Bang …

A water column rushed to a sea area with a diameter of more than 100 feet at an altitude of 100 meters. The sea surface was sunken in an arc shape, and the deepest part was more than 20 meters.
Five masters who are not inferior to Yuan Ying’s mid-fix-the-truth practitioners are shaken by the leg shadow, but that level of attack can’t hurt them. As long as the difference between strength and strength is not very big, they will definitely be shaken back by the reaction force. However, they were stunned by what they saw in front of them. Previously, every blow could go deep into the muscle attack, and only a layer of skin was cut on Chen Han, leaving little blood.
The attack came from different directions, but Chen Han was not shaken back. It was the knight who was equal to the three-dimensional infant attack at the same time. He screamed and vomited blood and roared out of dozens of meters.
It’s not a heavy injury, but it’s enough to shock him!
Chapter 78 Crazy War Eight Sides 4
The knight has just been wounded and destroyed the external quarrelling, and even the protective quarrelling has been fragmented. Before he can mobilize the internal quarrelling, a large piece is comparable to the five elements of magic in the early days of Yuan Ying.
The lightning thundered down like a banana, and he barely mobilized less than 30% of the quarrelling. How can there be any energy to support the quarrelling?
A large area of Guanghua twisted his release of quarrelling into free energy, and the Vatican knight gave a scream of surprise, and the whole body lingered in the lightning and was blown to pieces.
The scene was suddenly silent, surprised not only by the remaining five enemies, but also by Xiang Lang and others.
The last time this guy killed the quartet in Tianlong compound, it was because he had just broken through to the early stage of then, and it was only in the past three months that he actually broke through again. This speed of ascension is incredible. Does it not exist for him to reach the state bondage after the then period?
If he breaks through in meditation, he can break through in the face-to-face battle, but he doesn’t need any time to consolidate the realm, and he can immediately play a new realm of combat effectiveness. Is this still a person?
The silence did not last long, and the remaining five people were completely desperate, screaming and swimming rapidly in different directions.
It’s a pity that they have lost the ability to fly in the air, and the swimming speed is too slow. There is a post on it, and they can’t have any chance to escape.
Three minutes later, five people who lost their will to fight, under the power of Chen Han and several other people’s five-element spells, turned into fly ash.
"Lei Ming, take my wife and sister-in-law away."
Chen Han took out a healing pill and put it in his mouth. He shouted to Xiang Lang, "Stay away from me and attack the same person with the five-element spell, understand?"
The thunder of the previous imperial sword has been far away from him, and the momentum of the war is amazing. Jing Aoxue can only watch the amazing scene helplessly, but she can’t talk to Chen Han. Besides, as a killer, she knows very well that talking at that time is easy to distract Chen Han and will only affect him.
All the enemies were wiped out, and the people of the wolf squad gathered together and stood on the soaring Panlong golden gun. Chen Han was only a few meters away from her.
"Who is your wife? !”
Jing Aoxue, dressed in black and covered with a towel, has a touch of shyness and happiness in her eyes.
After being separated for several months, she almost couldn’t help sneaking up. However, at the beginning, she had an agreement with Master. She was afraid that it would be bad for Chen Han if she angered Master. At the same time, there were secrets hidden in her heart, so she had to leave reluctantly.
Without any warning, when the missing big boy took himself out of the cruise room in panic, her heart had melted.
Is this still the little man who was once hunted by himself?
In just a few months, he actually changed from the equivalent of martial arts to a strong one with terrorist strength.
Those blood marquis, who are unattainable in her eyes, were killed by instant seconds under the purple-black combat knives. From the four forces of blood clan, werewolf, dark wizard and light Vatican, more than 20 powerful men, many of whom existed in Yuan infancy, were killed by him one by one.
Strong power!
Horribly speed!
Abnormal defense!
There is also the character seal that can make people fall from the sky. The magical fighting skill makes him as dazzling as the sun, just like the nine-day god of war.
This is the man who owns everything. How many secrets are hidden in him? How many shocked eyes can he attract? How far will his future go?
Jing Ao’s heart is soft in snow. He thinks of himself as his wife. He doesn’t care about the assassination anymore. He cares about himself very much.
He has become a member of Tianlong, and he has unique strength among his peers. Will Master stop himself from being with him?
Even if master doesn’t allow it, don’t part again this time, even if you die, you must die with him!
When she secretly made a decision, Jing Ningxue, who was supported by Lei Ming’s imperial sword, the girl who could only see her eyes like her, shouted angrily, "Who is your wife?" Who are you, sister-in-law? Asshole! Don’t think that it’s amazing that you are strong. What you did to my sister, I will get it back for her one day and kill you! "
"eh? What he did to your sister? An anecdote? "
"Captain, how do you know these two ladies?"
"Yes, yes, tell me about it."
"Everyone is one of our own, and there is nothing to be embarrassed to say."
"get out!"
Gently looked at Jing Aoxue, who was extremely shy in her eyes. Chen Han glared at several people mercilessly and sank to drink a way: "Now is the time to joke?" Ready, I’ll pull all these guys into the sea, and you will join hands with me with the five-element spell to break the face, and the residual blood predecessors will be responsible for confrontation to attract all the fighting power of the other side! "
The two battlefields opened up a lot in the battle, but under the speed of Royal Sword’s flight, a few words have already reached another battlefield.
Although the distance is a little far, I can’t see what I found there, but with the spirit similar to psionic knowledge, the strong in Australia already knows the whole story. As for the residual blood, I was shocked by the battle process and results of psychic tracking and exploration, while listening to the sound of Chen Han.
Two sacrifices and five Berserker probably guessed what they were discussing, and their faces changed.
It’s a pity that the residual blood strength is a little stronger than them, and seven people can stick to it together. If you try to break through, it will only bring the other side a divide-and-conquer opportunity. Therefore, in addition to gritting their teeth and expecting reinforcements to arrive as soon as possible, they dare not have other thoughts at all.
When Chen Han’s voice is over, although he can’t see clearly the expression of residual blood like a virtual shadow, he can hear amazement from his tone: "Boy, the rules of heaven and earth have changed for more than two thousand years, and you are definitely the first person among your peers, and you are qualified to fight for what you want."
Seeing that the Chinese New Year is coming soon, he is only 18 years old after the New Year, but he has the strength to fight against the strong in Yuan infant period, killing more than 20 experts in then and Yuan infant period in one fell swoop.
Admittedly, there is also a contribution from Xiang Lang and others, but he is definitely the most important key.
If time doesn’t allow, even without the help of Xiang Lang and others, he can grind the last six people to death. How can it not be shocking to have such strength at this age?
The rules of heaven and earth have changed for more than two thousand years?
"It seems that this old guy knows a lot of things. What happened to change the rules of heaven and earth? What was it like more than two thousand years ago? "
Chen Han’s mind was boiling, but he soon gave up these ideas temporarily, and the five elements of Xuan gas quietly released a magnificent glow. Compared with the early color of then, the orange symbol seal, which is a little darker and more solid, is condensed and formed under the wonderful printing formula: "Empty seal!"
In the early days of then, his soul strength reached the level between the middle and late stages of ordinary practitioners, and now his soul strength is stronger than that of ordinary practitioners. According to the attack range of Xuanyin, it will fail only if it exceeds a big level, that is to say, unless it goes beyond the later stage of Yuanying, as long as it is hit by the air seal, it will definitely fall.
Is there any existence in this world beyond the Yuan infant period?
With or without, at least at present, these people have not exceeded this level. Take the residual blood as an example. The reason why his fighting capacity is much stronger than that of the ordinary Yuan Ying’s late-stage fixer is mainly due to the increase in various aspects, such as art, tactics and magic weapons, but the realm is still in the late Yuan Ying’s period.
As the first Xuanyin fell on a Berserker’s head and exploded, he was more than two meters tall like a giant, screaming and falling from the air.
"Damn … I’m going to tear you apart!" Berserker danced and shouted.
"You must have died before me."
Chen Han laughed and jumped off the Panlong golden gun, swooping head and feet, dragging a snow-white gas barrier behind him, which was mixed with the purple-black ghosting of combat knives: "Don’t give them a chance to rescue, remnant blood predecessors, the five-element spell is fully launched! Crack-hurricane! "


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