This loud noise is the sword of Zheng Xingyun that hit the real place!
However, Nightmare also got such a sword, which was blocked by him. Nightmare is really the first killer. This sword is coming soon, and he can still feel flat!
But this sword is not fast, but it is powerful and heavy, and it will shake the nightmare!
"No! Although the nightmare is the patriarch’s sword, it will not be so far away! "
Narcissus saw that the nightmare was shocked by the sword of walking clouds. Instead of rejoicing, it felt wrong. A flash in the brain was a white key.
"This night demon black gas can be manipulated in vitro!"
The other three people also saw it at this time because the nightmare was shaken out by the clouds, but the black fog did not follow and flew back. It was still a little imperceptible around the clouds, and the black gas was connected out by the nightmare Excalibur. If it is not known to all, it is really difficult to detect it.
Except Narcissus Hangjun.
Sister and brother don’t know that the night demon taxiing is so wonderful. It’s all a tacit understanding. First, they don’t speak out. Second, if they give a warning, it’s meaningless to win even if the cloud wins.
In the field, Yunyun also knows that Nightmare can manipulate this black fog in vitro, and this sword has not stopped after being stabbed, and the subsequent swords are followed immediately!
Since Nightmare’s location is known, which meeting will let him go easily?
"Even if we can get away from this black fog? It’s two different things whether I can pick up this sword when I see it clearly! "
Cloud heart dark to "he still underestimated the moments of predecessors taxiing wei and my fencing! I want him to give it a try today! "
The mind of the clouds is flashing, and the iron sword is getting denser. The rain is like a needle, and the bridge is broken. It is also drawn to help you, and you will see that the sky is like a flash! Straight through the layers of black fog! If thousands of swords are fired at once! Take the nightmare!
It’s even more uncomfortable that the sword in the clouds is so fast that even if the people present are masters, it’s even more uncomfortable that the strange noise is folded up but the iron sword is too fast to keep pace with the rhythm, but the sword is closed but it rings, which makes the sword chaotic and makes people meet the clue!
Line jun several people in the side saw the heart is to drink the color dark to "what a good offensive and defensive even if you can’t see it?" If you want to recognize the roots in such a fierce attack, there is no right or wrong!
It’s almost the extreme. What moves are no longer important! "
It was when they thought of this that they saw the swords of the clouds flashing in succession, and it was a bit like the essence of Huashan school’s Taihua Qianqi swordsmanship! As sharp as fast!
Nightmare also felt the difficulty at this time. The sword came very fast and dense. If you want to say it, you can hide it. It is impossible to resist yourself. At that time, you will have no advantage against me. You will not be arrogant than the sword. After all, he has played against you.
Just when everyone thought the nightmare could connect hard, they saw that the black fog suddenly dispersed!
Clouds and swords are attacking fiercely, but suddenly there is a slight meal with one hand.
The cloud sword is fast, even if there is a flaw, no one will come to break it, but the cloud sword is a nightmare sword!
These dark Rao are clouds, and it is hard not to be affected. Wei Zheng, the sword is already in the body!
Nightmare’s heart suddenly darkened with joy. "Even if your martial arts are stronger, this unexpected change will make people slow down, and this delay is my winning machine!"
Hangjun, Narcissus, and Yan’s brothers and sisters were shocked to see Hangyun suddenly reversed!
"It just rang from here. It must have gone through a big war. I don’t know who it is."
A young voice suddenly rang.
In the night, I saw two figures, one big and one small, falling in the village west of Huaiqing City. At this time, it was the debris outside the hut where Hangjun once lived, which showed the power of World War I.
Listening to the immature words, the two men were obviously attracted by the sound of the first world war between Hangjun and Nightmare.
These two people will recognize that the child is Zhu Yu and the elder beside her is the one who forced Xiao Shouchen to walk away from Shaolin that night if the clouds are on the side.
The brocade robe man looked at the trace of the first world war between Hangjun and Nightmare and smiled, "What else can Yuer see?"
Zhu Yuwen cocked his head and wanted to think, "Look at the traces of this war. Both sides should at least be masters of the soul level. This is the border of Henan Province, and the master of the soul level near Songshan is owned by Shaolin and Wan Jianzong.
There are two factions in this scene of fighting. These two factions just drove back from the side home, and each of them went back to the mountain by different roads. Wan Jianzong was walking all the way to Huaiqing. This battle should be unknown to Wan Jianzong. They fought here late at night. "
When the Brocade Man heard this, he was so happy that "Yuer is really a wizard, and it’s not my Zhu Jiasun’s future achievement!"
Zhu Yu was praised by the brocade robe man, and her face turned slightly red. She suddenly smiled and said, "Then I have something to ask my ancestors to agree. I wonder if you can agree to this small request of Yuer?"
Clouds are not here, otherwise, I will be surprised to hear Zhu Yu’s words. The first ancestor in Zhu Yu’s mouth turned out to be the brocade robe man.
But I think what this Brocade Man has done is definitely one of the best strongmen in this Jianghu.
At this time, the brocade robe man heard and laughed, "That’s strange. Is there anything I haven’t promised her?"


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