"That is to say, all the properties are hidden before?"

"You can also say that now you can log."
What topic suddenly jumped to him, but he still made a diary.
The diary is still two "life and death watershed" and "world enemy" respectively. There is no new appearance. He doesn’t know what to let him do with the diary
"Look at the first prize" shows that
He found that there was an extra line in the first "watershed of life and death" award.
Reward me, and I hope you can get a thousand points among Hertha players!
"Except for some prizes, you will get a hundred prizes every time you win a game. Of course, if you lose the game, you will be deducted from your ten prizes …"
Changsheng was stunned. "Do you have to buckle down if you fail?"
Tong replied, "Of course, a coach who always loses can’t win the support of the players. If you fail, you will be deducted. Didn’t you see that note?"
Changsheng hurriedly looked intently at this and found that there was a line of small print behind the reward in sight … If you don’t look carefully, it’s easy to ignore the past, which is too cheating.
That line of fine print is in brackets.
(Note: If it fails, deduct thousands of points! )
"Deduct a thousand points!" Changsheng exclaimed, "I have to be deducted into a negative number!" "
"Not as you can see, you are friendly to Hertha players now, that is to say, most players are friendly to you and treat you. The most neutral is that you just came to the team. Except for a few who despise you, most players are neutral and upgraded to be friendly. Now you have just stepped into this threshold. Friendly means that everyone will be willing to cooperate with you and listen to your command, and there will be no resistance. This means that you have initially controlled the team."
"I haven’t been able to control the team before …" Chang Sheng couldn’t help but vomit when he heard this. He has been controlling his own team for a long time.
But before that, many players were still neutral to you. If you are careless, you will lose control of the team instantly. After all, you are too junior, which is your natural defect.
Changsheng shrugged his shoulders in consciousness.
"When you become friendly in the eyes of the players, you can get a training effect plus a 100% gain effect, and this promotion is fixed and permanent, that is, you have to be the head coach of this team all day and hope to be friendly all the time, then this training effect will be sustained and effective, and the results will be refreshed once a month, just like other training periods are one month."
Changsheng was stunned-he just wanted to tell himself and the players intuitively. I didn’t expect such practical benefits!
"From neutrality to friendliness, it takes 3,000 points to look at friendliness, and then it takes 6,000 points to look at respect, which means that your players will respect you, which means that they will regard you as a real leader, and they are willing to be recognized by your leadership and command that you are one level higher than them. With respect, you can make the team do more things, and the training effect of the team will increase by 2%."
"When the respect reaches 12,000 points, you can upgrade to reverence, and the training effect will increase by 4%. In addition, you will get a passive lifelong talent [Encouragement] to increase your ability to boost the morale of the players, which means that your words will be more likely to boost the morale of the team and make them willing to do their best in difficult times. This talent will be very good. Once you get it, you can play the first level to increase the morale by 15%."
"When you reach this level, as the name implies, your players will worship you like a god, and they will completely follow your lead. You will never have the slightest doubt or hesitation about what you say. They have reached the point of superstition. In addition, you will get an additional passive lifelong talent [interpersonal expert]. Once you get it, it will be the same as the current hope.
"After the worship?" Ever-victorious after hearing the introduction, he said nothing and asked
"There is nothing more advanced than worship. After worshiping, you can get an extra thousand points. After worshiping for a thousand points, you can continue to increase your hopes."
"What else is there in this hope system? I can add one hundred points to every game … "
"That’s the case when you win. When you lose the game, you will lose your hope at ten o’clock. In addition, if there are too many new players in your team recently, the expectation of new players will drop sharply-some may be indifferent and some may be hostile …"
"Wait! How can there be hostility? Isn’t it the lowest neutrality? "
"Don’t you ask that a thousand points will be deducted into a negative number? In fact, it’s not a negative number, but a negative expectation. There are positive expectations and negative expectations. If you lose a game with neutrality, you will lose ten points, which means that you are indifferent. Indifference is full of negative three thousand points, hostility is full of negative twelve thousand points, which means hatred … "
"Wait a minute. What’s positive and ultimately requires 24,000 points, while negative has three levels and needs 12,000 points?" Changsheng protested, "It’s not fair!"
"It’s easier to offend someone than to please someone" sounds coldly spit out a personal truth.
Ever-victorious immediately shut up.
If there are too many new players in your team, their neutral expectations will lower the average expectations of the team, which may lower your expectations from one level to another, so you must constantly replenish your expectations to maintain balance.
After the introduction of these basic things, Changsheng just withdrew from the system.
He recalled that just now, the introducer said that the players who were rushed to the B team by him might all be hostile to him … and both plug Passareira and Carlos Campo might be revered
He thought of relegation again. He’s just being friendly now, that is, just being friendly. If he doesn’t succeed in relegation in the end, he will be directly detained to the enemy


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