The immortal master nodded and shook his head. "Linglong said something, but I suspect that this rune may be a slave ancestor."

Exquisite jumped up "how is it possible? ! Japanese slaves are just an archipelago monkey. How could they create such profound runes? More importantly, immortal master, you said that this rune contains my brilliant ancient Chinese prose, which can never be created by Japanese slaves! "
The immortal master said, "I said it was a Japanese slave ancestor, not a Japanese slave-have you all forgotten?" When the emperor asked for immortals, he sent thousands of boys and girls overseas. It was these thousands of boys and girls who were mixed-race indigenous people on the island that gave birth to Japanese slaves. More importantly, Qiuxian shipped a large number of Chinese classics and craftsmen to promote the development of Japanese slave writing. "
Exquisite to shout loudly "chui fook! It is Xu Fuhai who seeks immortality outside! "
-Xu Fu said that the Chinese people were very popular. When he set sail for the Oriental island country, Yongcheng Port, next to the city of H, was exquisite and even visited that scenic spot. Now she remembered the immortal master at once.
Linglong said, "Master Immortal means that Xu Fu left this seal rune for the Japanese slaves?"
The immortal master mused, "It’s not just as simple as sealing runes. I doubt that the corpse king sealed Xu Fuyou in those days!"
Someone in the place once again froze and experienced everything on the spot this year, which really made everyone incredible to the extreme. However, since the ancients were able to mutate into the king of corpses 22 years ago, other things are ridiculous and everyone can accept them.
The commander took a deep breath and respectfully said to the immortal master, "Stupid please ask the master to teach me."
The immortal master sat on the floor and waved to the crowd, beckoning everyone to sit around him. He slowly said, "Only by knowing yourself and yourself can you fight a hundred battles. Since the corpse of Wang Xianshi, the Chinese people have suffered heavy casualties, and the forces of all parties are eager to move. If we take care of the headache instead of looking at the situation, we will be in a hurry but it will not help."
Linglong couldn’t help interjecting, "Don’t the master mean that we don’t hide the enemy except the corpse king? It’s true that some countries did move some hands and feet, including Japanese slaves, but they didn’t dare to really attack the Chinese military enemy. If it’s a big deal, everyone will throw nuclear bombs and blow the world back to the Stone Age! "
Commander exclaim "exquisite! Don’t talk nonsense! Listen to the master explain! "
The immortal master did not intend to smile. "You are wrong, son. Our real enemy is not just the corpse king, but a feud that lasted for more than 22 years!"
The immortal master glanced around the crowd. "Do you remember that I once found ancient books in an isolated cave, where it was said that the seal of the corpse king was framed by a villain?"
Everyone nodded and the immortal master sighed, "How can you think about being able to frame Jing and build the resin king of Daqin Empire with one hand? How can it be an ordinary person? That little man must have been a great talent at that time! What fame and ability don’t kill the king! "
Nima clap your hands "good! Master is right. How can ordinary people frame the corpse king? Isn’t that a gladiator blocking the car? But at that time, who else in the Qin Dynasty could match the corpse king? You know he’s a demigod. "
Immortal master hey a "you forget? The emperor’s quest for immortality and the corpse king’s search for the elixir of life through the mountains and rivers was secretly carried out, but another person in history went overseas to visit immortals with great fanfare, which is well known to the world. "
Nima and Linglong shouted "Xu Fu!"
The immortal master said, "Yes, it’s true that the emperor Xu Fu can destroy the six countries and unify the whole country. It’s not a fool. How can an ordinary alchemist cheat him? Only a truly talented person can get the emperor’s letter. He sent boys and girls to build a huge ship to go overseas, and this powerful person is Xu Fu!"
Chapter 21 Entanglement for thousands of years
The immortal master said slowly, "I thought that both the corpse king and Chui Fu accepted the emperor’s great trust and went to search for the elixir. Chui Fu couldn’t find the medicine, but the corpse king succeeded. Chui Fu was not willing to fail, so the emperor secretly accused the corpse king of offering poison, and only he was able to seal the corpse king with a large array."
"That Xu Fu has been saying nothing since then. He led the craftsmen of the virgins’ army to enlighten the people and wisdom. My Chinese culture became the real ancestor of the Japanese slaves. It is precisely because of this that the Japanese slave ninja has the seal rune of the corpse king!"
Commander suddenly called together "is that Xu Fujin is still alive? He asked the ninja to hand over the rune just to use our hands to deal with the corpse king? No wonder the immortal master said that this was a feud that lasted for 22 years. Our Chinese military was used as a gun by Xu Fu? !”
The immortal master sighed and nodded, "Yes, this is not enough to explain the strange behavior of Japanese slaves."
Commander in the central natural vision than the blue ocean, Linglong, Nima and others see more deeply. He turns the circle behind his back. "Things are very clear. More than 22 years ago, the Qin Empire established the emperor and dreamed that the best way to make the country immortal is to live forever. So he sent the corpse king and Xu Fu to search for the immortal and the elixir. After many hardships, the corpse king finally found the elixir. However, Xu Fu was jealous of the corpse king’s great achievements, so his hand stabbed him-"
"Wait, it’s not right." The commander suddenly stopped. "That Xu Fu can’t be jealous because the corpse king made great contributions. He thinks that the corpse king built the Daqin Empire with his own hands. There is no greater contribution behind the scenes. Even if he finds the elixir, it is just a icing on the cake for the corpse king. Xu Fu can’t hurt him because the corpse king made great contributions. There must be other reasons!"
"Let me think, let me think about what Chui fook really want? He wants to usurp the throne? No way. This is stupid, okay? Well, Xu Fu is also an alchemist. The alchemist’s lifelong pursuit is to achieve immortality. If there is anyone in that world who is as eager for immortality as the emperor, it must be the alchemist-"
Commander suddenly gaffes rang rang "I know! I know! Chui fook really want is what! He wants to find the elixir of life if the corpse king has gone through hardships! "
"That chui fook, of course, know that the resin king to find the elixir is true, so he got greedy and wanted to possess himself. The best way is to slander the resin Wang Changsheng elixir is false! He slandered the corpse king around the emperor with all his heart, and even said that the elixir was fake. The emperor listened to Xu Fu’s rumors and sealed the corpse king, so Xu Fu got the elixir-and so on. The elixir finally fell into the hands of the corpse king, but that Xu Fu certainly got the elixir. It is very likely that Xu Fujin is still alive in the slave islands. "
"Now the corpse king broke through the seal, and Xu Fu was born, except for the corpse king, and soon the corpse king will find him to avenge the seal. No wonder that Xu Fu will assign the slave ninja to take the initiative to compensate me for the seal rune, just hoping to seal the corpse king again with our Chinese military hand."
The immortal master nodded repeatedly. "The commander has great wisdom. Although your reasoning is a guess, it is not far from the truth. The old man told the commander about this-when Shenzhou-1 moved high-energy granular magnetic bombardment to hit the big dog, I sensed that there was a huge energy that moved the big dog instantaneously when crossing the Japanese island. That energy should be Xu Fufa."


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