, they will definitely cry."
"I’ll say yes to them later."
"I don’t care, you can give it to anyone, but if the child makes trouble, you are responsible for coaxing it."
"Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it." Li Chu seemed to have answers.
Although the two children in his family can cry and make trouble, it is quite sensible for you to tell them slowly.
With these words, Li Chu went into the kitchen.
Ding Qiunan has just scoured and steamed the rice.
First, I looked at the honeycomb briquette stove and marinated the chicken legs. It was not bad. The fire continued to marinate.
Strike a match to lead the other stove of liquefied gas stove to prepare to burn wings and neutralize the tips of wings.
Yes, there is liquefied gas at home.
Last year, I opened several liquefied gas retail departments for half a year.
Li Chu ran to get a liquefied gas certificate at that time.
With this, it is still more convenient, and cooking is much faster than honeycomb briquette stove.
However, the stove has not been lit yet, and it must be ignited.
At present, there are not many liquefied gas in 49 cities. A can of liquefied gas is a little expensive, and it costs more than one yuan. If you cook three meals a day, it will be two months, which is not counting the deposit for cylinders.
However, the money in Li Chu is nothing but convenience.
The honeycomb coal stove is still on as usual. It’s good to cook porridge and boil pot of water at ordinary times.
When the food was almost ready here, Jiang Liling came with the child and Wu Xiaoliu.
The three of them just entered Ding Qiunan and felt something was wrong.
Let the little darling go to play with those two kids. Ding Qiunan walked around Jiang Li.
Qiu Nan, what are you looking at? It’s strange for Jiang Li to be seen by her.
"Something’s wrong, Brother Xiaoli. Something’s wrong with you two. Honestly, are you two together?"


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