Mu Tianxuan nodded his head. "Hanyu was too heavy to have the robbery at the beginning because you two didn’t do evil in heaven, so I just believe that I didn’t want to give up looking for you at the beginning, so I found Hanyu first, and I found you after a long time."

In addition, I will come here after you two see your own crisis and think about it. It’s better to let the calculation of heaven cross the rubicon than myself. No matter what the result is, I always choose to go through the blood gate and the magic robbery of the dry world, I still have to think that the white man is not as good as the day. "
"People are not as good as the sky" is another sentence. Hu Yingxue doesn’t have much resentment against her own experience, but it’s not necessarily a good thing that she is depressed. She is a good example, and she has to hold up a stall. She is unlucky not to take this opportunity to stabilize her foundation and almost end up dead. How many people ridicule her as an embroidered pillow?
Compared with Wei Chihanyu, he seems to be more depressed. Even if the war is too heavy, he is absolutely upright and upright. A typical figure is to weigh the merits and demerits, which is far greater than the merits, but this disaster can be better. This is a big meaning.
It is also possible that the world will be destroyed by the sky, and the world will be mixed. Even if they put out fires everywhere and seem to destroy the zerg invasion plan, they are bound to be unable to change it. As a result, when the zerg invades in a big way, there will definitely be scenes of loss of life and sorrow everywhere.
If there is an invasion, there must be resistance. It is absolutely common to say that the future of the mixed world will be held in the hands of those who should be robbed. Some people also say that the fate of the fate of the fate of the fate is either success or death.
Hu Yingxue heard some words, and now many people are doomed. She, Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu are among them. This kind of words is not only said by many people outside, but also by many people. It seems that many people believe that when they are active in Zongli, they can always talk about people who need help.
We can also review the experience of coming to the mixed world, but we were traced back to the secret land before we stepped into the cloud nine, and then we didn’t stop them from getting involved in the blood gate, and then we went back to the Yuan world to fight against the magic robbery. After we came back, we didn’t flatter them in various exchange activities in Zongzong, but we also accepted the invitation of the Dandao Conference because of Hu Yingxue’s idea, and then we sent them to the front to explore the enemy’s situation now.
Let alone what outsiders think, even Hu Yingxue feels that Zongli seems to be testing whether they are lucky or not. This feeling is even stronger when Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihan Yuda give orders to say that they are people from the metempsychosis.
In fact, others don’t think so. Hu Yingxue herself has some doubts. Don’t say anything about the delimiting bead. I learned some information from Hu Qing. I dreamed that the immortal would find them. Her father was easy to get involved, but she and Mu Tianxuan mistakenly found that the delimiting bead was definitely not arranged by people, so let them know that it was not the fate. Who would believe it?
Hu Yingxue’s eyebrows were just about to wrinkle up. Just listen to the little monkey who stayed on her shoulder. She made a sharp rush and asked her to turn her head and look at it. She found that this time the little monkey’s neck hair stood up. Compared with what it looked like when the little monkey gave an alarm, this danger should be a bit tricky.
The little monkey predicted that there was no mistake this time, and a huge thing suddenly flashed in front of them. The size was so scary, but the image really made people feel embarrassed. The whale body, snake tail, I don’t know what amphibians, sea animals, limbs, gold teeth and seal heads were really drunk.
It’s definitely not natural to grow like this, and it’s impossible to generate it. I don’t want to pop out like this. This guy is a soul beast. This size is twice as big as those I saw. If you go out and increase your belly, you are a female who is about to give birth.
Females who are about to give birth will become very sensitive. They will stay here for a while and then they will be found by the soul beast females. Scarlet eyes and nostrils keep spewing foul and smelly fog, which is enough to say how angry she is now.
Hu Yingxue’s three people are all right, but the little monkey is a bit shaky. He will plant a little monkey in Hu Yingxue’s hand, and send a Qing Shen Dan into its mouth. Seeing that the guy across the street has turned his hand with his mouth wide open, he will directly hit a blue grass Dan into its throat.
Mu Tianxuan, who has dealt with it, knew that the female beast in this spirit beast was in danger and the fierce beasts nearby would immediately gather to see Hu Yingxue. He directly fed the female beast with the blue grass Dan and winked at Wei Chihan Yu, and left there as quickly as possible before he put his hand on Hu Yingxue.
Just not far away, I saw several soul beasts who were already adults. I hurried to the location of the female beast just now. Soon I heard a piercing scream over there. Hu Yingxue carefully sent the gods to the past. Sure enough, those screams were just sent by several soul beasts.
After devouring the beast like the zerg, the soul beast belongs to a half-corpse. If it is not seriously damaged, it can be recovered to be alive and kicking by devouring the same kind or beast, and the injury has been restored. It has a stronger force to suppress the female beast. Several soul beasts scuffled, and the more physical injuries they suffered due to stalemate, the heavier they became.
In the fight, a soul beast was thrown to the female beast, and the female beast was hit by a round belly. A stuffy hum came out of the female beast’s nose and looked up. Jinya County pierced the capsule ball where the soul beast’s magic nucleus was located, and then bit the capsule ball and swallowed it.
Then, I heard that the female kept her roar down for a while, full of pain, but the injury was more obvious than before. Many soul beasts got excited and surrounded the female and slowly sat down on the ground. Soon, she saw that the female was about seven meters long and rolled into a circle. Every time the force was tightened and dispersed, there was a black and shiny egg.
Give birth to an egg, and the female will roll up and throw it out. This is true for more than ten eggs in a row. Don’t ask those eggs, they must have become veritable dead eggs. There can be no soul beast larvae crawling out of the eggshell.
A female soul beast can give birth to hundreds of eggs in one fetus. Even in normal times, there will be more than a dozen eggs that can hatch normally. Therefore, at first, the female animal’s reaction was not great, but as the frequency of egg production became faster and faster, the female animal’s mood became anxious. The fangs of the gold-toothed seal repelled those soul beasts, and then the gold teeth drew a series of shocking blood stains on themselves.
It must be very painful during childbirth, but no matter how painful it is, there will be no self-harm. Seeing that female beast will soon cover herself with bone injuries. Snow has just been hung up to be played to Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu around her. "Just now, I was still in love with the soul beast female beast."
I have to admit that although the cruel female beast’s maternal love was full, the female beast did not immediately show the symptoms of eating blue grass Dan. After making sure that no egg could hatch, she couldn’t help it. Obviously, this is not around. Several soul beasts expected to see the female beast quite at a loss.
Mu Tianxuan also flashed a flash to Hu Yingxue while observing the gods. "Did you let people try to plant the blue grass after you came back?"
"That kind of grass has a strong vitality, and stones can live." Hu Yingxue’s reply to Mu Tianxuan’s words immediately guessed that his idea was to sow the orchid grass in this island group. You know, it has been proved that the orchid grass is poisonous to the zerg and the soul beast, but it is refreshing to the world’s original creatures.
I don’t observe it here any more. Look at the female animal’s appearance. Even if it doesn’t die because of the blue grass, it won’t be long before it will be killed by the few soul animals next to it. The female animal has a very high status among the soul animals. If the ordinary soul animal devours the female animal, it will become a new female animal. Therefore, it won’t be long before you find that the soul animals have stopped fighting again. This time, the hand is heavier and it is quite a bit undead.
Hu Yingxue doesn’t care whether those monsters will perish together or will eventually compete for a winner. Whether there is a winner or not, the result is no different. All those monsters will die. You can know what will happen by referring to the experience of some bay monsters in front.
Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu both believed that Hu Yingxue judged that the three men would continue to move forward. This time, Hu Yingxue did not simply move forward. Hu Yingxue took out the blue grass seeds born in the secret house and distributed them to the two people around him. Then they walked and spread the blue grass seeds soaked in Lingtan Lake.
The adaptability of bluegrass is very good, which not only adapts to the soil and water climate here, but also accelerates its growth with the help of reiki and other things here. Those species that have soaked in Lingtan pool water will germinate immediately even if they encounter stones, and will also make the small buds quickly rise to almost the same size as the plants, and they will directly flower when they encounter soil.
It can be said that it was a mistake because the nemesis spirit beast was very sensitive to the faint fragrance emitted by the deep blue grass, and he chose to avoid it when he smelled the fragrance. As a result, Hu Yingxue was not approached by the spirit beast again in the latter part of the road.
With the help of the bluegrass, they finally managed to sneak into the eye of the white fish in the yin and yang fish, which was very surprising. It was not the zerg but a group of sea animals. At this time, cracks were happening here. A large number of zerg rushed out of the cracks in the magic valley, which were several times larger than that in the magic valley. The difference was that this time, the zerg were slaughtered and intercepted, not the terran or the demon clan, but the sea animals.
There are those sea beasts who can’t stop the spirit beast from breaking out of the crack, but they will immediately choose to parasitize the beast. The sea beasts just meet their requirements. When the host is parasitized by the sea beasts, there is nothing unusual, and one of them is to confuse the beast. We don’t know what kind of accident happened here in the islands.
This group of sea beasts will certainly not escape the fate of being devoured and prepared by the spirit beasts until the spirit beasts truly turn this place into their lair, that is, the cracks. Perhaps now those spirit beasts are waiting for this group of sea beasts with very strong fighting capacity to lose some strength due to continuous consumption, so it should be easy to get rid of these zerg obstacles.
"Someone finally came."
Next to it, I suddenly remembered a sound full of vicissitudes of life. Hu Yingxue discovered that the three of them chose to hide their bodies. The big rock is actually a big turtle. I don’t know how long it has been lying here. The tortoise shell has become a color with the surrounding rocks, but it can still be seen clearly. Therefore, it can be inferred that this turtle is less than 10,000 years old.
Hu Yingxue took a step back because she didn’t feel that the other party was malicious. She didn’t directly flash the five spiritual swords, but arched her hand at the big turtle to "see the predecessors."
The tortoise didn’t move and still maintained its front posture. It was a little bit of a failure. I looked at Hu Yingxue a few times and finally my eyes rested on sitting on Hu Yingxue’s shoulder. The little monkey was naturally closer to the beast than the Terran. The little monkey immediately abandoned Hu Yingxue and jumped into the tortoise shell, but before a while, the little monkey took the initiative to return to Hu Yingxue’s shoulder.
When the little monkey came back, it was not obvious that it was more noticeable than the little monkey now. When the little monkey came back, Hu Yingxue asked the big turtle, "Didn’t you inform ascended the sky of the change here?"
Turtle heard this and replied, "We don’t know how to connect the nine heavens."
"This ….." Hu Yingxue remembered that although an agreement had been reached between the Terran and the Demon, the repairers of all walks of life and the sea animals here were still opposed. It is not known from the existing data that even if there were estimates for so many years in the past, there would be no such thing.
Want to with the section Hu Yingxue turned to Mu Tianxuan and said, "Let’s take a picture first to record the scene of the beast vs. Zerg."
Mu Tianxuan took out a bead, "I’ll take care of it."
Seeing that Mu Tianxuan was going to the herd, Turtle was busy greeting the animals there and told them not to attack her. It was obvious that Turtle had a high position in the herd. It simply told other sea animals not to stare at Mu Tianxuan on guard, but also took the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of guarding him.
Look at Wei Chi Hanyu from making sure that An Yu Mu Tian Xuan is recovered. "Brother Hanyu, what do you think of the two of us planting some blue grass near here?"
Wei Chihanyu replied, "I have no problem."
To tell the truth, what Wei Chihan Yu wants to do now is to rush over and kill the zerg like those sea animals, but Hu Yingxue gave it to him and chose to plant the blue grass according to her requirements. Before Mu Tianxuan sealed the magic valley, he refined a magic weapon that could be quickly delivered in a short distance. He and Hu Yingxue soon planted the blue grass there.
Chapter 334 In-depth Yin and Yang Fish Islands (3)
When Mu Tianxuan returns to the big turtle, Hu Yingxue and Wei Chihanyu are already giving birth to those small flowers that have grown up but haven’t spent the blue grass and jade-like white flowers. If the fragrance becomes clear, take a deep breath and take a cool breath on the platform.
I have benefited a lot from the zerg battle. On some days, most sea animals are more sensitive to hearing than humans. These days, I can be tortured by the zerg’s screams or screams. I can’t smell the fragrance of the blue grass and my head is sore. I suddenly feel a lot of relief. Many of them nodded their heads at the place where Hu Yingxue is. Thank you.
Look at those zerg, they won’t feel better. One of them, the king of worms, suddenly smelled the fragrance of the blue grass and almost led his own team to the wrong place. If he couldn’t move his roots behind, he would definitely go back and make sure.
It is not easy to find a crack that can lead to another world, and it is even more difficult to find a crack that can enter without much obstacle. This bug wang qian himself is particularly lucky to draw the only crack without obstacle
Before he came here, he heard that a guy was unlucky enough to draw a crack that was blocked by the blue grass. Now he not only failed, but also lost badly. He ridiculed the other party that he had just met the blue grass after crossing the crack, and he had already spent the blue grass
King Worm’s strength is high, and his resistance to the orchid grass is relatively high. He can still be unaffected by the fragrance of the orchid grass for the time being. Those ordinary zerg will not be able to do it. Only when they smell that fragrance will they feel soft and weak, and then they will feel dizzy.
Although you won’t kill them if you don’t swallow the bluegrass or get hurt by the bluegrass, don’t forget that the sea animals across the street are still waiting to harvest their lives, and it’s almost the same as that if they are killed by the fragrance of the bluegrass.
The beast’s mind is still very simple. I am happy to see the zerg’s reaction. No one doubts whether the fragrance is harmful to them. No matter how belligerent it is, I am tired of playing for a while. I can save some energy or have the opportunity to retreat. I am more happy than killing a few more.
Turtle looked very happy and said to Hu Yingxue with some excitement, "You should plant some grass on my back, and I should not be easily approached by my strength, so even if the grass around here is destroyed, there will still be me."
Although it gives people the feeling that this idea is a little embarrassing, a big turtle about the size of a hill carrying a deep blue grass coat seems to dare not make people imagine, but it has to be said that it is really like a firefighter, and the shell of a big turtle is attached to a thick layer of rock, and the deep blue grass roots will not penetrate the rock and naturally will not hurt it.
When Hu Yingxue made a new shape for the turtle, there were some unexpected changes in the place where the orchid grass was planted before. Hu Yingxue thought that it could make the range of activities of the soul beast smaller. Although he didn’t forget that the orchid grass had a refreshing effect on the creatures here, he didn’t expect that the fragrance emitted by the orchid grass could actually make the animals controlled by the smell of the soul beast wake up.
There are a lot of sea beasts who are fighting fiercely, and then they suddenly stop, and then they are puzzled that they are fighting with another sea beast’s undead posture. They notice that they are growling next to them and urging them to hurry up. The spirit of the spirit beast is already very high, and it immediately becomes white. What is this situation?
I found myself being controlled, and I was controlled to do some things, such as shooting at my former good friends. The anger of both people and animals was definitely rising and out of control. Therefore, because my sense of smell was not very sensitive, I haven’t found the blue grass spirit beast. I was surprised that the sea beast controlled by me suddenly disobeyed and saw that the other party was very fierce and descended on it.
As I said before, controlling animals is a spirit beast. The fact that the larvae have magical powers does not mean that the strength of the spirit beast will not be high. Most of the sea beasts that are active on the island will be stronger than them. When the sea beasts are out of control, they are playing very hard. The little spirit beast immediately fell into a disaster.
Before coming here, if it is controlled by the beast, the little soul beast will scream and summon the adult soul beast wandering nearby to make sure that he can’t beat it. The angry sea beast chased the little soul beast and screamed constantly, but this time he didn’t see the adult soul beast rushing over.
It’s not surprising that when other soul beasts are seriously injured, the killer can seize the animal’s core, and it can be seen that there are not many compatriots in the soul beast’s heart who love to protect the little soul beast. That is the need of racial reproduction. If you add your own life, you may be threatened. Before that, you must be sensitive to your nose. How can some adult soul beasts risk their lives to save the scene when they smell the fragrance of the blue grass?
As a result, when the White Fish Islands side approaches, the half of the crack will be chaotic, because the sea animals will feel refreshed when they smell the fragrance of the blue grass, while the soul animals are far from preventing the sea animals from sending messages to the sea animals located in front of the crack, and there is a gap in the defense line, so the zerg is fighting against the sea animals and finally know that the soul animals are there.
Although I don’t know what a soul beast is, I can control other beasts and transform several forms of beasts. It’s not a good thing in any way. All powerful beasts have a strong sense of territory. I heard that they have more territory. This kind of guy not only wants to divide a territory, but also wants to dominate. That must not be allowed
Listen to Hu Yingxue and Mu Tianxuan again. The situation outside not only makes people in cloud nine feel that the once-in-a-century beast tide has come, but also many soul beasts have tamed many high-order sea beasts, which makes this group of sea beasts strategist turtle immediately notice that this situation is on the verge of getting out of control.
After thinking for a while, the turtle went back to rest, and a group of sea animals growled one by one. The scales were all silvery white, and the sea dumpling slipped out of the group of sea animals. It should be listening to what the turtle said. The sea dumpling ordered enough for a carriage, and the big head turned around and disappeared behind the rocks.


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