From the adult conversation, Xing Xuan learned that his uncle Long Yuling, his uncle Long Yufei and his little aunt Long Yuwei were not in the quail star, while his second grandfather Long Tianyou’s four sons Long Yuhai, Long Yuyang, Long Yuyu and Long Yuzhou were not in the quail, but both Long Yuhai’s two sons Long Yuntao and Long Yunqi were left with Long Tianpeng, which was euphemistically called taking care of daily things for Long Tianpeng. In fact, they tried to kill the old man.

Long Tianpeng pretended not to know, but secretly guarded these two malicious Sun so tightly that they didn’t have a chance, but after a long time, the old man felt very tired physically and mentally.
The arrival of Long Yu made Long Tianpeng breathe a long sigh of relief, and immediately said that he would call Long Yu to take care of himself and take a back seat and have a good leisure.
Long Yu, of course, did his part to share his father’s worries.
Long Tianpeng couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw Long Yu’s promise. He turned to face Sun with a smile and asked, "Xing Xuan, now that you are still young, you still have to learn from you. Do you want Grandpa to hire you a tutor or go to our Dragon Family to run a private school?"
Xing Xuan laughed and said, "I still want to go to public schools!" "
Long Tianpeng listened to the horse and laughed and said, "A good boy with ambition, fierce competition in public schools is more helpful to hone himself!"
Xing Xuan is laughing in his heart. Choosing a public school is not to study hard, but the loose management of public schools can make him more free.
"Well, you can’t go to a public school now. It’s just a month after the winter vacation. Okay, Grandpa, go and help you with the admission formalities now. You can go and study in a month! By the way, is it true that your father said that you even defeated your parents when you first had trouble? " Long Tianpeng is happy to ask Xing Xuan this and that today.
Xing Xuan laughed and said, "That’s because mom and dad let me be practical. I’m far from it!" "
Long Tianpeng’s face showed a little surprise. The heart andao is so small. At an early age, I knew that modesty and prudence were better than my own arrogance. I didn’t know that my little grandson and granddaughter were much better.
"Grandpa, I also heard that Xing Xuan’s little brother is not generally better than letting him perform!" Beside Long Yuntao thief heart deathless to Long Tianpeng said
Xing Xuan’s eyes lit up at his words.
Chapter 10 bully
"Well, Xing Xuan, let everyone see what you are capable of when you perform, and don’t let people underestimate you in the future!" Long Tianpeng don’t have a meaning to the star xuan said
You can tell by listening to the string songs which one is not a clever guy. Xing Xuan, after hearing what Long Tianpeng said, of course, knows that Grandpa made himself stand up here, so that some people with ulterior motives don’t know what they are up to.
Since it is Liwei Xingxuan, of course, it is necessary to make people see themselves immediately and be afraid of themselves. So he immediately changed his humility and raised his eyebrows and suddenly became high-spirited. He said, "Grandpa Xingxuan’s physical ability is beating people and killing people. I am afraid it is not appropriate to lead the performance. It is better for Grandpa to assign someone to practice with Xingxuan!"
"oh? It’ s so small and courageous. It’ s the Dragon Family Sun Yuntao to call dragon three! " Long Tianpeng more happy to Long Yuntao said
"Ha ha, grandpa, I just saw brother Yuntao and I liked it very much. Let brother Yuntao and I go through a few tricks. If there are any shortcomings, brother Yuntao will point them out and guide me as a younger brother!" Xing Xuan gave Long Yuntao a laugh at people and animals.
Long Yuntao listened to Xing Xuan’s words and secretly cried out with great joy. Don’t blame me for your small death!
I thought about this in my heart, but Long Yuntao said, "Yes, Grandpa, I’m Xing Xuan. As soon as I saw this brother, I really liked it. Now I’m so happy that my brother asked me to guide me!"
Long Yuntao said, and took off his clothes.
Long Tianpeng looked at Long Yu at this time.
Long Yu smiled and whispered in his father’s ear, "Don’t worry, Yuntao is no match for Xing Xuan. This little starship has defeated Bai Crazy!"
"Oh, is there such a thing?" As soon as Long Tianpeng raised his eyebrows, he nodded to Long Yuntao. "Well, you can make gestures with your brother, but the point is that if you hurt him, I won’t stop with you!"
"Ha ha, Grandpa, don’t worry, I will never hurt my brother!" Long Yuntao xi xi smiled and walked to the star xuan.
Star Xuan’s eyes flashed red, and immediately the surging black energy group in Long Yuntao’s body couldn’t help cursing the bastard for flying and hiding. As soon as Long Yuntao reached out his black iron sword, he held it in his hand and said to Long Yuntao, "My brother is older than me, and his ability to think is stronger than mine, so you have no problem?"
Long Yuntao stayed for a while and immediately laughed and said, "Okay, little brother, be careful!" " Said the fly to a punch towards the star xuan.
As Long Yuntao shot a black ball of light, it suddenly gushed out from the top of his fist and flew away toward Xing Xuan.
"ah!" Long Tianpeng couldn’t help getting up in horror. He also saw that Long Yuntao’s black ball of light was unusual.
"Poisonous Dreadwind magic gas hehe where I will let you meet!" Star Xuan has long been concerned about this poisonous qi, but he can’t let it touch his legs and get out of the black ball as soon as he spins.
Listen to a loud bang, the marble floors are smashed by Long Yuntao’s fist, and the opposite side has long disappeared.
"Look at the sword!" Xing Xuan didn’t dare to attack his body with poison. The black iron sword in Long Yuntao’s hand was not afraid of poison. It suddenly became longer and stabbed Long Yuntao in the middle of the back. At the same time, a mental attack wave attacked Long Yuntao’s brain.
Long Yuntao’s defense circle is much weaker than Whitestorm’s. First, the spirit wave broke through his defense circle and drilled into his brain. Then the black iron sword slammed his protective energy circle and smashed it. Long Yuntao flew out like a broken kite, and one mouth and one mouthful black blood gushed out.
"Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, brother Yuntao, why don’t you flash!" Xing Xuan, who hurt people, pretended to be full of panic and shouted at Long Yuntao, who was still stiff and unable to fall to the ground.
Poor spirit wave attacked Long Yuntao, who couldn’t even speak at this time. Xing Xuan was there to "complain".
"Call the doctor quickly. Oh, Yun Tao, you are so young. I really told you that your brother Xing Xuan is terrible. You are still so careless. This is a loss!" Long Tianpeng also didn’t see that the sneak attack of Xing Xuan’s spiritual wave was Long Yuntao’s carelessness and he followed Xing Xuan to get up at this time.
Poor Long Yuntao lost his defense ability at this time and was carried out by several doctors who rushed in.
"Do you want to set me up? Don’t weigh yourself a few pounds! " Star Xuan secretly left the pie mouth and said happily in my heart.
In this way, on the first day, Xing Xuan’s fame spread far and wide, and he beat Long Yuntao, a junior high school student at the prefecture level, to vomit blood. This achievement is not something that everyone can do. Besides, Long Yuntao is often famous for his weak strength over others. Even if his energy is stronger than others, it is not necessarily that his opponent was defeated by Xing Xuan today. Everyone immediately regarded Xing Xuan with special respect, especially those beautiful young maids at home gathered around him when they saw Xing Xuan.
This can ruin Xing Xuanle for a generation. He is a woman who has never touched the real world. He is worthy of the name. There is no woman in the bachelor world. When Xing Musangla was studying, where were those young children in school?
You pinch my face and I pinch your face. You touch my head and I touch your head.
Xing Xuan thought like this and implemented it. As a result, the maids laughed and hid his clutches, so the nickname "Little Goat Xing Xuan" flowed again.
Family life is relaxed and enjoyable. There are several beautiful maids around, which makes Xing Xuan’s life romantic and colorful. But Xing Xuan still hasn’t forgotten to practice. He knows that all this is won because of his own strength and identity. Once he loses his strength and identity, these people will definitely run faster than anyone else. This is not because the world is cold and human nature is mean, but because all kinds of creatures in nature are born to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. People just interpret it more vividly.
So the surface and everyone are in a ball, and the star Xuan secretly keeps practicing.
Chapter 19 Long Yunqi
Now Xingxuan can arrange a simple small array method. Without the crystal in the repair world as the array energy source, he will sell energy storage pools in the market instead. Although the effect is much worse, it is better than less, which can prevent people who want to enter their rooms from seeing their old demon bodies.
In addition, the alien Xuan specially asked her mother to equip her room with a state-of-the-art defense alarm system, and warned all servants that no one was allowed to go near her room without her permission.
Everyone with abilities has his own unique cultivation method, and the cultivation period is the most taboo for others to disturb him. Everyone is not surprised by this requirement of Xing Xuan, which makes Xing Xuan rule out the hidden dangers of most old demon bodies. Although he believes that these people around him don’t know Jin Chi, the world is so big, who can guarantee that there is no fix true person in this world to let fix true people see this old demon body? Everything must be careful.
In addition to uniting the star Xuan is constantly studying the purple smoke hoe that he stole from Whitestorm.
Now that purple smoke hoe has absorbed enough energy in the old demon’s body, it has become more purple and full of power. However, Xing Xuan still can’t carry it with him for a long time because its demand for energy is simply too great. If Xing Xuan puts it in his body for two days, it will almost consume half of Xing Xuan’s energy, which makes Xing Xuan very depressed.
If you can’t take out the purple smoke hoe at any time, you will suffer in wartime. If you want to take the purple smoke hoe out of the old demon’s body, you must first call the old demon out and then think about it with the purple smoke hoe, which is troublesome enough.
However, Xing Xuan still endured to take the purple smoke hoe with him for one day and then put it in the old demon’s body to practice late to replenish the energy absorbed by the purple smoke hoe, and then take a day off and bring it on the third day.
In this way, the energy of Xing Xuan’s body has increased faster than usual, and because the body has not yet matured, the physical limit has been repeatedly broken, which makes Xing Xuan extra surprised.
"It would be nice if I could get the refining vessel Zongyu from the old demon’s body, so that I can change this purple smoke hoe so that it doesn’t consume so much energy!" Sometimes Xing Xuan thinks without regret that Linxi Sect doesn’t have the method of refining weapons. They all need weapons in one way, that is, "stealing"!
It’s embarrassing to think about it.
In this issue, Xing Xuan met another important member of the quail star dragon family-Long Yunqi stayed in quail star and prepared to frame Long Tianpeng, Long Yuhai, and the second Long Yuntao’s five big and three thick images were different. Long Yunqi was a white-faced person with a very delicate image, but Xing Xuan saw a little sinister and cunning in his occasional flashing light.
"Ha ha, come and fight with me, and you will all be more than one bargained for!" Don’t you want to avenge your brother when you see Long Yunqi deliberately approaching his own star Xuan and pretend not to know that his eyes are as small as a mirror? I’ll see if you have that
"Brother Xing Xuan hasn’t been out of the house since he came to the family these days, right? There are many interesting places in Quail Star!" That Long Yunqi took Xing Xuan as a child and lured him like this.
Xing Xuan happened to be wearing a purple smoke hoe today. After listening to Long Yun’s words, his eyes suddenly showed excitement and stared at Long Yunqi and asked, "What’s the fun place for Brother Yunqi to take me!"
Long Yunqi’s face showed a hint that no one noticed. insidious smile said, "Good brother will take you, but you must not tell grandpa or your parents, or we will both be scolded!"
"It’s so small to eliminate the interference of your own think tank first!" Xing Xuan laughed in her heart and said, "Of course, of course, I won’t tell anyone!"
Long Yunqi was even happier when Xing Xuan said this. He pulled Xing Xuan’s arm and said, "Let’s go and take you away!"
So two people secretly out of the dragon home compound by flying mecha to fly to the suburbs.
The bustling city flies away at the foot, and the vast mountains are getting closer and closer. In a short time, a luxurious palace with decoration appears at the foot of the mountain, and Xing Xuan and Long Yunqi’s flying mecha fall to this position.
"Xing Xuan, you’re still a virgin, right? Brother Xi is not like your age. Come today, let’s go find the most beautiful girl!" At the gate of the palace, the flying mecha Long Yun Qi smiled at the star Xuan evil to seduce the star Xuan way


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