"Day goes on" and keeps licking blood. Sacco suddenly raised his head. "The living are much more interesting than the scarecrow." Although this man is like a dog now, his calm eyes have reached the top killer foundation.

"You can die if you want." Chen Senran didn’t stop him. Sometimes a happy death is happier than a sad life.
"Do you want a car?" An old voice suddenly sounded from behind Chen Senran.
At that moment, Chen Senran had a cold sweat until he recognized the master of the sound, and he almost threw a flame dagger at the back.
"Lao Du’s greeting" Chen Senran slowly turned around and looked at his face and stood behind him three yards. The old coachman’s tone was cold. He was really scared just now. This person could be so close to his side without knowing it … If he had a knife in his hand …
Chen Senran consciously glanced at the old coachman’s hands, which should be old and unbearable in the bright night. They looked bright and clean like some kind of jade
Chen Senran’s pupil contracted and he didn’t notice this detail. This old guy is definitely a good knife.
"Do you want a car?" Lao Du didn’t seem to see Chen Senran’s gaze. He repeated his face without a trace of expression.
"No need" Chen Senran refused to go outside.
The driver Lao Du didn’t leave. He looked at his muddy eyes in the same place and still held the dagger in a daze. Sacco suddenly asked, "Do you want to learn knives?"
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Page 90 The Apocalypse and the Eye-Closing Bodhisattva
Life seems to be back on track. Chen Senran once again spent the day in the library and the night in the pub, fighting a few fights by the way, or sometimes taking Sacco out to kill a few people in the middle of the night while the little girl was asleep.
Noxas probably didn’t bother himself because of the situation in the north. Katrina and Tyrone started that pub again, and occasionally they would come to the gray oak tree for a few drinks. First, the fight club also opened a branch there.
There is no news from demacia. Lax often goes to the pub late to have a few cups of milk juice with the little girl, and of course, more is waiting for some cold-blooded killer.
Parliament there is also calm, neither sending more people to monitor themselves nor deliberately making things difficult for themselves. Sometimes Chen Senran will say hello to each other in Piero, Lu Yu in the evening, but Piero seems to be getting more and more depressed.
What bothers me more is that the little girl has been secretly drinking behind her back from time to time since she drank the wine, and the wine is getting worse and worse. Every time she gets drunk, she is either confused and says something inappropriate to herself or holds herself like a koala.
The only surprise is that Sacco’s knife skills are getting better and better, which makes Chen Senran look at Lao Du more and more thoughtfully.
This kind of life lasted for a month, and the spring of the War College slowly turned into the summer. In Chen Senran’s good girl, ice was added and a new summer magic lounge chair was changed. When he was lying in it, he had a feeling that he could stay on vacation until the end of the year.
Here comes a man.
This man came in the early morning when the weather was slightly stuffy. In fact, the War College is located in a vast plain, and the magic facilities department of the city is comparable to that of Pieterwolf’s excellent goods institute. Theoretically, summer is not difficult, but with the increasing population, the scale of the urban area has been delayed, and the gradual congestion has made the air quality of the whole city not very good.
And Chen Senran saw that man while complaining about the stingy parliament and pushing the black wood door of Obsidian Library.
At that time, she was respectfully talking to the woman sitting behind the counter. Chen Senran vaguely heard a sentence, "You are the flag of Ionia. You shouldn’t abandon your people."
As Chen Senran suddenly broke into this seemingly pleading conversation, he naturally died.
Chen Senran glanced at the speaker, who was a woman with delicate eyebrows, beautiful eyes and high nose. Her long black hair was combed into two short buns at her ears, and the other black hair was very refreshing downstream. She was straight and had a trace of a soldier, and her two slender eyebrows moved slightly closer to the eyebrows. Her body was simple and bright, and her red armor-like clothes had an indescribable heroic spirit.
The most important thing is that her eyes are clean
"Sorry, I seem to … disturb you." Chen Senran bowed slightly with some apologies.
The lady shook her head to show that she was heartless, while the woman with delicate appearance and heroic spirit looked at the lady without saying hello to Chen Senran.
"That you talk about me advanced" Chen Senran coughed a pour also don’t care about being regarded by the woman he cares about is just heard that sentence.
Ionian flag … Chen Senran tried to listen to the rear ring as he walked, hoping to hear some more information to help him analyze.
But it’s a pity that he heard a message from Mrs. Fujian, "You go."
Obviously, this woman came to see her wife for something. It seems that she should take charge of the overall situation of Ionia, because that woman said that your people …
And can be called the flag of Ionia has its own people … This lady’s identity seems to force me to guess what peerless masters are three points worse.
Is it the queen of Ionia? However, Chen Senran immediately thought that the situation in Ionia is still in a government situation, and the remnants of Noxas are still in Ionia island to continue their plan to expand the territory. The rest of Ionia people either live a wandering life or go to the mainland of Varoland to make a living, and not many people are still continuing the cause of resistance …
Rebels … Chen Senran probably knew that the information of this organization was that when Noxas invaded Ionia, the last rebel force successfully repelled Noxas’ attack, and almost set up a new government, but later it gradually declined due to the disappearance of its leader, which led to the situation that Ionia is still divided. Master Yi seems to have been one of the top figures.
Wait, the leader is missing … leading Ionia … your people … the rebels … think of what a middle-aged woman once said to herself. She used to think that the sword was the only truth, but now she is here to save her identity.
"Apocalypse Kamahl" Chen Senran read these six words in a low voice, but glanced at the counter direction but was blocked by the full frame and darkness, which also blocked the old middle-aged woman sitting there looking at the hair at the moment.
Orthodox books describe this woman very little at most, that is, she has led the Ionian resistance war, but she doesn’t even have a name. Only when she introduces Ionian mysticism, there is a very short description when it comes to Ionian meditation. Meditation is a complicated and difficult occult technique. Ordinary people may not even touch the door for decades, but truly talented people can close their eyes, realize enlightenment, open their eyes and see the world like the stars and the moon. The winner of this technique is called Io the Apocalypse. Nyan tantric Sect has produced three apocalypses for hundreds of years. The first one is the founder of tantric Sect, the second one is the first generation king of Ionian Kingdom, and the third one is Karma, the leader of the iron-toed resistance against Noxas in recent years.
"What an amazing woman!" Chen Senran sighed with a smile.
Until the evening, Chen Senran kept looking up the habit of getting first-hand information about what appeared around him in Ionia.
When he walked out of the door, Chen Senran bowed deeply to Kamahl to show his respect. A man strong enough and great should be respected.
"You know?" Karma still smiles very gently and has eyes like the stars and the moon.
"You can treat me like I don’t know anything" Chen Senran pushed the door and said goodbye with a smile.
The door Chen Senran froze because he saw a man sitting on the steps.
That delicate and heroic woman, with her eyes closed and her legs crossed, seems to have entered some mysterious realm, and the moonlight shines on her clean eyebrows and eyes as holy as a bodhisattva with eyes closed.
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Page 99 A man with a lot of things on his back
The next day, when Chen Senran came to the library with little Anne, the bodhisattva with eyes closed still sat cross-legged. It seemed that Chen Senran had never moved. Generally speaking, she saw that this exquisite heroic woman should be meditating, but it was reasonable to think that she could become a high-ranking figure of Ionian resistance, Ionian Secret Sect.
Glancing at a woman who was completely unmoved by nothing, Chen Senran made a silence at a curious little girl, touched her little head, pushed the door and went in.
After the counter, Karma sat inside for a night and saw Chen Senran picking them through the door with old-fashioned eyes and rubbed his eyebrows wearily. He smiled at the two men and waved to the little girl for the past.
My little girl is also very fond of this kind lady since one incident. After coming to Obsidian Museum several times recently, it is rare that she didn’t stick to Chen Senran, but sat quietly behind the counter and chatted with Kamahl. After returning home, Chen Senran asked her what she had talked about. This girl also blushed and refused to say.
Seeing the lady waving to her, the little girl smiled and ran to jump into Karma’s arms. The kitten rubbed her cheek.
Karma also seems to enjoy this movement, gently touching the little girl’s little head and conveniently cutting her pink hair.


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