There are two shadows coming towards him in the rear, one in the sky and the other on the ground.

The sky is a strange monster, it is full of fiery red, its mouth is full of blood, and a row of sharp teeth are exposed. Its head is very big, and its head blocks it from the front, and there are two red wings extending out. It is from its big mouth that the ugly roar and sound waves come out!
The monster is tall and outrageous. According to Cheyenne’s visual inspection, its hind legs support its huge body like two columns at a distance of 100 meters. What’s even more outrageous is that its speed is no worse than that of the monster flying in China, and it has caused a huge tremor when it runs, which has caused a cliff to collapse! Its forelimbs are very short, its roots are out of proportion to its hind limbs, and its head is also very large. Its head has two huge sharp corners. From a distance, its head looks like an ox’s head, but it is ten times larger than an ox’s head!
Everything seems to be shaking around the bull’s head monster and the fiery red monster.
The flaming flying beast behind him howled again. When Xia Anli woke up from his lethargy, he could see that the huge sonic wave was less than one meter away.
NaiCheyenne opened his eyes and shone brightly. He flew out like a shell in a huge impact.
Cheyenne couldn’t help himself at this time. He flew out after being hit by sound waves in a moment. He had crossed the monster pile composed of sandworms, black scorpions and coptis snakes until he was forced to stop his body because he hit a cliff hard at the bend of the canyon.
Nima’s call actually made me fly several kilometers directly! Cheyenne looked back and saw behind him that two shadows had arrived at a rapid pace. Without being shocked in her heart, she directly turned the corner and got into the strange plants.
Cheyenne suddenly received a message from The Machine when he was near the crack extending from that strange plant, indicating that he was looking for a dark research institute in the crack!
"haha, it’ s really amazing!" Cheyenne face upwards smiled at two already visible shadows hunched over and got into the crack.
This crack surface is dark, and Cheyenne’s vision can hardly be seen. After groping for a while, Cheyenne finally saw a light. At the end of this light is a plant cultivation room. Cheyenne saw that the strange plant actually extended from a head-sized sweet potato rhizome, and this passage was also abruptly broken by the thin strip.
What a terrible power!
Cheyenne looked at the rhizome and waited for the glory of the gods to cool down. Only then did he open the protective cover and dare to reach for it. Cheyenne didn’t forget the necessary care when those thin strips could crush his armor in the canyon.
But Cheyenne was obviously a little oversensitive. He calmly grabbed the rhizome.
Tong you got the special material potato and bamboo.
After getting the potato and bamboo, Cheyenne put all the other plants in the plant cultivation room into his own package, whether he knew it or not, and then he walked out of the swinging plant cultivation room.
Cheyenne saw a strange laboratory along the light passage, but nothing was found. When he came to the central area, he finally saw a scene that stunned him.
What exactly did Cheyenne see? to be continued
Chapter 55 Declare war
Cheyenne was stunned by the present situation.
I saw nutrient bins filled with black liquid arranged in front of Cheyenne’s eyes, where some celestial orcs were soaked like dead bodies, and their bodies swelled up little by little in this black liquid as if they were absorbing nutrients.
This black liquid is injected into Cheyenne from white roots. You can tell at a glance that it is the magic root that has lost its body. At this time, there is no black liquid flowing out. Some nutrition warehouses have absorbed the black liquid and the orcs are dying.
Yes, it is dead! Those unformed terran are like water-deficient trees that are shrinking and drying up little by little.
Cheyenne’s present position is connected by a passage, one direction is to transport the protozoan out, and the other road is unknown. Cheyenne finally saw a huge machine rumbling along this passage.
At the exit of this machine, the Celestial Animals are automatically loaded into the nutrition bin and then transported to the hall that Cheyenne saw just now. It seems that this machine is the place where the Celestial Animals are really produced.
Please destroy the body fusion machine and smash the Desa plot.
Body fusion machine? It turns out that Desa is the machine to merge human beings and monsters to form the beast tribe. Such a disgusting machine is naturally going to be destroyed!
Cheyenne hacked the body fusion machine. After a while, this huge machine emitted black smoke. With the roar, it finally turned into a pile of scrap iron. It is conceivable that Desa will soon know that Cheyenne dared not stay here and left this dark research institute in a van that transported the beast out.
The final exit of this passage is impressively in the place where the property can be upgraded-God Blessed Spring! Those celestial beasts, like dead bodies, will get life after soaking in the God Blessed Spring for a while, and they will come alive in the God Blessed Spring to become real celestial beasts!
Cheyenne didn’t enter the God Blessed Spring, but jumped out before the truck sent him to the God Blessed Spring, hiding in the dark of this passage and observing, because he always remembered that there was a powerful guardian in the God Blessed Spring, and if the goods were provoked out again, Cheyenne would repeat the same mistake and be captured by the beast tribe again.
Although he coveted the magical power of God Blessed Springs, Cheyenne dared not expect to avoid God Blessed Springs and jump out of this passage. Cheyenne discovered that God Blessed Springs was in the hinterland of the Celestial Tribes. He found the prison along a path, and the guards were not very strict. After all, this is the hinterland of the Celestial Tribes. The Celestial Tribes never thought that someone would go so deep and give Cheyenne the opportunity.
"Dear Terrans, I am coming to save you!" Cheyenne attract that attention of all the people in the prison by shouting for credit.
"Ha ha Zun Bao is really you! I didn’t expect you to succeed! " Once Cheyenne and his cellmate Bannock shouted with joy
"It’s me! This is a clearing agent that can remove the poison from your body. Eat it first. "Cheyenne distributed the clearing agent to everyone.
After bannock detoxified, he roared, his momentum soared, and he kicked open the prison door. At the same time, others also detoxified and broke open the prison. This is a group of earth-bound human beings. How can they be trapped in a prison? It is estimated that it is precisely because they are too strong that Sodexa is betting on them without trying to turn them into a beast.
"I still have some cleaning agents here. Let’s give them to the others in the prison separately. Let’s escape together." Cheyenne handed the cleaning agents to these elites who got out of trouble and asked them to help the rest of the prison separately.
Just after everyone got out of trouble, the day after tomorrow, the orcs finally found out that there was something wrong with the prison, and a large number of day orcs flocked.
"Warriors, today is our revenge!" Hoover, the King Warrior, was the person with the highest strength and position on the scene. With his roar, a group of sick prisoners launched a Jedi counterattack against the Beasts.
Cheyenne has seen the strength of the king warrior, but it is very fierce, and there are other professional AIDS. Hoover is like a killing machine, and it is scarlet everywhere.
Cheyenne, such a group of tough guys, didn’t worry about safety after advancing and retreating together. When Cheyenne and them rushed out of the prison, they just saw Lu Se and his men rushing over.
"It’s you!" Lu Se saw the color change behind Cheyenne. "Did you save them?"
"It seems that my aura is too strong. Do you also find me extraordinary?" Cheyenne looked at Lu Se. "
"Damn you, human!" Lu Se was cold way
Lu Se waved his hand behind him, representing the highest fighting power of the Celestial Beasts, and the herd rushed in, including the nigger, who came to guard the prison. At this moment, the prisoner escaped from prison, and it was suspected that he was responsible for it. He was especially brave in killing.
The prisoners’ animist feud can be described as bitter, and there is no nonsense to fight directly in one place
When the battle was in full swing, a light appeared over Desa.
"Be careful, everyone. This old monster is secretly planning everything. He is very powerful!" Cheyenne hurriedly wake others.
Desa eyes like looking at the Cheyenne way "you are my armored animal experiment? I didn’t expect that a mere human being could dig out so many waves! But you also completely angered me. Thanks to you, I will launch the plan before! "
I turned my head and looked at Hoover and others. Desa looked disappointed and said, "Come, I want to stay with you so that you and I can work after occupying this world. Now it seems that it was a wrong choice to stay with you! I will kill you myself! "
As soon as Desa’s voice fell, his whole body was radiant with dazzling light. It is conceivable that it will be a thunderbolt.


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