But on second thought, Shui Tianyue should not know Huang Yin-li!

So her mouth is too …
Is it really Youqing? !
So want to Su Ling will no longer delay hurriedly ran out of the drawing room with her footsteps!
However, Su Ling was disappointed when Shui Tianyue was still holding a sleeve tightly in the hand outside the drawing room!
This person is none other than the ghost face she brought back all the way!
And how can he be Youqing!
"Too …"
At this time, Shui Tianyue froze and pulled the ghost face sleeves, but she also froze in the original place and wanted to call, but when she saw the terrible scar on the ghost face, her heart quickly twisted!
Ghost Yan’s eyes are cold and clear, like a clear spring, deep and dark without color!
Looking at Shui Tianyue at a close distance, I found that the shape of Ghost Yan seems to be far from Tai!
But she just felt that his back was particularly like too …
Is it because I miss you too much? !
Shui Tianyue had a self-doubt unexpectedly in her heart, and Su Ling behind her also said quietly beside her before strolling in time, "Tianyue … called ghost Yan!"
"Ghost face?"
Shui Tianyue was stunned and immediately let go of his sleeves and hung his eyes shyly. "I’m sorry I mistook you for someone else!"
Su Ling patted Shui Tianyue on the shoulder and then looked at Ghost Yan and asked, "Ghost Yan, did you want to see me?"
Ghost Yan shook his head and then stood motionless outside the drawing room. The gesture and movement seemed to be decided to guard here!
Seeing this, Su Ling secretly sighed and pulled the water. Tianyue walked into the drawing room again and saw that her face was extremely disappointed. "Tianyue, don’t worry! I will definitely find him! "
Shui Tianyue nodded with a wry smile. "Sister Su, thank you for your trouble!"
Hearing this, Su Ling felt a twinge in her heart when she looked at the once cheerful and naive Shui Tianyue and turned into such a sad face!
The word love really hurts the most!
"Sue elder sister after I can follow you? I don’t know anyone in Kyoto, Qi Chu!
And I don’t want to be alone in this big palace! I promise I won’t delay you. Just let me stay with you!
Maybe … maybe he will suddenly appear at some time, so that I can meet him at some time! "
Shui Tianyue said in a low voice and then looked at Su Ling with a full-term wing look!
After seeing Su Ling gently nod, Shui Tianyue only spilled a smile, which was slightly bitter!
Burn old hasn’t appeared while Su Ling is sitting in the west garden room with Bi Rao and Shui Tianyue, leafing through the list!
She said that when she saw Sun Qiner during the day, she behaved so wildly!
It turns out that this list just happens to be waiting!
Plus, Sun Qiner can talk malicious words before she leaves, so it’s not so stable to live away from the court and wait and see!
In this way, she can learn from Sun Qiner first!
Tut tut, I want to come. If Pinghou knew what he was about to do, he would have let it slip by his beautiful wife. I wonder if he would be calm!
"Princess … Princess has something to report!"
In the evening, the golden awn color was quickly replaced by the ink on the horizon, and at this time, there was an anxious sound outside the door!
As soon as I heard that Yu Shu Yin Su Ling was still coming to collect the list, Guo Bi Rao immediately turned around and was bound to go out!
Seeing this, Su Ling chuckled but couldn’t bear to expose her until Yushu and Bi Rao entered the wing together with each other, and Su Ling and Shui Tianyue’s cheeks were covered with narrow smiles!
Yushu and Bi Rao are glued to each other’s eyes and don’t move away for half a salary. It’s so shameless to look at each other in front of Su Ling and miss each other!
If it weren’t for Su Ling’s gentle cough, I’m afraid these two people don’t know when they can consciously separate!
Bi Rao Wen Qiao face is red and Yushu is embarrassed and flashing eyes!
Su Ling looked at Yushu with narrow eyes and asked, "What’s wrong with Yushu?"
"ah? Oh! Princess Wang’s family just got the news that Mrs. Xiang Fu was divorced … just … just killed in another hospital! "
"ah? Big lady? " Brigitte Rao couldn’t help but shout a surprise.
And Yushu’s speaking face expression has become very serious and cold!
Seeing this, Su Ling suddenly tightened her eyebrows. Although she wanted to hand Zhao Chunping, she felt that it was necessary to wait for Su Yu!
But it was only a few hours before Zhao Chunping died. !
Su Ling was surprised in her heart, and her eyebrows and eyes were dyed. Suddenly, she looked up at Yushu’s awkward appearance, and her heart suddenly had a bad feeling!
"Go on!"
She thought it would be difficult for Yushu to talk!
Sure enough, after hearing Su Ling’s command, Yushu took a sip of his lips and then took a deep breath. "The news that Princess Zhao was killed spread like wildfire!
Now all the streets in Beijing are saying … You did it! "
"Me?" Su Ling cay rhetorical question 1 see Yushu heavy nod her face a cold!
So who would believe if Zhao Chunping’s death was an accident? !
She had an argument with Zhao Chunping outside Xiangfu only during the day, and she died unexpectedly within a few hours!


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