"So … just let it be." Chen Senran exhaled and glanced at the sky before he realized that he seemed to have forgotten one thing …

That is, the little girl must be sitting in the blue moon lake villa at the moment, and she is abusing Boss angrily because she forgot to go back and cook dinner …
"I think I should go." Chen Senran got up some urgently.
Looking at Chen Senran’s expression and movement, even if it is slow, such as Ariely, she also saw something and smiled lightly. In the dark night, she couldn’t see the woman’s face clearly, but Chen Senran thought it must be very beautiful.
"You should smile more" Chen Senran paused and said.
No answer. After a while, Aria whispered, "I think I should go, too."
"Take care" Chen Senran thought for a moment and said this. He can give this blessing to this woman with clean eyes who meets by chance.
The word "thank you" echoed gently in the dark, but Chen Senran didn’t hear it.
It finally sounded sullenly.
In the middle of the night, a thunderstorm finally crashed and washed away the War College, accumulating several days of sulking.
When it was raining cats and dogs, Chen Senran was sitting in the blue moon lake villa chair and coaxed him. In fact, he was not angry, but he pursed his mouth. Little Annie heard the raindrops that cracked and hit the eaves, and Chen Senran consciously looked out of the window.
"What are you looking at?" The little girl found that Chen Senran suddenly stopped talking and gently bit his arm.
"Look at you!" Chen Senran held the little girl in her arms and pinched her little face.
"Hate" the little girl symbolically earned one and then buried her face in Chen Senran’s arms.
Chen Senran hugged the girl and sniffed the warm breath in her hair. It felt like hugging her own world. He went to see the rain-drenched window again. He knew that just outside the window, in this heavy rain, a woman like Bai Lianhua was riding a horse to Ionia at the moment. That was her world.
Friends wish you a pleasant journey.
First Geng
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Page one hundred and twenty The devil is growing.
Another night of the month
Another good time to kill people.
Chen Senran took Sacco for another stroll in the midnight silent street. Last night, a torrential rain dispersed the War College, and the long street was a little cold in the sultry night.
"Where are we going to kill people today?" Sacco’s words and deeds are becoming more and more normal. Apart from painting clown’s face and talking to himself with a dagger, he has rarely shown such madness as drooling, laughing nervously and crying. He has changed into a clean and neat suit, exquisite workmanship and crazy manners. He looks like a man with a special hobby, strolling around the night show, and even walking gracefully with a dagger, which has an evil charm.
"Bell Tower" Chen Senran also don’t back to say.
"or the bell tower?" Sacco is obviously dissatisfied with the goods in that area. "It has been noticed by those pesky guys in the security department."
Although the rotten alley in Nancheng District is the darkest and dirtiest place in the whole War College, but the short-term frequent killings and vicious killings still caused some notes from the Public Security Department of the War College, and some patrols appeared in those alleys, although they did some face work, they still could not avoid passing by several times.
The most thrilling time was when Sacco killed five gangsters by himself, while he was torturing the bodies that had been cut into seven pieces with his increasingly sophisticated knife method. Two patrol members listened to the sound and came over. If Sacco hadn’t climbed the wall to the other side by himself, the first official death would have appeared.
This will be more troublesome, because it will attract the attention of the parliament, and the parliament will send law enforcement teams to safeguard the parliament from infringing on dignity.
Of course, in fact, Chen Senran has always known that the parliament has been monitoring himself from beginning to end. Maybe they are more familiar with the death of those people who Sacco killed than themselves.
However, Sacco doesn’t know that out of an instinct of being cautious or killer all the year round, he thinks it is very bad and will be very troublesome, and he is also a person who is very afraid of trouble
"Do you feel trouble?" Chen Senran touched his nose and turned into the dark roadway that entered the killing world again.
"Of course" Sacco should be frowned and a little dissatisfied.
"Do you think you should find stronger prey to kill because your knife skills are getting better and better?" Chen Senran smiled and continued
"Isn’t that right?" Sacco has become more and more aggressive as a beast since his temperament changed greatly.
"But you kill intuition killing ideas killing skills enough? Do you think you can do it if I let you kill the officer of the Noxas War College now? " Chen Senran didn’t care about Sacco’s tone and casually threw out a few questions.
"I can sneak in and kill him quietly," Sacco retorted clearly.
"But as far as I know, your ability can last for three minutes now. How can you avoid those guards? I can tell you that there are three layers of guards there, and there are dark guards around that officer. Each of them is an elite member of the Noxas assassination team." Of course, Chen Senran is not talking nonsense about this information. He asked Lux for help in the recent period. Of course, he tried his best to understand everything about his goal.
"I … have Jessica." Sacco made a plausible statement and finally lifted the increasingly sharp dagger and rubbed it gently.
"Don’t be too arrogant. I’ve been practicing murder for more than ten years. Do you think you can learn it in this short time, even if your talent is no matter how good?" Chen Senran continued to ask, "Do you know why I kept you killing here and why I didn’t help you clean up those patrols?"
"You are to let me learn the rhythm of killing step by step." Sacco is not stupid. After a little dialing by Chen Senran, the meaning is white, but there is no apology.
"You are not too stupid" Chen Senran also mercilessly mocked him.
With the deepening of the bell tower, Chen Senran found that his footsteps stopped behind him.
"why?" Chen Senran turned his head and saw Sacco looking at an alley not far away in wait for a while. He just saw a thin figure flash by.
It is she, Chen Senran, who will have some impressions of meeting people even once, not to mention the girl who looks very much like Jessica herself and gave her the black clothes that she has been wearing for a long time.
Why is she here again?
"Let’s go," Sacco said with a straight face.


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