Destiny was shocked to see the gods, and his mouth was curved. He, however, is the biggest anomaly between heaven and earth. How can you easily understand …

"The way of great destiny, change!"
The manifestation of a superstar, like a swallow returning to its nest, a river flowing into the sea, and the appearance of three thousand HarmonyOS gods, did not hinder it at all, and let this destiny superstar blend in smoothly …
Even more shocking things have happened!
With the return of the fate superstar, the three thousand HarmonyOS gods, the most quintessential achievement of the whole gathering of congenital Shinto civilization, suddenly had a chemical reaction. If it is a domino, it can be said that it will take the whole body!
In a flash, countless mysterious and unpredictable silk threads emerged from the superstar of fate, criss-crossing along the guidance of the unseen, connecting all directions, interweaving a network connected with the whole battle …
Boom boom …
There is no such thing as a perfect thing in the world. However, at this time, the 3,000-HarmonyOS battle array is almost held to an immeasurable perfect position!
"Shinto three thousand, one yuan initial, town nine days, ten places, infinite …"
Three thousand immortals, one innate deity, stepped on the brilliance shed by the supreme glory seal and sang in unison, opening the general chapter of congenital Shinto.
"Horn of the sky, elegy of the underworld …"
"Too life water, cycle, take yourself as the way of all things …"
"Wang Shu’s theory of various elements, once sung and danced, is short of one day …"
"Hong Jun governs the world, taking peace as the road, taking balance as the load, taking the theory of ten sides as the basis, and taking …"
Even Yuan Heng, who fought immortal in the distance at this time, evolved a doppelganger through the connection of fate stars, sang his own "Eternal Avenue" and bloomed his own glory.
In all directions, endless emptiness, endless singing rises slowly from the time when there is nothing, and endless light of wisdom, morality and civilization …… they gather from all corners of the universe and all the time and space.
One chapter contains endless Shinto’s true meaning, bursting out with dazzling light, condensing in the void, and connecting with each other one by one, which is extremely mysterious, forming 3,000 chapters.
Every chapter here contains an interpretation of the great power itself, and every word is written from their own angles, which contains extremely huge ideological essence and is boundless.
Looking at them, it’s like seeing this great power climbing along different stairs in hundreds of millions of years, depicting their different changes every day and every year.
Looking at them, it seems that ten thousand monks in Qian Qian are practicing the same road, but they have different understanding and practice, which embodies the essence of practicing this road, ten thousand monks in Qian Qian.
This is a chapter of 3,000 innate Shinto written by the Shenwen of Innate Avenue, representing this era, the source of Wanqian Avenue, and representing the most primitive and original 3,000 innate Shinto!
Representing the source of all things, the 3,000-ancestor shawl cuts the spine and opens up a 3,000-sky avenue in the vast darkness!
This chapter, which embodies the painstaking efforts of 3 thousand innate talents, is condensed without reservation at this moment. If mortals can get one of them, it will be enough to make them reach the sky in one step and reduce their mortal bodies in the blink of an eye.
If you have a high level of understanding and a profound source of happiness, you can appreciate the essence of this great power, with hundreds of millions of magical powers, but you can’t afford to take it lightly. The road to pick a horse is extremely high in heaven and earth, and it is not an idiotic dream!
And the number of 129.6 thousand innate gods, but there is no such thing as being born to know. I am familiar with the supreme divinity that contains thousands of avenues and principles. And their merits and demerits are not as rich as those of 3,000 fiends, and they are a little inferior to the grandmaster.
But now, everything is not a problem!
To be able to participate in this epic war. The legendary feat of contending with Tao. It is destined to leave a heavy stroke in the epic chapter of the wild world. As long as they can survive in the end, it is doomed that they will get the greatest opportunity in their life!
In this game, even the most stupid pig. The most stubborn donkey will be blossomed by the greatest Shinto essence between heaven and earth, and become a god pig and a god donkey, not to mention a peerless wizard selected by thousands of geniuses in the wild.
"Big chance, big chance!"
Countless geniuses saw this scene, and a heartfelt emotion came to mind. Where did they still not understand what to do?
Coincidentally, in an instant, they completely integrated into the torrent of this civilization, instinctively guarding their own positions, and devoted themselves wholeheartedly to this unprecedented opportunity.
Without hesitation, I will devote myself to swimming in the endless Wang Yang.
"Guangming Kaiyuan Record."
"the fairy tale."
"Zhuang Fei understands the truth."
Countless specious words, like the divine words of the innate avenue, have been nurtured by countless Shinto essences, and these innate gods have gained their own understanding from those 3,000 chapters without hindrance, creating a simplified version of the divine words of the innate avenue-the divine words of heaven and earth.
With the same origin and the same origin, these innate gods almost naturally combine their own shinto and esoteric meanings with their own ideas with their own wisdom, understanding and will, or write them out.
Compared with the 3,000-year-old and original Shenwen chapter on the Congenital Avenue, these chapters are several levels lower, and there are countless mysteries missing. The mysterious feeling suddenly plummeted countless times, but it is undeniable that …
It is these simple but easy-to-popularize chapters of Heaven and Earth that truly represent the formal maturity and development of the innate Shinto civilization.
Going …
With the creation of chapters of heaven and earth, the original low voice of God began to skyrocket, and the epic chapters belonging to Shinto began to rise, penetrating everything, and then …
The gods who have accumulated to the extreme, the brilliance that broke out at this time is serious!
The epic of civilization runs through the past, the present and the future, and an unparalleled, abundant and boundless power is flowing down the dense and endless river of life!
Unity is strength!
Compared with the dead creatures, the living creatures are more powerful in that the will power of the living creatures is endless, and as long as they don’t die, they will never run out!
The fate of the Ganges has accumulated endless cycles of the universe, and the power of fate left after the fall of countless creatures is indeed extremely powerful, but this does not mean that these can completely crush the combined power of all living things in the present-day universe!
The present is always stronger than the past!
With 3,000 fiends as the source and innate gods as the support, supporting the bones belonging to the innate Shinto civilization is enough to represent everything in today’s universe, connecting the whole power of the universe into one piece, and gathering the vast and majestic supreme power.
This is the monstrous overall situation that has been finally established since the endless years, when the mother of Avenue silently guided behind her back, and three thousand immortals worked hard and planned hard, and was dominated by the supreme glorious Lord of this cosmic reincarnation, who was born out of nowhere! (To be continued. . )
Ps: Well, today’s chapter is really hard to write!



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