At this time, Nan Yunqing added, "I only have Xiao to ask a friend in this world. You don’t have to hide everything from him. He has his own discretion."

It is impossible for the Big Five to drive Xiao Wen away without saying a word.
Partial at this time in the distance and huan ninety thousand consumedly square square to fly back to pay east flow in curiously looked at these people.
Five people are not embarrassed, and they can’t wait to kill 90 thousand directly. If it weren’t for your dead bird, why would we still be here? ! !
Finally, the elegant man withdrew his eyes from 90,000 people and looked at Nan Yunqing seriously. He wanted to get straight to the point, but he didn’t think it was a shock in his heart. This was the first time that he looked at Nan Yunqing’s face so closely, but he almost couldn’t bear the beauty at the moment.
After a pause, the elegant man said, "Miss Nan, have you ever heard of the God Alliance when you were in the world?"
Xiao Wen is the first time I’ve heard of it, but Nan Yunqing nodded and said, "I’ve heard of it."
"What is the power of this alliance?"
"It can be said that the opponents all over the middle and celestial realms are the actual masters of the middle and celestial realms."
"The south girl is a member of the world god alliance?"
"used to be"
How could it have been? If you want to be born in the middle and the celestial world, you will be in charge of the life and death world. Is it a ghost of the world? The elegant man was stunned, and then he didn’t care about it. He said directly, "Since Nan was once a member of the World God League, don’t you know a rule of the World God League?"
At this time, the elegant man looked at the sky intentionally, and the meaning of 90,000 was self-evident.
Nan Yunqing shook his head and seriously said, "I really don’t know what my friend is referring to."
Elegant man looked at the other four people and nodded, then turned to Nan Yunqing. "The God League told my five giants not to allow the fifth-order fairy beast to soar in this world, or my whole celestial world would be punished!"
Next to Xiao Wen, after listening to it, he was shocked and consciously asked, "Are those fairy beasts killed in Feixia Valley by the gods and gods?"
Elegant man turned out to be ashamed of se at this time and didn’t speak.
At this time, Nan Yunqing said, "There is such a smell in China and the celestial world."
Nan Yunqing stunned the other five people. It took the elegant man a while to say, "Really?"
"Really" Nan Yunqing nodded and replied, but instead, the five giants analyzed it. "In my opinion, either this matter is known by some high-level officials of the bounded God League or someone has come to the celestial world to harm the quartet under the guise of the name of the world God League."
Those five people themselves will dominate this conversation, but Nan Yunqing’s three sentences will bring the topic to a level they never thought of!
At this time, someone was whispering, and the seriousness of the sermon seemed to imply that the Oracle was a big shot in the world …
The most important thing is that if their five giants are actually cheated by people under the guise of the name of the world god alliance, it is not too ridiculous. This suspicion is that they have lived a big lie for more than 90,000 years, especially those animal monks.
Who the hell is lying?
Was it a member of the League of Gods who lived in the boundary more than 90,000 years ago?
Or is it Nan Yunqing?
The five giants are naturally more inclined to believe the sermon. After all, they have been sticking to it for more than 90,000 years! However, Nan Yunqing has a special charm in dealing with people, which makes people unconsciously believe. It seems that what she said is not true.
"Sorry, we have to discuss this matter."
The elegant man smiled apologetically at Nan Yunqing and then turned out to be a small discussion with four other people in the distance.
When they came back after a long time, each of them had changed his expression, and obviously had the result.
"Miss Nan, I’m really sorry about the fate of the whole celestial world. We can hold the attitude of killing by mistake." The elegant man solemnly said.
PS, it’s really too late to get up today. Hehe, there are two more chapters to follow, or diligence will fly …
Chapter two hundred and sixty-six Will go to
"Xiao asked you if you don’t know what’s going on at this time. After being silly and exclaiming, you hurriedly flew to the sky and waved ninety thousand to fly. Then he firmly held ninety thousand in his arms.
At this time, 90,000 people also felt that the atmosphere was wrong. The head rubbed out from Xiao Wen’s arm and looked at the five people warily.
"Do you want to kill this fire phoenix?" Nan Yunqing asked seriously
She said so without the slightest anger that the five people across the street immediately became alert and worried that she would make a sudden move.
"had to kill" god leizong the man decisively way
But Nan Yunqing was not angry at all and continued, "If my guess is correct, is it true that people in this world are not allowed to fly to the world with the fifth-order fairy beast?"
"It is so" elegant man looked up at the day Xiao asked and ninety thousand way.
"Then you don’t have to kill it," said Nan Yunqing indifferently.
"South girl, don’t be ridiculous." That elegant man said.
"I’m not kidding." Nan Yunqing interrupted the man’s words and then looked at Xiao Wen and 90,000 selfish tunnels in the sky. "Don’t you see that the fire phoenix root didn’t recognize Xiao Wen?"
"If you don’t recognize it at this time, you will recognize it after all?"
"I also intend to let the fire phoenix recognize Xiao Wen, but you should stick to that creed. Since Xiao Wen is a celestial being, he will be bound by it, so that I can give up the idea of letting him accept the fire phoenix. I can assure you that this fire phoenix will be brought by me even if it rises to the world, but I am not from this world. I think the world gods will not bother you again."
"This …"
"Isn’t that enough?" Nan Yunqing asked
"But it is my celestial world after all."
"There are many such fairy beasts in China and heaven. I mean, it is in China and heaven, and no one can debunk it. And I am not subject to the restraint of the celestial world. If the celestial world really blames you, you need to push it to my head." Five people looked at each other, and they even knew that it was such a situation that it finally developed to this step.
If they are sure that they can beat Nan Yunqing’s achievements, they won’t talk to Nan Yunqing and just do it. But the problem is that Nan Yunqing is so indifferent to all five of them and says that she has no strength. Who will believe it?
Not killing the fire phoenix may bring disaster to the celestial world, but killing the fire phoenix may bring disaster to the horse!
In fact, there are many restrictions after the monks come, but if the monks make up their minds to destroy or even perish, there may not be fewer ways.
"I hope Nandaoyou can promise me to wait for one thing first, if you don’t let Xiao Wen accept this phoenix in the world, otherwise we will have to take action," said the elegant man Su
"That’s what I said before." Nan Yunqing nods.
The five giants just walked anticlimactic and got a promise from Nan Yunqing.
But it’s better to have something than nothing. Who can make them not to be taunted at both ends?
However, they stopped for a while, and even Nan Yunqing had no trouble in his heart, but he was bitter. Xiao asked
Knowing the truth, Xiao Wen didn’t fall asleep that night, thinking about it all over his head.
The five giants actually know the truth that all the high-level fairies and beasts in the celestial world were wiped out more than 90 thousand years ago and are likely to be accomplices!
How hard did your mother pit the whole celestial beings? ! !


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