Zhang Zhongxuan heard Qin Huai’s words and knew that Qin Huai was a little eager, but it was just what he wanted. Anyway, one day earlier when he was the head of Kunlun, he could do what he wanted. After all, it became the official head of Kunlun. Many Zhang Zhongxuan were afraid that Tan Yushi and others had any objections and quickly retreated. "Uncle Qin, I don’t think it’s so urgent to take over the head position."

"I think you Qin Shishu said that it is better to choose a day than to hit Mu Ran’s nephew and choose today." Ouyang Jinghe Tang Wenbiao came along with a smile.
Aside Liu Qingjiang heard Ouyang Jing’s words and said, "Just let it be. Let’s choose to recruit the Kunlun conference this afternoon. Anyway, it’s not much time for us to hold the Kunlun conference without posting."
"All right, then." Zhang Zhongxuan looked at an irate Tan Yushi and pretended to be reluctant to answer, but he snickered in his heart, but he still found Tan Yushi staring at his eyes.
By noon, all the Kunlun brothers knew that Zhang Zhongxuan was going to succeed to the throne. The head of the company was already in order in Kunlun Square. The Kunlun conference in Yuanyang was gone, but the order was better than the second time. Even the talk was extremely small.
In the square, Niuer is very proud. Now he has surrounded a group of people who he said to respect his future Kunlun reds. Niuer, a low-ranking brother, also wants to tell everyone something about himself and Zhang Zhongxuan, but this time Zhang Zhongxuan has already appeared in the square.
Zhang Zhongxuan followed Tan Yushi’s first ten elders in Kunlun along the way, and three others, including Qin Huai, Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t speak on the front side. Liu Qingjiang came to the way, "Today is my Kunlun Sect leader, and Zhang Muran’s nephew is my Kunlun leader. Now please welcome Mu Xi’s nephew to talk."
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Ranked as the head 4
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Ranked as the head 4
Zhang Zhongxuan said before Liu Qingjiang stepped back, "I am a rising and falling self in Kunlun. I was adopted by my master twenty years ago as the successor of the head of Kunlun, and then I have been practicing in the forbidden area of Kunlun. If it takes some time to adapt to the head position, if I do something wrong after the head position, everyone can face me and I will accept it."
"Say it well!" When Niu Er stopped talking about Zhang Chongxuan, he said that he was loyal and took the lead in yelling at the bottom, and the group of people next to him who knew Niu Er and Zhang Chongxuan got mixed up in the future and shouted along with them. At that time, thousands of brothers in Kunlun shouted when they drove them.
Liu Qingjiang pressed his hand and said, "Well, let’s award Muran’s nephew the Kunlun head position now." Liu Qingjiang said, and he took the road that a younger brother was carrying the Kunlun head and was about to pass Zhang Zhongxuan, but shouted "Wait a minute."
Zhang Chongxuan this shout is enough strength, and all the people were quiet and puzzled. Looking at Zhang Chongxuan, I don’t know why Zhang Chongxuan stopped.
Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the crowd and said, "When you went to my Kunlun head to inherit the head position, you were all twelve elders. Now Uncle Fu has been murdered by the third ancestor of Kongtong. Let’s observe three minutes of silence for Uncle Fu first."
The younger brothers of Kunlun Sect didn’t hear that Fu Shouyi was harmed by the third ancestor of Kongtong. Naturally, Zhang Er monks were puzzled. However, since Zhang Zhongxuan took the lead, they couldn’t say anything, and Liu Qingjiang and others naturally followed suit. After three minutes of silence, Zhang Zhongxuan said, "Today, I am here to inherit the position of head, and I Li Muran vowed to make a fair return for Fu Shishu."
At the end of the Kunlun brothers, they discussed it one after another. At this time, Niu Er was tossing about. He had already received Zhang Zhongxuan’s order to make a good thing small. Suddenly, thousands of Kunlun brothers knew what had happened. Many of them were even more indignant and shouted, "Get justice for the elders of Fu. Get justice for the elders of Fu." Of course, if someone pays attention, they must know that the first person to shout this is Niu Er.
Zhang Chongxuan stretched out his hand and took the side road to jilt, and then sent a golden light from Zhang Chongxuan’s head to wear it instantly. Zhang Chongxuan waved his hand and said, "Good, then you must ask Fu Shishu for justice."
Zhang Chongxuan dresses and speaks in a column that is more heroic than the ground. Some Kunlun brothers are passionate about Zhang Chongxuan, and they all have a respect for Zhang Chongxuan. I don’t know that this is the effect caused by Zhang Chongxuan’s imposing manner. Tan Yushi and others naturally think that Zhang Chongxuan will meet the head of Kunlun. If there is no position in the hearts of all Kunlun brothers, that is also inappropriate. Naturally, no one doubts Zhang Chongxuan.
Of course, there is still one person in the crowd who is wary of Zhang Zhongxuan. That person is Qin Huai. He has been keeping a close eye on Zhang Zhongxuan since the first scene. No one knows what he is thinking.
Zhang Zhongxuan fixed himself at this time and said, "Today is the day when I inherited the head of Kunlun. I have a little idea since I returned to Kunlun. Let’s do the first thing now."
Qin Huai heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s words and his eyes brightened up with a smile.
Zhang Zhongxuan naturally noticed Qin Huai’s smile, but he did not move. "I am very sad that Uncle Fu was killed by Kongtong. At the tentative stage, I want Uncle Fu to keep the position of elder first, but Uncle Peng died a few days ago and an elder position was vacant. Presumably, everyone has heard about the things of Kongtong and Shushan, and we Kunlun are also calculated by the Kongtong Sect. At this time, we must be in Kunlun.
Zhang Zhongxuan’s words had just finished when someone shouted, "Do you want us all to fight for the position of elders in gallants?"
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled. The man didn’t want to do it, but he told Niu Er to do it. He naturally pretended not to know and replied, "I already have a candidate for the elder, but if everyone wants to beat him one by one, I will choose him."
They were all whispering, while Tan Yushi came out at this time and growled, "Why don’t you say" hello "to the elder Lixin for such a big thing?" Of course, Tan Yushi naturally didn’t feel it when he was talking in person.
Zhang Chongxuan looked back and said lightly, "Because I am the head of Kunlun," and Zhang Chongxuan’s clothes were negative and his site was full of elegance and free and easy, which revealed a more arrogant look than Tan Yushi’s one leng and he couldn’t go.
Zhang Zhongxuan added, "I decided to have Qin Huai’s uncle as the new elder. If there is any doubt, my brothers can go to Qin Shi’s uncle and say," Qin Shi’s uncle is Mu Ran’s unauthorized master. I hope you won’t refuse to give in. "
Qin Huai hesitated for two times and finally nodded to Tai Lang Lang, saying, "I’ve been guarding Fu Kangguo for hundreds of years. This time, I’m very grateful to the head of the school. My new elder can barely be the elder. If anyone can’t stand up to me,"
There are many people who don’t know Qin Huai’s words, so many of them want to give it a try. At this moment, a voice shouted, "Then I’ll give it a try." As soon as the figure appeared, a person flew to Taiwan firmly. This person’s name is Ma Shaoxiong, and he is a master of Kunlun School’s senior brother. He is one step away from the soaring period and has strong confidence in himself.
Zhang Chongxuan shouted, "Just stop."
Aside Tan Yushi looked at the field and knew that no one was Qin Huai’s opponent even if they were themselves. What’s worse, Zhang Zhongxuan, the younger brother, chose the right candidate. No one can break his strength in planning theory and seniority theory. Qin Huai is ashamed to be in charge.
Chapter one hundred and ten Top 5
Chapter one hundred and ten Top 5
Qin Huai looked at Ma Shaoxiong and said, "Please". He exuded a surging momentum. Suddenly, the whole popularity machine went to Ma Shaoxiong’s lock. It was full of laughter. Ma Shaoxiong’s face changed and he felt that he had no heart to think about it, but he saw that he seemed to be swallowed up by the giant in the sea. At that time, he sweated until he knew his Qin Huai gap.
Qin Huai will have a first-in-first-out momentum when he comes to Liwei, but his strength naturally makes Tan Yushi and others not focus on it.
Ma Shaoxiong unter den unter den even took three steps back, and finally sat down on the ground and oppressed him tightly, only to eliminate his momentum. He heaved a long sigh of relief and said, "Uncle Qin has repaired Shao Xiong deeply and conceded defeat." Ma Shaoxiong said that he flew back to his original position with his figure.
The Kunlun brothers saw that Ma Shaoxiong, a powerful man, was defeated before Qin Huai. Naturally, no one dared to challenge Qin Huai again. It was in a silence that a figure suddenly flew up and landed firmly in the square. Suddenly, this person absorbed everyone’s attention. It was the first time that he was humiliated by Zhang Zhongxuan in the ocean.
Yu Yuanyang put his eyes on Zhang Chongxuan and said, "Since the head of the clan ordered Uncle Qin to do so with great justice, he still gave everyone a chance to challenge. I wonder if the head of the clan also gave us a chance to challenge you?"
Zhang Chongxuan looked aside at Tan Yushi but saw that Tan Yushi didn’t reply. "Well, since you want to challenge me, I will give you a chance."
"Really?" The wrong novel network doesn’t jump words, and there is a smirk on the ocean’s face. The right hand stands in the middle of the mouth and reads the formula. Suddenly, there are bursts of chanting bells, and a golden light flashes from it, so that the bottom of Kunlun’s younger roots can’t see what it is. When the golden light flashes, everyone can see what Yu Ocean’s hand has.
It’s a bronze bell smaller than a hand. There are several patterns on the face of the bronze bell. Good eyesight can tell what the pattern is. It’s a woman, and she’s naked. Women are more concerned than those patterns. It’s a red heart on the bronze bell. It’s so shocking that it’s so bright that people have a fainting effect.
This bronze bell was still given to Yu Yuanyang by Tan Yushi after the second meeting. It is called Tongtian Bell, which is a celestial pole. The power of this bell was more powerful than that of Yu Yuanyang when he got Tongtian Bell. As a result, twelve other people in Kunlun were defeated by the camp. Naturally, confidence was high, and Zhang Chongxuan was naturally resentful of insulting him. Only then would he jump out and want to use Tongtian Bell to tidy up Zhang Chongxuan.
Tan Yushi didn’t stop Yu Yuanyang because he was uncomfortable with Zhang Chongxuan following Kunlun from the bottom of his heart. The more problems appeared, the more comfortable he was. I wish someone would come to smash Zhang Chongxuan and tidy up what he had seen in the ocean field. Anyway, it is impossible for Zhang Chongxuan to inherit the image of Zhang Chongxuan. If he accidentally confessed to the ocean instrument, even if you are a master in the soaring period, you may fall into a tragic death field. Tan Yushi is very much looking forward to Zhang Chongxuan’s challenge to the ocean.
Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure slowly fell in front of Yu Yuanyang, saying, "In this case, I will show you."
"Good" said Yu Yuanyang, without saying hello. He stretched out his hand and tried to throw out the tongtian bell. Like a thunderbolt, he crossed a golden shadow to the sky and immediately made Kunlun Square in a golden light. At this time, the tongtian bell made a sweet sound.
When all the elders looked at Tongtian Bell, they knew that the effect of Tongtian Bell was aimed at Zhang Zhongxuan, who was a stranger and could not feel the power of Tongtian Bell. But look at that battle, they also thought that it was not easy for Zhang Zhongxuan to deal with Tongtian Bell.
Aside, Qin Huai was in a good mood when he was the elder of Kunlun. He saw Yu Yuanyang jump out and looked at the tongtian bell and sneered, "The buffoon also came out to fight with a multiplier, and you can suffer as you like." Qin Huai did have a set of skills in practice. He didn’t think Zhang Zhongxuan was just that ability. He knew that Zhang Zhongxuan was the best in Kunlun except him. Zhang Zhongxuan and he were poor, but his strength was similar to his. Tan Yushi and others were not all because of their opponents.
At the end, the Kunlun brothers saw that the ocean had not changed after pulling out the tongtian bell. It was calm and they all talked privately at the end.
Deep in the bell, Zhang Zhongxuan felt that the bell was terrible. After the bell rang, the red picture of the bell seemed to come alive in an instant, so he was tempted. Of course, Zhang Zhongxuan’s concentration of these temptations must not be praised by Zhang Zhongxuan as the red heart-shaped thing at the bottom of the bell.
The red heart-shaped heart turns slightly when it makes a sound, which is nothing, but the red heart-shaped thing has a stronger attraction, which makes people look at it involuntarily, and Zhang Zhongxuan can feel his heart beating with the red heart when he looks at it.
Zhang Zhongxuan naturally wanted to cut off his heart after discovering this situation, but found that there was no red heart attached to his heart, which didn’t let Zhang Zhongxuan see how the red heart controlled his heart.
Zhang Zhongxuan knew that his heart would explode and die if he went like this again. When he observed the bell.
"Oh, so that’s it." Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the Tongtian Bell in meditation for a while and suddenly realized that when he saw the Tongtian Bell shaking and making a sound, the red heart gave off a color and smell gas accompanied by the sound. If Zhang Zhongxuan was too strong, Zhang Zhongxuan could not have observed this abnormality.
Zhang Zhongxuan’s hands have been flying out of his sleeve for two days, and the red heart has been wrapped in a moment, and Zhang Zhongxuan’s heart has returned to normal in a moment. Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the ocean road coldly. "Brother Yu, do you want to continue?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Yu Yuanyang watched Zhang Chongxuan who saw through the sky bell and secretly knew that his ability was not Zhang Chongxuan’s opponent’s hatred. "You are awesome, I lost."
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded when he heard Yu Yuanyang’s words. As soon as Tianxuan silk was collected, Yu Yuanyang took back the bell.
After this event, Zhang Zhongxuan successfully took the lead, followed by Zhang Zhongxuan’s speech on this stage and announced some urgent measures. After that, the Kunlun Conference was dispersed and a big banquet was held.
But no one knows that at this time, the distance is sad …
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Blessed awakening
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Blessed awakening
Thunder rumbles in the night from time to time, making dark clouds and dark winds roar and float in the night, dragging trees in the rustling rain, slamming down the soil, wetting it in the rain, and instantly dissolving the mud.
In the middle of the night, the brothers of Kunlun Sect have fallen asleep, and the patrol brothers are still walking in the corridor. Even if they have no shallow repairs, they are still whistling in the cold wind, and they feel a chill and walk in the corridor. It’s another amazing giant split, and the whole Kunlun Mountain is bright.
Walking in the aisle, Brother Kunlun looked into the room and saw fourteen figures flying out of the room. They were Zhang Zhongxuan and Qin Huai, and fourteen people were dripping in a row, falling on their bodies half a foot, and everything slipped like a smooth wall.
Brother Kunlun looked at the fourteen people in the rain and didn’t know what happened. They didn’t speak, but they also felt a dignified feeling. They were a little breathless, and they all felt an aura and their minds couldn’t help but shake.
At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the distance in the rain and slowly said, "What do you think, uncles?"
Guo Xiangzhao pondered for a while before saying, "Now it’s just that we three schools are in an eventful situation, but it’s a blessing or a curse to wake up at this time."
"As far as I’m concerned, Lao Guo, you’re overrated. Penglai Wonderland has always been the fairy land pursued by our three schools. Now it’s just that Muran’s new head is obviously going to show his hands and feet. It’s beneficial and harmful to Kunlun for us." Ouyang Jingxiao said.
Tan Yushi snorted, "Awakening in a blessed land is inconclusive, and it is impossible to get involved with people."


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