Muming was sitting outside the driver’s car, and it was nearly night. The roadside food stall also propped up the umbrella and lit the lamp. Thick spicy fragrance flew into her nose, and she realized that she was hungry and brushed her stomach and motioned to Gu Jingke.

"Would you like something to eat?" Mu Ming kindly asked him that he was a patient and her heart. He had this knowledge and just cheated him. Mu Ming was somewhat soft-hearted towards him.
Mu Ming frowned when he didn’t answer. Won’t this man be angry because he cheated him out of money? Can’t help but ask again, "Gu Jingke, do you eat?" Don’t expect her to go home and cook. She can make do with it, but … It’s very troublesome at night!
"You will call me Gu Jingkeru later?" Gu Jingke asked, with a smile on his forehead and mouth, leaning back in the back seat like a lazy and noble Persian cat. He liked her to call him by name and surname, whether she was worried about screaming during the day or cheating him.
Dazed for a while, he didn’t answer, just thinking about this question? Mu Ming raised his eyebrows. "Gu Jingke, don’t ignore my problem."
He bent his lips and smiled, picked his eyebrows and shook his heart. His voice was a little softer and he smiled. "Muming is so overbearing." He added at the bottom of his heart, but I like his eyes getting deeper and deeper, and his gestures are full of mystery.
The tacit understanding of calling each other’s names is like a dim light being fiddled with. The wick flame suddenly lights up and jumps. Listen carefully and look closely, and you can still hear the dark tide surging in the room.
Mu Ming parked his car in the police station and said hello to Cheng Man. He walked home with Gu Jingke into the food street. Gu Jingke stopped and stopped Mu Ming. "Don’t you want to eat?" Pointing to a barbecue stall, he said, "Here it is."
Mu Ming, who is keen on healthy eating, nods faintly when he smells the fragrance and is slightly hungry.
Two people ordered a big barbecue and two bottles of beer. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, they touched a cup. Gu Jingke ate elegantly, but the barbecue seemed to be spicy. He took a few mouthfuls of hot air and swallowed beer, and his forehead was a little hot.
"Don’t try to be brave if you can’t eat spicy food." Muming watched him throw away a bamboo stick funny. "You have been in Kyoto for a long time."
Gu Jingke put his fingers on the beer bottle and crossed them to remind his mouth. "I didn’t expect you to pay so much attention. I know I’m staying in Kyoto."
Mu Ming is choking-this man is so narcissistic!
"It’s hard to know even if I don’t want to know about your introduction on the webpage." Mu Ming re-selected the kebab. Although it is not particularly healthy, it tastes really good. It should not be eaten once.
She bit the corner of her lip and licked it again. Gu Jingke looked at the color of her eyes. She bit the kebab in a hurry to cover up the strangeness. This woman is really seductive!
"If you want to know, you have to check me." Gu Jingke lip-synched.
"Gu Jingke, eat your food and mind your mouth!" Muming line slightly cold added that "roommates should know each other"
Thank you for sleeping, laughing and evaluating the tickets.
Update: Nothing unexpected. It’s 1: 00. Come and join the girls. 4634757
☆, 39 tail second case bad feeling.
Barbecue stalls are full of business at the best time, but people like Muming and Gu Jingke can attract people’s attention no matter where they are placed, and their temperament can’t be ignored.
Until the check-out payment paper towel wipes the corners of the mouth, Gu Jingke is obedient, mind your mouth and stop making a sound. Both of them are stained with some alcohol and walk at the end of the road. Gu Jingke pulls the shirt, and the first collar button blows a little refreshing.
The beer is low in alcohol, but it will give off heat after drinking it. The key knocks on the door. Muming finds her clothes and goes straight to the bathroom. She urgently needs to take a shower to get rid of her strange smell, while Gu Jingke takes clothes and takes a shower at the same time!
When they were half washed, the water slowly became cold. Muming drew a low-sucking curse at the corner of his mouth. "Damn, there is no hot water!"
I washed my body with cold water, and Muming stuffed my clothes into the washing machine and went back to the bedroom to dry my hair. I fell asleep and broke my case. When I had a rest.
The sun shone through the curtains into the small bed in the bedroom. Muming buried her face in the pillow and put her hands straight through the pillow outside the blanket. Her hair was scattered on both sides. She frowned and turned over to continue sleeping.
She has a lazy habit. If she doesn’t work, she will sleep upside down until she wakes up naturally.
Section 21
However, a few minutes after she turned over, the warning of the door sounded. First, it rang twice. She grabbed the pillow and covered her ears, frowned and continued to ignore it. But when she woke up, she couldn’t sleep any more. She rubbed her head, sat up and washed up and went out of the door.
Sitting in the living room sofa with a cold face, I saw Gu Jingke sitting on the balcony with a body nestled in a bamboo chair in his hand. His eyes glanced slightly over here and said, "Eat in the kitchen if you are hungry."
Mu Ming smiled softly. "Just knocking at the door made me get up for breakfast?" She smiled stunningly and seductively, but there was a hint in her eyes that she wanted to tear the people in front of her into the belly. No one would thank her for being disturbed in her sleep.
But he made breakfast and got well?
"You have to know that the most important thing for breakfast is to nourish the stomach." Gu Jingke continued to turn the page without even looking up at his hand. It seems to be very interesting. "Or do you think I am wrong?"
He retorted that Muming closed his eyes, got up and walked slowly towards the kitchen, "knocking at the door was late."
After dinner, the mobile phone was placed on the table to vibrate two times. Muming unlocked the information and took a sip at the corner of his mouth. Cheng Man just couldn’t help himself. Cheng Man asked her to go hiking together and looked at the cloudy weather outside, which was quite suitable for mountaineering.
"Are you going to climb the mountain?" See the eyes Gu Jingke Muming sorting out his roots before Gu Jingke answers.
Gu Jingke frowned and asked, "Do you have to spend the night in the mountain?" Muming gave him a nod.
Gu Jingke looked at her back, picked an eyebrow eye and touched the tip of her nose, saying, "I’ll go to spend the night in the mountain." If he doesn’t go, he will have to spend the night in this room alone, and if she meets anything unexpected in the mountain …
Pack your bags. Gu Jingke and Mu Minggen have nothing to bring. They brought some clothes. There are hotel tents on the top of the mountain, and they are not prepared.
Floor to shout through the corridor window to see a short hair casual wear Cheng Man leaned against the window and waved to the face and shouted, "Come on, you two." Mu Ming carried his backpack and Gu Jingke took the door to the floor.
Get in the car and enter the national highway. Qi Shaochen will drive the car steadily and slowly. The scenery of Qishan Mountain at the foot of Qishan Mountain is a must in J City. You can smell the green fragrance at the foot of the mountain, and there are quite a few people when you are on vacation.
Qishan is an unfinished tourism project. Muming looks up at the top of the mountain and the distance at the foot of the mountain is instantaneous. He feels his head slightly bloated and shakes his head. The heart andao this Cheng Man will choose a place!
Gu Jingke saw her little finger moved in the back, and was just about to speak when Cheng Man cut her off.
"Gu Jingke, come and get something," said Cheng Man, jumping around her car. "Do you still want us girls to get it?"
Gu Jingke turned around and looked at Cheng Man with some faint doubts and asked, "Do you also have a woman side in Cheng Team?"
Cheng Man threw the backpack in his hand and snorted, "You caught it!" Gu Jingke took it and put it in his hand, swinging it like pulling it to the wrist wound, and felt a tingle. Mu Ming saw it in his eyes, but he didn’t speak.
Four people climbed the mountain on foot, and the sky was rolling and moving. Muming wiped his forehead, took a deep breath and continued to walk for three hours. Fortunately, several people were physically strong.
A few people have caught up with the rest ahead, and a group of people seems to be playing in teams. College students are young and beautiful, and there are five people, two couples and a girl playing alone, which seems to be a unique landscape.
"It’s so hard to leave. You insisted on coming when you said don’t come!" A girl complained that she grabbed the collar of the boy beside her and gnashed her teeth. "No matter I can’t walk, you carry me!" Or I will go to the mountain! " He said, go to the mountain.
The boy grabbed the girl’s hand and comforted, "Little Sunseeker is coming. Please hold on for a while and say that I don’t trust you to go alone now." The boy obviously can’t carry the girl with two big backpacks.
"Yes, Little Sunseeker, just listen to Liang Hao’s words. Just bear with it again." One of the girls advised that this sentence was like igniting Little Sunseeker’s anger and turning it into a raging fire.
"What do you mean by rhyme? I need you to interrupt when I talk to my boyfriend? " Bai Xi was angry and pushed Liang Hao to talk. The girl spilled a breath in her heart and spilled it on her face. She said, "Don’t, I don’t know your little thoughts. You were always crazy about Liang Hao before you were with Gao Qi!"
Rhyme is slightly red in the eye, and she takes a step back. It’s a little embarrassing that the old things are too heavy, or worse, in front of her boyfriend.
Gao Ji took her to the airway behind her "white sunseeker did you take medicine earlier? Is it interesting to bite people here? "
This completely angered the white sunseeker. She raised her hand and pointed to her sneer at "I bite people? I’m just telling the truth! Gao Qi, you are so protective of her, so be careful that you are infatuated with the wrong payment, and you have come to the end! "
"That’s none of your business!" Gao Qi’s cold way never gives Bai Xi noodles.
You!’ White sunseeker’s trembling hands are about to hit when they flash.
Liang Hao called "Little Sunseeker", and Bai Sunseeker angrily withdrew his hand. He always didn’t want to become a bitch and lose face in front of his boyfriend.
The girl who didn’t talk from beginning to end also took Bai Sunseeker’s hand and advised, "Little Sunseeker finally came out to play once, so let’s not get angry. Let’s go. I’ll take you."
After the farce, Muming several people also set off, but they all had a bad feeling in their hearts.


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