"Ha ha!"

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Xiao Lingyu didn’t give in at all, and replied, "If you think what I said is unreasonable, you can tell me your explanation. If you can convince me, I will back off."
At this point, the pike in the bearer’s hand suddenly rose and stabbed Yan Tianzi.
That level is the same as that of Xiao Lingyu now, so Xiao Lingyu pushed away Yan Tianzi in the next moment, and stopped the other pike with silver moon’s broken tool rest.
The visitor was furious, and the pike in his hand swept sideways at Xiao Lingyu, and then it quickly stabbed out, but the speed still didn’t improve much.
The bearer did not give in half a step, but quickly lifted his foot and kicked Xiao Lingyu in the lower abdomen. Obviously, he is also a master of melee.
The other side of the foot, turns out to be a top-grade artifact attack level, which makes Xiao Lingyu very surprised.
Ask for gold medals, collections, recommendations, clicks, comments, red envelopes, gifts, all kinds of requests, whatever you want, come here!
Xiaofei has written a lot of books, and his character is absolutely reliable.
Chapter 619 Soaring up the celestial body
? Chapter 619 Soaring up the celestial body
"Ha ha!"
The bearer laughed and said, "Do you dare to talk about the way of nature in front of me? It’ s really ridiculous! "
Xiao Lingyu didn’t give in at all, and replied, "If you think what I said is unreasonable, you can tell me your explanation. If you can convince me, I will back off."
Come and despise …
Chapter 620 A loud roar caused the disaster
? Chapter 620 A loud roar caused the disaster
"Ha ha, brother don’t mention it. Later, when brother flies to the divine world, maybe I still need brother’s help." Xiao Lingyu lifted Yan Tianzi up and said with a smile.
Xiao Lingyu thinks that Yan Tianzi can inspire the strong in the divine world to send someone down to kill him, and he must have something extraordinary. At this time, Yan Tianzi’s cultivation is not high, so he has to repair …
Chapter 621 Valley Big Way 1
? Chapter 621 Valley Big Way 1
The frequent howling of wolves came from behind, which made Xiao Lingyu a little inexplicable and agitated, and her heart was faintly warned of danger.
"It seems that this wolf demon group is not small, and it is estimated that there are inevitably powerful characters. I have to get rid of them as soon as possible."
Xiao Lingyu thought about it, and stepped faster …
Chapter 622 Valley Big Way 2
? The appearance of four virtual shadow monsters not only disrupted the formation of the wolves and demons, but also made their leaders lose the state of calm command. In the case of chaos and true fire, they had to guard against the attacks of birds and beasts in the sky and dodge the bombardment of the printing tactic that roared out of the cave. The wolves and demons immediately lost their minds, bowed their heads and jumped up, and dared not continue to bombard the cave with divine light.
Xiao Lingyu knows that four virtual shadow monsters can’t persist for too long, but those wolves and demons don’t know, especially those silver-haired wolves and demons who fought against virtual shadow monsters. The more they fought, the more they felt wronged, because their attacks were useless to virtual shadow monsters, but it happened that virtual shadow monsters could hurt them.
As a result, a few silver-haired wolves and demons have retreated again, but the pride of the wolf clan does not allow them to do so.
A few silver-haired wolves and demons are still supporting, but they are howling, so that the wolves can keep their distance from the cliff first and work together to defend against the attack of birds from the sky.
Ow …
Xiao Lingyu’s direction, there are also a large number of wolves and demons, but they are all ordinary wolves and demons. They are not as fast as he is, and they are not as sensitive as he is. He is like a ghosting image, prancing among wolves, or dodging, or killing, and the speed of progress is not slow.
Ordinary wolf demon is basically no threat to Xiao Lingyu. His strong physique can make him not use any defensive magic weapon, and he can not be afraid of the claws or teeth of ordinary wolf demon. Every time silver moon brandishes his broken knife, at least he can easily kill a wolf demon. He is just like a god-killer, and all of them are beheaded wolf demon bodies.
There is not much time left for him, and now the four virtual shadow monsters can only hold on for half an hour.
The valley is naturally surrounded by mountains, and the entrance is not only narrow, but also blocked by an iron gate.
Obviously, there should be many monks gathered in that valley.
The monks who were on alert at the top of the mountain all around should have seen a large number of wolves and demons pouncing on this side. The drums of the alarm were loud and the monks on the top of the mountain gathered more and more.
Xiao Lingyu with wolves soon came to the front of the valley, but those monks did not open the door to Xiao Lingyu, but there were countless rockets flying from the valley like migratory locusts.
In front of so many monks, Xiao Lingyu can’t easily use hallows to defend himself. He thinks that his body is of high quality, so he waves silver moon’s broken knife through his rocket and moves to the valley gate.
How wealthy the monks in the valley are, it is impossible to make all these rockets into top-grade artifacts, and these rockets are hard in texture and extremely fast, so they are a little lethal.
Moreover, countless rockets were nailed to the ground, and they were connected into one piece, creating a circle of fire around the valley, which made the wolves and demons at the back afraid to approach easily.
Although these countless rockets didn’t avoid Xiao Lingyu, they also tended to kill Xiao Lingyu here, but they still helped Xiao Lingyu stop the wolves and demons from killing him.
People obviously don’t welcome foreign monks. Xiao Lingyu naturally won’t rush in. After all, he doesn’t know what’s going on inside, and he doesn’t know whether there is a strong man inside, so he just stops at the gate of the valley and waits for those wolves and demons to recede.
There are still rockets falling in the sky, but from the top of the mountain around the valley, there are huge fireballs rolling down, smashing all the wolves and demons who rushed to the crowd and burning them to death.
Wolf demon launched a * * charge, just like surging waves flapping to the isolated island of the valley, but how to also can’t cross the island.
At the top of the mountain around the valley, dozens of huge braziers have appeared at this time, and the fire dragons are flying out of those braziers.
As a result, birds that are bathed in fire are flying wildly in mid-air, but they will ignite the feathers of other birds and beasts.
The pungent smell of flame, accompanied by the aroma of barbecue; The screams of wolves and demons are mixed with the cries of birds and beasts …
Xiao Lingyu can’t believe that all this happened because of herself.
In order to share the pressure for the monks in the valley, Xiao Lingyu also took a short rest and waved silver moon’s broken knife again to kill the wolves and demons.
Without the threat of rockets and fireballs, the wolves and demons attacked more fiercely. If there were not fire dragons to restrict birds and beasts, the wolves and demons would have attacked the top of the mountain.
I don’t know whether it’s because it’s dark or because the price paid is too heavy for a long time. Those birds and beasts began to retreat gradually.
So another hour passed, and under the guidance of those silver-haired wolves and demons, the wolves also gradually retreated after giving out bursts of unwilling roar.
It was not until midnight that the gate of the valley slowly opened, and a group of monks came out and dispersed.
It took two hours for the monks to return one after another and shut the iron gate in the valley again.
I have been waiting outside the valley for three days, but the gate of the valley has not been opened again, and neither birds and beasts nor wolves and demons have come over.
Chapter 623 Surprised to find that
? Chapter 623 Surprised to find that
Xiao Lingyu and the monks in the valley relaxed a lot at the same time. After waiting for a while, Xiao Lingyu left the position of the gate of the valley, and went far away to find a hidden place not far from the valley.
It was not until midnight that the gate of the valley slowly opened, and a group of monks walked out of it and then spread out …


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