I pushed the door and ran in. From the glowing eyes of the child, I can see that he likes his own little world very much.

"Mom, I really like it here. I really like it. Do we really live here later?"
Qiao Xinwei looked at the child and looked forward to his eyes and said with certainty, "Don’t doubt us again and then live here."
"Wow, that’s great. Dad is amazing." He jumped out of bed and rolled around in the car model cot and refused to come.
It is also a good thing that children can sleep consciously.
Qiao Xinwei sat by the bed and turned to look outside. The small balcony outside the bedroom was transformed into a room mini garden. It’s a pity that many flowers and plants withered.
"Mom, I’m going to sleep."
"Wake me up when mom and dad come back."
"Mom, I close my eyes."
"Good" Qiao Xinwei smiled and shook his head. Children’s happiness can’t fool people. She is also pleased that she likes it here so much.
In a short time, he fell asleep in Xi, and Qiao Xinwei covered him with a quilt and then got up and went out.
At the door, everything in front of her eyes was brand-new. She never thought that Jiang Hao could give her a word and redecorate the house. This was a big sale.
She walked into the master bedroom again and hung their wedding photos. At that time, they were happy, as can be seen from the photos
There are many clothes in the wardrobe.
Qiao Xinwei brushed his shoulders in turn with his bare hands. Those expensive clothes were vividly remembered before Qian Jianghao bought them for her. They had hurt and been sweet.
She sat on the dresser and suddenly found that there were fine lines in the corner of her eyes in the mirror. She had a hard time these four years, she admitted.
The top maintenance and makeup on the countertop turned out to be fresh.
She gently hit the drawer again, which contained maintenance and makeup that was out of date. Jiang Hao actually prepared these every year.
When her eyes got wet, she knew it would be easier to be soft-hearted when she came back here. She knew it.
Chapter 7 She is not arrogant but inferior.
Chapter 7 She is not arrogant but inferior.
She was in tears in front of the dressing table. Since the reunion in Jiang Hao, she often shed tears. She didn’t think it was hard to take care of the children alone before, but now the more I think about it, the more I think about it.
People are forgetful. It is very appropriate and true to forget the pain after healing the scar.
She stretched out her hand to wipe her tears, but when she raised her hand, she accidentally bumped into a drawer. The dresser drawers were all very shallow, and the drawers fell off after being pulled too much.
As soon as she dropped it, she saw something in the second drawer.
They were two brocade boxes of different sizes, one large and one small. Her heart ached as soon as it was tight. She shook her hands and slowly took out the brocade box to enlarge it. Inside it was the valuable diamond necklace. At first, she said that she would back off. After all those things happened one after another, she never returned.
Make it smaller. That’s her wedding ring. That little diamond is still shining brightly. She picked it up and put it on her finger. It’s a little tight. The ring hasn’t changed. Her fingers have become rough.
Tears can’t stop flowing. She put everything away and put the drawer back. Looking in the mirror, I’m not sad. Am I getting old? Am I getting ugly?
Walking to the bed, the cotton bed feels soft and warm. On one side, the pillow is towering, on the other side, some of the pillows are flat and some of them have short hair.
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
She was lifted and lay down slowly, habitually reaching her hand to the pillow, and her fingers touched something and pulled it out to see the original photo of her.
In the photo, she squinted at the sunshine and smiled sweetly.
Tears once again.
Jiang Gu Jiang Hao hurried home to the dining table, and the food was already getting cold. Lin Caiyin sat on the sofa frowning and staring as if she were getting a lot older.
Over the years, I have seen many high-ranking officials who have fallen off the horse one after another. Some days ago, they came to visit at home and sat together laughing and suddenly became prisoners.
This is actually a terrible thing.
She finally understood why Jiang Hao would stubbornly leave the door open when she didn’t want to find a girl from an ordinary family.
One criminal is involved.
Jiang Hao came, "Mom, why don’t you even eat?"
Lin Caiyin looked at the son sadly. The first sentence was "A Hao, you’re right. We shouldn’t be so close to them. Why should they come to investigate us when something happened to them? ? Your dad must have wronged him. How many years have he retired? "
Jiang Hao said calmly, "Don’t worry, the rice is delicious. I just called Director Chen and said that I should relax."
Lin Caiyin grabbed Jiang Hao wrist worried "director Chen didn’t say anything else".
"Nothing is still under investigation. I’m a father and I’m sure I can’t say too much. It’s good that he can answer my words."
Lin Caiyin panicked and said intermittently, "A Hao me? ? I will never secretly again? ? Did you receive a gift from your father? ? He always scolds me for accepting things from others. I’m thinking that people will accept them with all their heart, and I won’t dare again. "
Jiang Hao is a little in distress situation. It is the first time to see his mother in such a hurry and fear. "What did you secretly accept from others?"
"I dare not accept precious things. Just accept some special products. When your father asks, I will say that I bought them from others."
"Mom, do you relax?"
Section 164
Jiang Hao sighed. "Really, this is different from corruption. Don’t worry."
Lin Caiyin said, "Oh, I’m afraid. Look, Mrs. Matthew and Mrs. Zhou, I’ve been with them a lot. My husband suddenly fell off his horse, and no one dares to get close to them again. I don’t know how they are now. They are dozens of old sisters."
Jiang Hao sat with his mother in the officialdom, and there was no smoke. The political struggle on the battlefield was definitely not easier than fighting with live ammunition. The winner, the king and the loser had to pay a painful price.
"Dad wants something, I’m sure I can’t get away from it. I haven’t received the news yet. Don’t worry, Dad will be fine. Don’t think everything will be bad. We will be fine if we do it right."
In Jiang Hao, I repeatedly emphasized and constantly appeased Lin Caiyin before I felt a little relieved.
"Aunt, get the food hot and add a pair of chopsticks again and again. Mom, if you don’t eat, you can’t. I didn’t eat either. Can I eat with you?"
The nanny soon heated the meal, and the mother and son sat together for dinner. It was a rare time for them to sit together for a long time.
Jiang Hao has been away from home for a month, and she must ask about the situation. "A Hao, don’t go to Linzhou again when you come back this time. How can you tell the troops not to go again when you just take such a long vacation?" Always worry about small things, but worry about her life.
Jiang Hao readily agreed to "go away" and his wife and son didn’t go. What did he do? It was not bad to have a trip to a small town.


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