"oh? You know each other? The world is really small. Well, since everyone is one of our own, let’s go to the Wild Ridge together. " Lin Feng said.

"Aunt Sophie, how do you know the boss?" Spencer asked.
"Why are you all her nephews?" Windson heard Spencer and Sophie call aunt face is very surprised.
"Well … hehe, the Lao Tzu in our family is the adopted son of the Frye family owner." Hoth replied.
"Haha, it seems that I really have a relationship with your Frye family." Windson haha laughed. "Yes, I met Sophie in the desert before, and I met you two in the wild this time. I want to say that there is no fate. " Blue beibei also said with the help.
"Sophie this comparable to the empire heard that brought magic water crystallization? As an exchange meeting, the treasure auction of the town meeting? I wonder what the price is? I am very interested in that. " Windson all chatted on the way to the wild ridge. Windson took the initiative to ask about the crystal.
"Ha ha is hoss and you said? Only he can know what it is before the meeting. Yes, this time, the royal family took out that thing to auction, first to shock Stephen’s empire, and second to exchange some weapons, but if you want it. Maybe I can take you to mediate with the royal family. " Sophie is still a unchanging smile on her face.
But in my heart, she thought it was really why windson asked about the crystal.
Because the crystal is the crystallization of high-purity vitality, no one has been able to use it on the three roads so far. People just know that the crystal contains huge single-system energy, which should be able to be absorbed and used by wizards in corresponding departments or provide energy for some energy weapons, but it is comparable to what the sub-empire is in urgent need of a large number of weapons, so it is a pity to abandon this tasteless thing. It can only be used to scare people who don’t know how to do it, but it’s worth pondering if Lin Feng wants it.
"Hey hey, you don’t have to think about it. It’s a waste to put it in your hands. Besides, if I give you weapons, you’re not going to take out some of them for the royal family. You just go and talk to the royal family. I want the crystal to be a weapon. If the deal is made, can the royal family still ask you for yours You can save that part in your hand. " Windson said slowly.
"Yes, even if you give us weapons, the Frye family still needs to provide some weapons to the royal family. In fact, I will do my best to help you negotiate this deal." Sophie said with a smile.
"Are you? That’s easy to negotiate. It’s good for you. I promise you that the individual 6 mecha will also need you. If you can help me negotiate the wild empire, I will give you two mechs. The content of the transaction is mainly weapons and equipment. " Windson don’t worry about Sophie will not promise to this across six prefecture-level families. Contact with the last person is indispensable.
However, it is still difficult to trade with an enemy at war, so Lin Fengcai will raise the price.
"Okay, I’ll take this job." Sophie said loudly that her eyes were full of expectations and challenges.
"Ah is a good prospect, smart enough and courageous enough. Can yet be regarded as a heroine among women. Too bad I can’t take it back. Otherwise, it is also a good seedling of a family to cultivate it. Do you think about bringing a few pleasing people home? Forget a lot of these people in the family. " Windson thought in my mind.
"It seems that you don’t care much about the war between the two countries?" Windson continued.
Sophie smiled. That confident expression is what Lin Feng appreciates most: "Yes, we are businessmen. No matter which country defeats the defeated businessmen, they can make money, but the victory of their own country is the best after all. In the transaction, I will naturally prefer to be comparable to the sub-empire."
"I won’t participate in the process. I just want the result as soon as possible, because I have something to do. Your two nephews lend it to me." Lin Fengxiao said.
"Are you going to find Chilias?" Sophie said with windson blinked.
"Smart good I just want to find him the legendary invincible one thousand-year-old monster. I am responsible for improving the strength of your two nephews. As long as their qualifications are enough to reach the demigod level, it is not impossible to repay the Frye family for their help. Besides, if I find my pet this time, I will give you an extra weapon, no matter how you use bribes, you can keep it for yourself. How to say it is a fate with you. " Windson looked at the distance and said.
Sophie suddenly smiled when she heard this. The seemingly ordinary face seemed to be a gorgeous rose in full bloom, but Lin Feng couldn’t see it without pleasure.
"The demigod family doesn’t have such a powerful force yet. I regret that I can’t follow you, but they have a deep relationship with our family. I will give them the weapon. Ha ha. Your Excellency Lin Feng is so thoughtful. " Sophie can’t say how excited she is at the thought that her family may soon have two demigods. Even the royal family just has two demigods. The rise of the family is an irresistible trend.
Sophie silently thought to herself, "It seems that we can’t focus on a small sub-empire. I naturally can’t let him down because Lin Feng has given me such a big benefit this time. The two deals must be concluded."
At this time, the only thing that Lin Feng thinks about in his heart is the maintenance of two small children in a black hole, so that Lin Feng can escape safely. Finding two small children has become a top priority after coming to the big six. Lin Feng will never allow his friends and companions to think of Sophie’s two small children who are actually going to steal things in the houses. There is something unspeakable in his heart.
"What do you say about the doll now?" Qin Xinyu asked with a sob.
Lin Feng grabbed her heart and patted her on the shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, they won’t be in danger. Let’s get them back and make up for them with the doll."
Blue beibei is sensible and has no nonsense. Tears are flashing in her arms and eyes.
Chu Yu also silently said no.
They all understand the significance of windson and dolls to windson, and their childhood has always been an indispensable part of this family, so the silent atmosphere between the four people at this time makes Sophie feel like an outsider.
Sophie looked enviously at Lin Feng’s four people, all of whom were family-oriented. She never had time to fall in love, and she shouldered the burden of the family early, which made her lose the qualification to appreciate love. Seeing the scene in front of her made Sophie particularly uncomfortable.
After such a long time, the team finally came to the wild ridge.
"Your Excellency Lin Feng has arrived." Sophie couldn’t bear to destroy the harmonious and beautiful group of people in front of her, but she had already arrived at the place, so she could only remind them in a low voice for fear that the sound would be too shocking for four people.
"Well …" Windson light should be a sound but no other response.
Sophie don’t understand of staring at Qin Xinyu and windson saw two people looking at the forest in front of the eyes very excited.
"Don’t we have to look for Lord Lin Feng?" Sophie asked strangely.
"No, they are already here." It is Qin Xinyu who is speaking.
Windson flew out of the armored vehicle with Qin Xinyu, and saw two petite white figures in the Woods from a distance, like two lightning-quick shots at two people.
",doll." Windson and Qin Xinyu shouted at the same time.
"Whoa ….." When Sophie didn’t see clearly, a figure jumped into the arms of Lin Feng and a Qin Xinyu’s arms and kissed their faces.
It is the two little guys who are not hurt at this time, indicating that they are not in great danger, but the dirty fur shows that their lives are definitely not so good.
Being pampered by Lin Fengchong since childhood, they don’t have the ability to survive in the wild. Fortunately, the two small strengths are good and they are not in danger in the wild mountains.
"Baby, look at your dirty body. Come and wash it for your mother." Qin Xinyu said lovingly, and then a transparent water polo appeared out of thin air to wash the doll.
"Come here, too." Xinyu shouted with tears on his face.
And the doll danced happily in the water polo. Lan Beibei and Chu Yu also used to help Lan Beibei wash the two small ones, while Mao Chuyu also used Daoism to wash the two small ones.

Chapter two hundred and ninety Elves
When the surprise of reunion passed, Lin Feng came to Sophie and said sincerely, "Sophie, thank you very much for your help. Do you have a storage ring?"
Sophie, Hoss and Spencer were also shocked by Chu Yu and Qin Xinyu’s Daoism, and they couldn’t extricate themselves without a trace of magic fluctuation, so the sudden appearance of water polo in mid-air made them unable to recover for a long time.
"Ah. Yes. " Sophie heard windson ask yourself subconsciously replied.
"Well, let’s find a wide spot and I’ll give you the weapon." Windson said to the edge of the empty place and Sophie completed the deal.
"This is a 6-ground armor, and the other one will be handed over to you together after you have finished our agreement. Its performance is almost not inferior to that of Chen Wolf and Chen Hu’s mecha. There are instructions for the use of armor that are different from yours. I suggest you leave it to Hoth and Spencer, and when we return to comparable sub-empires, if the strength of demigod level and the addition assistance of armor are added, the combat power of two people can be doubled. Okay, that’s it. I’m going to stay here for three days, and I’ll go back to you when the exchange conference reaches the stage of goods exchange, and then you’ll see two experts. But I will lend it to you later. " Lin Feng found the doll and was very happy. He just decided to stay here for a period of time. Anyway, there was nothing to attend a few days before the exchange meeting.
"Okay, I’ll listen to you, so you can keep this mecha and give it to the two boys together after I finish the task you gave me." Sophie said with a smile.
"It seems that you are very confident. Do you have a general idea about the arms deal with the royal family? How much do you need in total? " Windson asked.
"Well, it’s almost twice as good as our deal." Sophie at this time have already forgotten what windson said when they were in the family before. That’s just a way for businessmen to improve their own overweight, so they often use it, so there is no gap between them and Lin Feng because of this. Two people also tacitly. She has been speculating that Lin Feng must have some means to make weapons quickly, but she has no other ideas. Also dare not have Sophie for windson now, the more you know, the more you feel that it is the most beneficial to get along with windson and maintain the current relationship.
"Good negotiations to you, I prepared according to this number if the number is less than this number of extra for you. I am waiting for your good news. " Lin Fengxiao said. Paused and praised: "You are a clever girl."
Sophie smiled noncommittally, but when windson said that it was superfluous to give to the family, she was still very moved. The light flashing in her eyes was obviously calculating how much benefit she could get in this transaction.
Sophie and the others said goodbye and hurried to Sloan city without stopping. = = She wants to complete the transaction negotiation before Lin Feng goes back.
At this time, the doll has been washed clean. Being caressed by three women, the two young people are naturally excited, but obviously they can’t stand being rubbed by three women.
Break away from beibei’s entanglement and fly to windson’s shoulder, crying and complaining.
Windson loving will be in your hands.
"The little guy suffered? We will never be separated from you again, and our family will be together forever. "
A face of thief smile seems to be a copy of windson skipping in windson two shoulders to show its excitement at this time.
Lin Feng took out the Dan from the ground where he killed Black Horn and said, "Go, little guy, call the doll. Give you good things to eat. "
Lin Feng said to the Dan in the eyes waved the.
At present, I looked greedily at Neidan’s mouth.
Hurriedly ran to the three girls to pull up the doll and fly to windson’s side. The doll also smelled the smell of Neidan and croaked.
"Well, you both have a half don’t have to rob. Still afraid not? Hey, don’t scratch my head, or you won’t have a share! " Lin Feng’s voice spread all over the sky with the crisp laughter of three girls. Spread far, far away.
Windson let Chen Er find a hidden place. At the same time, the production line was manufactured and assembled, and there was no intention of avoiding Hoth and Spencer. Two people since being windson repeatedly stimulated is no longer surprised for anything. However, I still admire the advanced production line.


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