Chapter 50 making trouble

Li Qianwei, a small terrace at the corner of the stairs, swore for more than half an hour, making her thirsty and angry.
"You let her go on purpose in the office just now."
"Yes, don’t you want to keep her and report me again?"
The reason for the incident was not that Hong Shi’s planning case was perfunctory, but that Hong Shi reported her to President Wang Yuan in an anonymous letter, Zhu Rui’s personal collusion to steal company secrets.
Li Qianwei read the anonymous letter department. Hong Shi said in the letter that the injustice of Zhu Rui and Li Qianwei’s love for several years was to steal company secrets and sell company information to competitive companies at high prices to get a lot of money.
If Wang Yuan hadn’t trusted Zhu Rui enough, if Zhu Rui hadn’t found the anonymous sender ip, such a report would have destroyed Zhu Rui and Li Qianwei’s efforts for many years.
"It’s slander, it’s slander. If she’s anonymous, no one will know it’s her, so the villain will be scared to stay around."
The more Li Qianwei said, the more angry she became. She really took Qiao Xinwei as a friend, and she couldn’t help saying that "President Wang Yuan is not the real boss of our group. The whole senior management team is actually a commissioned team. I don’t know who the real boss is."
Qiao Xinwei couldn’t help shaking his heart. Isn’t the real big boss Jiang Hao? But this matter is still in a confidential stage, and she can’t say.
"President Wang Yuan will retire sooner or later when he is old. Ge Jun has been eyeing up this position. Zhu Rui is more valued by President Wang and has become a thorn in Ge Jun’s side. This is the biggest contradiction in our company. It is not a secret that both sides have a lot of power. The winner will definitely leave the company. Which side is lethal to Shengshi, especially the leaders of several marketing departments are Ge Junke."
Listening to Li Qianwei’s analysis, Qiao Xinwei gradually understood the Jiang Hao dialect. At present, it is the time when the snipe and the clam are contending. He, a fisherman, has to wait and see, but she suddenly feels that Jiang Hao is really wily.
"Heart only tells you so much, I want you to know that workplace fighting is really terrible, especially when a large group of high-level officials like Shengshi still entrust a team. How big is the boss’s heart?"
Qiao Xinwei casually asked, "Does Minister Li know who is the big boss?"
Section 21
"He knows, but he said that now is not the time to tell me, and he will tell me when he can."
Oh, I’m sorry. I can’t tell you either.
Li Qianwei is more and more angry. "This Hong Shi has worked under my hand for three years, from a college graduate to now, I have personally taken her. She is her uncle’s chess game, but I also hope that she can learn her sex well. In fact, the competition between Ge Jun and Rui is fair and healthy, but in the past two years, he has been trying to root out Rui’s unexpected signing ceremony. If we didn’t find out when it happened, it would be fatal. If Hong Shi is stubborn and follows her uncle, she won’t have a good game."
Joe’s ignorance is like comforting her. After all, she doesn’t know much about things in the company.
"Oh, forget it, it will make you feel better."
"Yes, just say it. In fact, you are worried about Hong Shi, right?"
Li Qianwei smiled, "Oh, I didn’t expect that the person who knows me best in the company except Rui is you. Alas, my interpersonal skills are really poor. Everyone is subordinate to me, but I have never been intimate. Is it really too strict at ordinary times?"
Qiao Xinwei didn’t respond to this question. She has to think about it.
"To be honest, I won’t blame you."
"Ha ha is a bit, but you are also business-like." Qiao Xinwei tactfully changed the subject. "Have you seen Jiang Hao? He has been in the army for so many years. That’s just being strict. His father is more severe than him. Not only is it severe but it’s a bad face if he doesn’t like it, but he doesn’t feel anything when he gets along with it."
Li Qianwei quipped, "Look, when you talk about Jiang Hao, you are full of warmth. Fortunately, I am married, otherwise I should be jealous."
"Ha ha ha by the way, when do you do wine?"
"I’ll take Rui home to see my parents this Saturday. Neither of them will come. He said he can make decisions. Let them talk about these things. I don’t care."
"All right, just think about what to do with your wedding."
During the class, Joe walked home with ease, and it was getting warmer and warmer. He took off his heavy down jacket and didn’t feel cold when he was wearing it alone.
The roadside winter jasmine has sent out tender branches, one by one, and the flowers are in bud.
When the cell phone rang, she smiled unconsciously at the corner of her mouth. "I’m going home after my husband’s shift."
"Okay, then I’ll cook."
Just after Qiao Xinwei heard a huge blow from behind, and the tires of the brake car grazed the road and made sharp friction. She looked back and saw a strange man stop Zhu Rui’s car, which was very close to his body. He pointed a thick wooden stick at Li Qianwei, the co-pilot.
"You come" The rough man roared "Come"
Li Qianwei is stupid. Everyone is stupid. Qiao Xinwei said to Jiang Hao in a hurry, "Husband, let’s not talk about it. I have to go and see something here."
"What’s going on?"
Qiao Xinwei walked back and put her mobile phone in her bag. Not only did her colleagues who had just started work stop when they saw it, but some bold male colleagues and company security guards all surrounded her.
In broad daylight, someone dares to intercept the high-level personnel car at the gate of the Shengshi Tuan. This man is really ambitious.
But people also come prepared.
The man raised a wooden stick and slammed the front of the car. A car was directly smashed out of a groove.
Zhu Rui knocked on the door to ask for a car, but Li Qianwei pulled him. "Don’t go. This person must be crazy."


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