After saving Xiao Si, he will have to take the road of scattered immortals in the future. Of course, Xiao Si is still not worthy of being called scattered immortals, but he has lost his body and Yuan Ying is scattered.

Yuan Ying’s scattered practice can only be called scattered fairy after a great catastrophe.
At this time, Xiao Siyuan’s baby was in a state of consciousness, because he had just made the secret body almost to the point where the oil was exhausted and the lamp was dried up. Wen Tao then made the gas gathering needle have thirteen catalytic needles to help Xiao Siyuan’s catalytic body.
When Xiao Si’s body finally stabilized again, Wentao immediately took out Jin Mang’s elixir, Juyuan Dan, which he had just given himself.
Juyuandan is a very powerful force for an infant, and with the gradual maturity of the catalytic needle of Wentao needle ban, the strength of Danyao can be better exerted with the help of needle ban. The average person’s catalytic ability can make 40% to 50% even if it is severe, and all aspects are better. It is good to reach 60% to 70%.
However, Wen Tao can greatly enhance the medicinal properties of Dan medicine through the combination of acupuncture prohibition and catalytic acupuncture, and the catalytic needles are also controlled. For example, in the case of Primary Four, it is necessary to control first and then catalyze little by little.
Otherwise, it is not a tonic but a poison to make up for it.
Yuanying is very strange. Little Yuanying absorbs a lot of energy just like a miniature human body. When this little body can’t bear it, Yuanying changes. It seems that it is good for Yuanying to absorb the efficacy alone.
Of course, compared with Wen Tao’s new research on needle prohibition, the catalytic needle is also very hungry. Similarly, the absorption speed and energy of Dan medicine are much better than that of Linglan.
Yuan Ying became a little bigger again, and then absorbed the surrounding reiki and the energy in Dan Yao again. Through the reiki needle, Wen Tao could feel that the transformation of Xiao Yuan’s baby helped Xiao Si at this time, and Wen Tao himself learned a lot.
Oh! So that’s it. It turns out that many things in a person’s body are actually dispensable, but it doesn’t mean that all meridians can have something like when the energy is minimum in grade four and when the energy is over, all aspects of the body meridians are reduced, and some of them are nothing.
Because the small four-year-old baby is more clearly felt by energy, as the energy absorbed by the small four-year-old body reaches saturation and becomes larger again, many tiny veins and organs in the body will increase with the increase of some original ones.
In this way, the body will increase the amount of energy, and it is not simple, but it is a kind of cancellation and increase.
Yuan baby is really wonderful to have this change. The energy body seems to have some differences with people’s bodies.
By the time Wentao made the third pill of Juyuan Dan, the body of Junior Four had recovered to his original body size, and the pure strength had even reached the middle stage of hole deficiency. Of course, Junior Four still had a long way to go before it really reached this level. It was a bit extreme to show that his body could absorb a very small part of the medicine.
While scattered immortals can absorb much more than the average person, which is better than rebuilding Linglan with the demon race.
After the middle period of cave deficiency, the drug efficacy of Juyuandan is much worse. If Wentao puts the last two at most, it will help him reach the late stage of the cave and have a good chance to make a breakthrough to the early stage of Du Jie.
However, Wentao feels that it is no longer necessary. After all, Juyuan Dan is not a jelly bean and can be eaten casually.
After Luo Zhenfeng’s tsunami, they also got it, and Xiao Si’s sudden strength has crossed so many levels and needs to adapt well. After all, his mood is still around Yuan Ying’s later stage.
Looking at Xiao Si’s skin and body color have recovered almost, Wentao conveniently removed all reiki needles to make Xiao Si wake up.
"Old … board …"
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Reengineering
At this time, the small four can’t see the difference in the eyes of the practitioner, and he will not be found unless he is taller than him or exposed during the battle.
Xiao Si seems to be reborn. Goodbye Wentao seems to have fallen to his knees.
"Boss … I …" After kneeling, Xiao Si found that there was no difference between his physical appearance and his clothes.
How much is also influenced by Luo Zhenfeng? All kinds of things in Wentao’s ring are also very neat. Just find out a piece of your own clothes and throw it to Xiao Si. Although it’s not good to wear it, it’s ok for the time being.
It’s not clear whether the people who fix the truth are either immortals or scattered immortals and have no ability to reach the level of setting clothes with aura at will.
It is more extravagant and powerful. At most, I often dress myself and refine myself. I can combine with my body aura at any time without too much damage.
"What’s the matter?" Look at him wearing Wentao before asking.
Xiao Si shook his head, but soon he showed his hatred and clenched his fist.
"I … I don’t know very well. Today, I went out to make a deal and came back. Wang Wei told me that something might happen. Before I said anything, Wang Wei was arrested. I saw a group of people who were all very strong. One of them was so terrible that I couldn’t move when he grabbed it far away." Xiao Si said that the scene was still vivid at that time. He had integrated that resentment into his heart for Wang Wei’s death
Seeing his performance reminds Wen Tao of Ling Yunzhi’s coming out from the practitioners. People are so realistic that they will hate, but they will never be sad and sad, and they will not be too superficial when there are too many waves. They will do it.
"At that moment, I gave up my body and made me learn a trick to escape, which instantly made my strength reach the late stage of repose and kept my vitality energy very low, unless the master of Du Jie period could concentrate on checking it bit by bit, but when I chose a place with Wang Wei, I chose it specially. There were several powerful sects there, and the secular world was chaotic recently, and they all had masters who came to the secular world."


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