"hey!" After the wave obeyed, he asked, "The wolf travels thousands of miles to ask a dollar for a bottle of soda, and two bottles can be exchanged for a bottle of soda. If you have two dollars, you can drink at most a few bottles of soda for two minutes!"

Wu Xin asked, "Give money?"
"No!" The wave woke up and said, "I don’t know!" Hang up
Wave to see manually draw the map "this coordinate … top you a lung! Actually, it’s good to estimate the position of the side beach with the coordinates of Langzu Port. "
"Ha ha!" Friends took out a hammer from the toolbox and said, "Go back and dig for treasure."
Because several people bought hoes, mountain hammers and other things in the wolf skin port, no one suspected that they were sneaking around according to the coordinates. Several people touched a beach wave, took a few steps to accurately determine the coordinate position, and stamped their feet to leave footprints.
"You won’t really let a technician dig for the treasure, will you?" Friends ask who knows how long to dig.
Knowledge points really can’t do this job. When you want to go all the way, you point to the cockroach "you come"
It is a fact that "you are the only one in the boat who works with pure strength"
The little argument soon ended, and the cockroach dug five meters with a spade and saw a box in the sand. The cockroach dragged the box and asked, "There won’t be any piracy problem again, will there?"
"I’m afraid that many ships are talents of all attributes." Wave lifted a gold coin engraved on the Great Wall of Wan Li and asked in doubt, "Did Lao Wang ever issue this gold coin in China according to your historical knowledge?"
"Gold is a kind of non-circulating, small amount of precious metal in ancient China, and it is also a show-off asset. It is usually made into leaves and ingots without gold coins."
Wu Xin sighed "wave your ink! Take gold coins out to the seaside to talk business with sharks. "
"From what you mean, you don’t seem to be going to sell it to eternity for 100?"
"In view of the difficulty in obtaining this gold coin and the rule that treasure maps cannot be traded," Wu Xin said after thinking, "200 is a more appropriate price, or you can ask each guild to quote you the highest price. I believe everyone will be satisfied and give a suitable price."
"I like the highest bidder!" The wave shouted, "Everybody back to the ship and get ready to go to sea."
Chapter ninety-four The king of reasoning
Xiao Li said, "Three boatswains and one girl fight with guns. My hit rate is 3%. Xiao Huang hits 5%. Xiao Lin hits 1%. So everyone let me shoot first, then Xiao Huang and finally Xiao Lin. Can I have one left? What strategy should I take to get the greatest chance among the three?"
Bai Wen said after meditation, "According to the reasoning, Xiao Huang’s primary goal is Xiao Lin because he knows that Xiao Lin’s primary goal is himself. If Xiao Li’s first choice is to shoot Xiao Lin …"
"answer!" Wave headache!
"Xiao Li shoots so that Xiao Lin’s death rate reaches 5%. If Xiao Li shoots Xiao Huang and Xiao Huang dies, Xiao Lin will be killed by 1%. If Xiao Li kills Xiao Lin, the winning rate of his duel with Xiao Huang will be 3% … In the end, if Xiao Li shoots, Xiao Li’s winning rate will reach 45%, Xiao Huang 2% and Xiao Lin 35%."
After a gunfight on the dread, Xiao Li remained alone and said, "Good luck with the coordinates of the treasure and the place."
Lang Zan said, "Who is the cutest person in the contemporary era? Who else can you have besides your reasoning king?"
A captain said, "I met two aborigines, a liar and an honest man, but I don’t know which one of them is honest and which one is liar. They are in charge of two boxes, one with coordinates. I can ask one of them a question and then hit a box according to his instructions. What question should I ask?"
The waves howled, "Lao Wang, how can you line the toilet?"
Wu Xin sighed, "People ask for leave to go to the toilet first, so you can’t wait for him to come back?"
"I just want to see if I can do without him?" The waves looked around. "What do you think?"
"…" Friends, dragonflies, cockroaches and Wu Xin shook their heads in meditation.
Everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses. After thinking about the topic for ten seconds, Bai Wen asked the boat, "If I ask another aborigine, will he tell me which box has coordinates?"
The hand replied, "He will tell you that Box A has coordinates."
Bai Wendao "Box B has coordinates to choose B!"
Captain box hit read, "the coordinates of the treasure are, good luck."
Everyone is still confused when NPC disappears. Dragonfly asks, "What does Lao Wang mean?"
"Whether it is a liar or an honest person, their answers to me are all wrong answers. The honest person knows that the liar will cheat me. The honest person knows that the liar will answer without a coordinate box. If I ask the liar, he knows that the honest person will say box B, but he will tell me that box A has coordinates."
Friend shook his head "a little dizzy!"


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