Lin Dong wiped his hands and went out to wash his hands and glanced at his watch. "It’s terrible. When I was delayed, I promised others to eat today. I just saw that you didn’t eat anything. Let’s go eat together."

"Shit …" Jiang Yunyi took one look at it at this time and immediately said, "It’s our holiday activity day. We’ll be late. Go eat first. I’ll go first."
As soon as I get to my own business, Jiang Yunyi immediately put things behind with Lin Dong and Wang Nan and hurried out.
"This is what I admire most. She can get rid of all difficulties, pressures and problems when it comes to her teaching. If others encounter such things, curiosity alone can kill people, but she can let go of her little things." Wang Nan looked at Jiang Yunyi and said.
Lin Dongdao: "No matter what a real person does, he should be able to hold on to what he is doing, which is worthy of respect. Peyo is a teacher who teaches, teaches and dispels doubts. He can really focus on the fact that people here are greater than the strong. There has been a Confucius, Yu Wusheng, who was later sealed by the emperor, but he has never heard of any martial arts master in the rivers and lakes who dares to call a saint, even if the martial arts is strong enough to dominate heaven and man."
After hearing what Lin Dong said, Wang Nan first nodded slightly involuntarily. Before that, she felt that Jiang Yunyi had a persistent attachment to the profession of teachers, but she didn’t expect so many things. Today, after hearing what Lin Dong said, it was really the case, but what did her horse think of?
"It’s really worthily a family to see through." Wang Nanxiao looked at Lin Dong.
"How jealous, envious and hateful?" Lin Dong also looked at her. This Wang Nan is a fake little character. If you don’t beat her, she will definitely play crazy and fierce.
"Envy you a ghost, envy you a ghost, hate you a ghost" was said by Lin Dong as if he were jealous. Wang Nan also knew that Lin Dong was fierce and stopped pestering him and walked directly to the outside. "Let’s go and see if your car crashed. I’ll take you there. You can’t run in broad daylight. That’s too embarrassing."
"Come on, if you want to go, just say so. One of our own is not so pretentious to have a meal," said Lin Dong casually.
"I …" Wang Nanqi stopped and said that he didn’t have a good meal. "You don’t deserve your kindness!"
"You look angry from embarrassment. I’m just kidding you. I just helped you. It’s not helpful enough for you not to help this now." Lin Dong said, walking past Wang Nan and heading for the building, and shook his head slightly. "Good intentions are not rewarded, and the world is cold."
Wang Nan suddenly stood there and walked, not without walking, not even if Bai Lindong was interested in it, but it was still very self-conscious. It was a white thing, and after that, he provoked Lin Dong less.
"Let’s tease you. It’s not good to be late." Lindong people have heard the sound at the bottom of the building with a faint smile in it.
"Shout …" Wang Nan long one breath quickly upstairs.
"Lin Dongbian’s generation is the most outstanding. There are four people, namely, Yun, Hai, Lang and Tao. Although they are not brothers, they have been called the Four Masters of Bianjia since childhood. I’m afraid it’s hard to do well this time when you hit Bianlang hard. You’d better take a trip to the Taekwondo Club with me when you’re done. I’ll do something."
Chapter DiYiLiu Shenzhen-Hong Kong First TaiTai treat
At this time, Wang Nan is driving her BMW MINI faster than most cars. Because of her small size, she also has an innate advantage in shuttling back and forth. Wang Nan’s nerve reaction speed is not difficult for her. After driving a car for a while from the Half Moon Lake Community, Wang Nan finally spoke again.
But this time, I didn’t joke with Lin Dong, but my tone was dignified. Just now, Lin Dong hit the waves, which was very cool. It was even better to hit the waves. At this time, the waves were thrown in the back of her car, but after that, Wang Nan immediately thought that the next thing was not easy for her family to fight.
Lin Dong is also trying to help himself this time. Even if he goes home and asks the bodhi old zu, he can’t care because he is valued by the bodhi old zu for the existing opportunity to talk directly with the bodhi old zu. Wang Nan also has a little confidence.
"You don’t get me wrong," said Lin Dong, flipping the CD in Wang Nan’s car at random by the passenger seat. "I hit him because he blocked the door. This is to run to my door to find another job. I didn’t hit him and kept him." Beating him is just that he needs beating. It’s not too big for you. "
"Lin Dong ….." Wang Nan frowned at once. "I’m not joking with you. The waves are not as good as those in Wang Qiang and Wang Qiang, and they are very far away from our family. He also violated the national law. There is a secret service there. We Wang Jiacai won’t care, but the waves are different. You ruined his arm this time and it is definitely a hornet’s nest."
"Ha ha ….." Lin Dong light say with smile "stabbed again? I said nothing to you, but nothing to you. You just said clouds, sea, waves and waves, right? Tao over there should be a secret service field worker. I just beat him some time ago. Maybe this wave came to Shenzhen and Hong Kong just to find trouble for me, but by the way, you should be implicated. "
Talking, the music sounded beautiful piano music, and Lin Dong directly transferred the seat a little.
"Have a good car, don’t hit you later, then we will really run to eat today." Lin Dongxiao said with a smile.
Wang Nan said "crow mouth" but he was surprised to look at Lin Dong. This guy is too bold. Why isn’t he afraid of big things? He just killed Wang Jiangxian and provoked the border family. Doesn’t he really know that the hidden martial family is powerful?
"My car doesn’t crash like someone’s head is impulsive. I don’t know what you have offended Bian Tao, but I advise you to be well prepared. This generation of people in the neighborhood already have guns that can break the sun." Wang Nan didn’t expect this to happen, but he was still awake.
"Sun-breaking gun …" Lin Dong’s finger flicked a few strands of gas and staggered the tone control button, which actually made the tone button turn for half a turn, and the tone became much smaller. Lin Dong then asked, "What is the gun that you have been to Bianlang just now called a cloud gun?"
Wang Nan explained, "Bian Jia is famous for his marksmanship. Their marksmanship has four realms and unique skills, namely, piercing the clouds, breaking the sun, linking up and breaking the sky. These are the four realms of Bian Jia’s marksmanship and the four unique skills. Of course, there are too many things in it, and Bian Jia also builds different weapons for people in different realms. These four names are named like Bian Lang, that is, wearing a cloud gun. If he can reach the limit of nine people, he will be qualified to break the sun gun. The gun is amazing in power and can withstand more powerful forces.
Lin Dong has just experienced the power of wearing a cloud gun with his own hands against Bianlang. As far as the gun body is concerned, it can be regarded as good. It’s not a magic weapon. The Lins’ island is rich in money. Think about modern gun technology and need talents from all walks of life. The Lins also have deep research on cold weapons.
However, this cloud gun should be the worst of the four levels in the border house, but I don’t know him. However, in terms of moves, this cloud gun is absolutely not inferior to the Wangs’ three secret hands. Although it seems to be a move, it contains ever-changing changes. If it is not for Lin Dong’s coagulation, it is impossible for Lin Dong to control the waves with one move.
Wang Nan went on to explain that "Bian Yun in Bianjia’s generation has long been able to break the Japanese gun, which makes Bianyun by no means comparable to Wang Qiang. You’d better be careful, and if Bianjia is facing you, I’m afraid the Secret Service won’t help you without a suitable excuse."
Because of the incident between Lin Dong and Wang Qiang, the Secret Service came forward to Wang Nan. It was Lin Dong’s intention to find the Secret Service to come forward.
"Well, thank you." After listening to Wang Nan’s introduction, Lin Dong once again adjusted a musical sound to close his eyes and rely on it to finish worrying.
Is this guy heartless or has answers? Wang Nan is more curious now.
"Hey, you haven’t said where you’re going, you said you’re going forward."
"All corners of the country are fresh" Lin Dong kept listening to the music without opening his eyes. He almost broke through the pressure now, which is not a bad thing. Moreover, he can see clearly in his heart than Wang Nan. This level of struggle can’t cause the collision between the two families, otherwise it wouldn’t be a big family. To tell the truth, Lin Dong is not afraid now.
He has long been psychologically prepared to take the road of martial arts. His real heart now is to break through the extreme limit of human beings. Only when he reaches the realm of Qitian can he enter the strong forest. Of course, he also has his own breakthrough to reach the realm of Qitian to break the Lins’ curse. Check out what is wrong with the Bai Lins’ people. If he wants to break through the extreme limit of human beings, he will die.
In all corners of the country, there are few two ways to pronounce "seafood" and "fresh" in all corners of the country.
No matter what kind of reading, people in Shenzhen and Hong Kong all know it, because it is the most luxurious seafood city in Shenzhen and Hong Kong.
Two government-licensed Audi cars are followed by an extended Hummer followed by three Mercedes-Benz cars. This team seems a bit nondescript. It’s not like a rich team. The government car is ahead.
If you look closely, you will find that the real road ahead is two policemen, two police fighters and two police motorcycles. There are no warning lights and sirens at the front, just like the patrol behind the team happens to take a road, but passing through some intersections and commanding the police will give convenience. What’s wrong with them all?
This strange motorcade finally stopped in front of the fresh hotel in all corners of the country. The security guards here obviously received orders early to clear the surroundings so that the motorcade could come over.
"Welcome" when the car door was knocked by someone, a beautiful and mature 30-year-old man came and bowed down and saluted. This is the lobby manager of all corners of the country’s fresh restaurant, and there are twenty beautiful women in two rows at the gate who bowed down and saluted at the same time.
It was Xu Tianyou who first came from the Hummer, and then came to the door, followed by Tang Lei. After two people came, a 30-year-old man came, and his face was slightly pale, but most people didn’t look at the roots carefully and could not see that his body looked a little fragile. Although there were one meter, he was in his early 100 s and he was absolutely skinny
This figure can’t hold up in any clothes, and it doesn’t feel good, but his eyes are still sharp and he comes from inside with a smile.
"God bless you today. What’s the matter with you? Every time you are careful, aren’t you afraid that your father will go back to tidy up you after such a big battle?" The blue sky is common and the big scene doesn’t feel strange. Look at Xu Tianyou.
Behind the three of them, another person quietly came to light a cigarette at random by the car and smoked it. He didn’t seem to see the scene before him. He quietly pulled out a cigarette and smoked it quietly.
Xu Tianyou glanced at the sand behind the blue sky, but he didn’t say much before the blue sky.
"Ha ha ….." Listen to the blue sky and ask Xu Tianyou with a smile. "This is thanks to Brother Lan and Tang Lei. You are blessed. My master knows that I am entertaining you and you are likely to invest in Shenzhen and Hong Kong later. Let China Merchants follow. Although they don’t have them, they also save a lot of trouble. The most important thing is … Ha ha."
The blue sky was also amused by Xu Tianyou and could not help laughing.
Tang Lei couldn’t help laughing at Xu Tianyou’s speech. This Xu Tianyou is really interesting. Tang Lei’s former capital is familiar with the blue sky, but he hasn’t had much contact with Xu Tianyou. Today, the blue sky took him to the winter and summer hall to meet him.
"No wonder your dad cares about you," Blue Sky said, pointing to Xu Tianyou with a smile.
"Brother Lan can’t come over, or I’ll let the driver take a trip in the past." Xu Tianyou looked at the blue sky carefully, but he had seen the blue sky, not to mention himself. Even if many Taipai people in Beijing saw the blue sky, they were well-behaved and had a bad family background. He himself was also very bad. I didn’t know what strange disease he had a few years ago, and he became skinny. Six people were in their early 100 s, so you can imagine how miserable it was. But where he went, those arrogant Taipai people all took a bite of it. Even when Gao Zhenzong was the most arrogant


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