In recent days, the international oil price has been rising steadily, and the two major oil companies in China have joined forces to cause an oil shortage.

Refueling vehicles lined up for thousands of meters.
The shortage of diesel oil is a joint force of the two giants, which forces the NDRC to raise prices, but if it doesn’t, then I’m sorry, the oil will be limited
Diesel oil is the whole economic artery, and freight vehicles are the logistics roots that support the whole country. The combination of the two giants to limit the amount of diesel oil has made the situation of diesel oil shortage in China severe.
October is the peak season of the logistics industry, and the two giants have caused an oil shortage at any time and place, which has caused a serious blow to the logistics industry.
At this time, the nine standing committees of Lincheng Transporters Alliance are gathering in Kunpeng Freight, and everyone can speak freely to solve the current diesel shortage problem.
Now Lin Cheng’s position in the transportation alliance is rising mainly because Yang Xiaoyan doesn’t play against Lin Cheng. Since Liang Feilong lost to Lin Cheng, Yang Xiaoyan has also stopped. She has also recognized that the current situation is win-win or lose-lose.
Yang Xiaoyan is no longer deburring Lin Cheng. In many cases, he cooperated with Lin Chengyi. Liang Feilong lost to Lin Cheng and became friends with Lin Cheng. This was a great blow to Yang Xiaoyan’s confidence. In recent months, Lin Cheng took a walk all over the country and planted seeds one after another. One by one, Kunpeng’s cargo branch was established, and his reputation was growing.
In fact, there is another important factor that Yang Xiaoyan obeys Lin Cheng during this period, that is, Wang Ba, an informal and straightforward man, is playing an increasingly important role in Yang Xiaoyan’s heart. Yang Xiaoyan himself doesn’t know how he likes such a straightforward man, whether it is his accent or his behavior.
Yang Xiaoyan is now a man who has stepped into the stream society, earning tens of millions of dollars a year, and Wang Ba is just a township entrepreneur with an annual income of only one million dollars. However, in the face of Wang Ba’s bold offensive, Yang Xiaoyan has shown a crisis of falling step by step.
Lin Cheng is here for a meeting. Yang Xiaoyan is still thinking about Wang Ba asking her to have dinner with him. Still going? Still going?
Yang Xiaoyan gave himself three answers. Choose any one. Yang Xiaoyan seems to be very resistant to whichever one he chooses.
"I think we should cheer for the two major oil companies. How about another general strike?" Talking is Xu Pan Xu Pang on Hebei Line.
"I said that you are a fat strike and you are addicted?"
"Chen can’t say that. Let’s safeguard the normal interests of our transporters. You said that rising oil prices will increase oil prices? You said that if you go up by 50 cents, you will go up by 50 cents? This is too serious for us transporters. Without us, who will feed and clothe them if they only have oil? "
"Yes, yes, this manager Li Huang is right."
"We can give them some color to see see, but how do we calculate the strike period? I am afraid that transporters will lose a lot. Will they be willing? "
Yang Xiaoyan heard everyone discuss and put forward targeted opinions, which showed the real psychology of transporters from the perspective of transporters.
Yang Xiaoyan group members no longer followed Yang Xiaoyan’s meaning when they saw Yang Xiaoyan’s speech. Lin Cheng didn’t speak. He always listened to everyone and looked at their opinions and tendencies.
"I feel that if the strike is really too long, it will definitely not work. If it is too short, it will not reflect the strike effect. I think it will be ten days. All the vehicle departments of our transporters association will not go to refuel, so that these two major oil companies can see the strength of our transporters."
"Good, good, good" Yang Xiaoyan won the palm of everyone in Lin Chengshou.
Lin Cheng finally concluded after listening to everyone’s noisy speeches, "So I feel that Yang Zong said that ten days is very good, not too long, not too short, too long, and many car owners can’t stand it. It’s too short and ineffective. Ten days is very good. In fact, we mainly throw a brick to attract jade and let Chinese transporters see our determination."
Lin Cheng picked up a cup and drank a mouthful of water. "Actually, our Transport Association is not dominant. Many times we need some means. Many of our cars will stop at the gas station on the day of action, blocking the delivery and the West Group transport vehicles, and of course some scattered vehicles are also blocked outside."
"Khakhalin always said it was wonderful. Is this called being out of oil? Haha "
Manager Huang’s laughter resonated with everyone.
"Yes, I agree with Mr. Lin that allowing PetroChina and Sinopec to force the palace will not allow us transporters to force the palace?"
"Say yes to Yang Zong. We’ll explain to the transporters later that we will definitely compensate them for their losses later."
"This is always bad for us to speak colloquially. How can this be compensated? We can’t pay for them ourselves. "
"Ha ha qi always said to us, of course, we won’t talk colloquially. Although the name of this strike is to protest against the rise in oil prices in the country, it is actually the biggest loss to the factory. Have you ever thought about how much the factory goods will be squeezed if they are not delivered for ten days? Their goods are overstocked, and our transportation achievements will double and fall on the producers, that is, the factory heads. This is the real purpose of our strike. "
At first, everyone was puzzled, then at a loss, and finally suddenly realized, "Wonderful, wonderful, Lin’s move is simply wonderful."
"Yes, no matter how the oil price rises at ordinary times, we always choke us back with a word from the factory. If you don’t pull me, I’ll find someone to pull me. How can they be car-scrapping this time? Haha "
Mr. Chen’s words made everyone laugh. The topics we discussed were, for example, protesting against the rising oil prices of PetroChina and Sinopec, but in the end it fell to, for example, allowing the vast number of transporters to enjoy the fruits brought by the strike.
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179 people don’t attack me
Brother Ba’s invitation to Yang Xiaoyan for dinner this time is quite harmonious and sweet. Of course, it will never fall on a plate of Italian noodles and spill it on his French famous brand again. ≥ > 1 Chinese ≯ < ≦. < 8 ≤ 1 < z ≤ ≦. ?? C ≦ O ≦ M.
I don’t know if it was Yang Xiaoyan who changed his impression of Brother Ba or Liang Feilong’s failure that led Yang Xiaoyan to lose heart and realize that it is a man’s business for a woman to teach her husband to fight outside at home.
Brother Ba is now in high spirits because he caught Yang Xiaoyan’s little hand yesterday and Yang Xiaoyan surprisingly didn’t refuse, which made Brother Ba ecstatic.
This is a staged victory for bully.
Su Qinglian was a little unhappy during this period because it’s been three weeks since she made an appointment with Lin Cheng to explore the mystery of double cultivation together. Lin Cheng hasn’t taken the initiative to find herself once. Do you really want to take the initiative to pursue a man?
Although this is not a shameful thing, it is a bit difficult for Su Qinglian. Recently, Su Qinglian loved this "in fact, I care about you". When she is free, Su Qinglian quietly listens to this soothing love song in the house, which seems to be her own.
Although Lin Cheng has been relieved by Wang Wei’s persuasion, what he can do today can’t wait until the day to regret. Lin Cheng asks himself that he has a good impression on Su Qinglian, not only because of her superb skills, but also because of her temperament.
However, Lin Cheng has not been idle during this period. First, he has been looking for some issues in Tai Ji Chuan schools, and then he is busy at the Tai Ji Chuan Research Association. During this period, diesel oil should be tight, and the Transportation Association will plan to make an influential strike to show the two major oil companies the determination of transporters.
The plan has also been made, and the strike is scheduled for October 10 th, Double Tenth Day.
In fact, the National Reform Commission (NDRC) is now in an embarrassing situation. Many people think that it is the NDRC’s manipulation of oil prices. In fact, the NDRC is hateful, but the rise and shortage of oil prices are definitely not the NDRC’s regulation, but there are two groups behind it that manipulate oil and petrochemical.
The reform commission has suffered too much criticism, and it has wronged them in the aspect of rising oil prices. In the final analysis, oil prices have mastered the affairs of several major oil import and export companies. If I mean, if the country releases the oil market, foreign oil companies will settle in one after another, which is between oil and petrochemical, but can the country release it into the oil market? The answer is no.
When the oil price rises, the reform Committee always delays for a few days, and when the oil price falls, it is always implemented immediately. This is also because the reform Committee wants to win a good name for itself, or it can be said that they can’t even look down on this * * controlled oil market.
Buy the worst oil, but quote Brent price. Oil price and house price are clamoring to be in line with international standards, and regional differentiation is allowed on fucking wages.
The plan has been made, that is, on October 10 th, the transportation department of Yanwei went on strike, and then the next day, Lin Cheng spread over more than 100 species in China and announced the strike as far as possible to create a national effect
On October 10 th, the whole traffic and transportation in Yanwei was completely paralyzed. Didn’t many carts break down at the refueling door and not refuel us? Then I’m sorry, my car is out of gas and I can’t walk. I can park here. A cart can refuel at the entrance and exit, and a car can’t refuel at the entrance and exit of the main roads in the city. It’s all a scene to refuel at the entrance and exit. Anyway, the whole Yanwei freight market is paralyzed
Some bulk vehicles, as well as transportation groups such as Jiaoyun and Xidi, have also encountered the embarrassment of not adding oil and were forced to stop.
The accumulation of many factory warehouses has increased to the point where warehouses can’t put them down.
The city government’s words were almost blown up, either reporting congestion or not filling oil, or the factory could not find vehicles to pull goods.
The smelly driver, who was looked down upon by others, finally lifted his head this time.
On the second day of the strike of Yanwei freight vehicles, many foreign freight companies also joined the strike. In fact, everyone didn’t want to go on strike, but first, they couldn’t do a good job now. Second, the most important thing was that they had a job now, but they couldn’t refuel. Everyone’s anger was spreading, and the country scolded the two major oil companies.
There has been a big truck strike scene like Yanwei once, which has been reported on the news broadcast. This time, the scope is wider and the impact is greater. However, Yanwei City is organized in a large area, and many strike places are single or several freight companies. The strike has little influence, but it has successfully ignited people’s resentment against the two major oil companies.
The difference between organized and unorganized is really great. Many people want to follow suit and set up a transport association, but no one without organization will think that it is difficult to set up a transport association.
By the sixth day of the strike, the municipal government had been unable to bear the pressure of many enterprises and individuals and took the initiative to find the Transport Association and ordered it to stop the strike quickly.


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