I still have to wait. I also have an appointment with Lao Lei. They play mahjong. The God of War is bitter, but save people to save the end. Even if you don’t wait for me, you must wait for the God of War and say with awe that the second half of the sentence is because when you see three eyes that want to kill people, the dragonfly finally wakes up in the Woods on the third day.

How do you feel when you finally wake up? Water God asked.
Ok, ok, hehe, from now on, we are all contracted by you. Oh, just call us by name after the event. We will come immediately, Vulcan said happily
Well, I, the King of the Wind, the King of water sprite, the God of Fire and the God of War Wang Jinjia, will always listen to your call from now on. The God of Wind knelt down and said seriously that the God of Fire and Water also knelt down at the same time.
Ah, don’t do this. Then everyone will help each other. Dragonfly is at a loss for a while.
Well, I can finally go back. Hahahaha, it took me three seconds to look serious. The God of War got up and shouted.
Oh, by the way, how long have I been dizzy? Dragonfly asked.
About four days, replied Vulcan.
It’s been four days. Four days. Isn’t it that dragonfly wants to run to the hospital before he finishes the exam today?
You’re not in a hurry. The wind flickered, but the horse returned to the courtyard and Fengshen stopped the dragonfly.
Oh, then teach me
Minutes later, the dragon flying wind teleported away from the gods.
What a magical genius! Fengshen sighed.
Yes, but we don’t seem to have done anything, thought Shuishenli.
Who cares? I can do it afterwards. I’ll go first. The God of War read the mantra and left first.
It’s also ok after that. Well, let’s go, too. Soon all four gods have disappeared, and the forest is still as quiet as usual.
Dragonfly, no way. I haven’t offended you these two days. I’m going to take the magic test
Ah, what’s the matter? It’s hard to work. You’re still here.
Dragonfly Seal You don’t want to call me I am ruined, do you?
Oh, it dawned on me. Yeah, hehe, I forgot. I’m sorry. Oh, then you have to bear with me a little more. Sing God, help me and go home.
Chapter VI Qian Qian or Money
Being praised by Fengshen as a magical genius, Dragonfly has just moved the wind. After the magical wind teleported out of the Woods, it really went back to the hospital to catch the exam. The answer is yes and no, because Dragonfly is now struggling in a sewage ditch near the gate in the courtyard.
I what wind teleport, speed to really pretty fast, but the landing point is too bad, dragonfly while swinging mud aggrieved way
After the dragonfly wind teleported away from the Woods, it landed in the blue sand for the first time. It was good that he hit a big hole a few days ago and faced a high wall. Fortunately, the wind teleported. This time, the dragonfly had to face how to dry the sewage and get rid of the smell.
Who cares? Let’s go to the magic training ground first. It’s always better that they don’t think I’m too smelly. Let me take the exam. Thought of this, Longfei decided to go to the magic training ground first.
Fortunately, the school hasn’t taught the annual course. The name of a mobile ten-mile fragrant fried stinky tofu banquet was running in the school at noon, and no one drove him away.
The magic training ground of Wangduyuan covers an area of about 15 square meters in the north of the school. The training ground is in the shape of a five-pointed star. There are five gray small rooms at five corners. The energy control warehouse is the barrier barrier around the training ground all the year round, so the training ground looks surrounded by light from the outside.
At Nuoda Training Ground, Dragonfly sat alone in dejection. Ah, I still didn’t catch anything. The exam didn’t take place until 9 o’clock. Even if I was late for three hours, I should wait for me. Did I hurt my brain when I concluded the contract? Forget it. I’d better go home. Crystal’s strength is sure to test me. She didn’t even take the exam. She must be angry or secretly go home. Let’s decide whether it is ready. Dragonfly is not a wave person. He has already got up, patted himself on the dust and slowly walked to the dormitory to prepare to pick
Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah
By the way, the wind can teleport. No, no,no. Who knows where that ghost magic will take me this time? Maybe it will land in the North Pole next time. Maybe the dragonfly vetoed the idea of magic going home
Actually, wind teleportation is the most stable magic among wind-delivered magic, but because magic proficiency can’t control magic once or twice, dragonfly can’t really master all kinds of magic, otherwise Fengshen wouldn’t add a seal to him. Ah, you don’t really want me to take the 11-way home, do you? Dragonfly is lying in bed staring at the ceiling.
At this time, accompanied by a burst of footsteps, a tall and strong young man entered the dragonfly dormitory.
Hey, you haven’t been back for three days. This person seems to be unable to remember the name of dragonfly.
Long Fei Jie Luo Si, you are Lei Chen Tian, right?
Yeah, it’s hello. I just went to the strength entrance test. Lei Chen Tian sat on a dragonfly and chatted.


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