After the announcement of the results of the game, in addition to the cheers and shouts of several people in Suzaku’s camp, more and faster chapters were invited to the audience. It was an abnormal silence. Everyone still didn’t recover from the failure. They still believed in what was in front of them until a long time before there were stars and cheers, and then they lit the field like a dye …

Although all the people in Qinglong country are a little upset about losing their country, there is always a win or lose in the game. Besides, Qinglong country has always been the first. Please go to the chapter of giving others Suzaku country more and faster. Everyone’s bad feelings are gradually relieved and giving the winner a palm is like thunder …
"Alas, JiFeng still lost, which is really unlucky."
"Can’t you also see JiFeng even the unity of man and god, which hurts people and hurts themselves more, but still lost by the enemy. There is no way to say that Suzaku Buddhist is too strong."
"If it is Mu Waner, the first update may win."
"What if you lose, you lose? Let’s open the Qinglong Kingdom, and it’s not like you can’t afford to lose a big deal and win it back again."
At this moment, the biggest contrast is that the students or elders hang their heads and shrink their necks like a rooster. There is no such thing as arrogance in the past. It is instantaneous convergence, and Han Chong is holding his fist with his head down without saying a word. I don’t know what he is thinking. Maybe after this blow, he can really face himself and put himself in a correct position …
Jiang Xiong Liu Zhen and the two of them hurriedly carried JiFeng back, who was seriously injured and unconscious, and JiFeng looked at the injury before the elders of the college acted quickly …
"Aren’t you sad that Master Qi lost the game?" Tang Fei son saw Mu Wan’s face still calm and her mouth seemed to be still smiling.
"What’s sad to be sad? It’s normal for anyone to win or lose in a fight, and it’s not a bad thing for them to lose Jifeng." Mu Waner said softly and glanced back at all the students in Qinglong Academy.
"They" Tang Fei son also looked back at it, but it was even more puzzled.
"They grew up with praise, and they are all arrogant. In the eyes of people around them, ordinary people have never experienced real setbacks. You should know that failure is also a kind of practice, and this setback is that they can’t learn to believe that they will converge after experiencing this." Mu Waner patiently told Phyl that her face was a rare tender smile.
"Well" Tang Fei son sipped his mouth and nodded heavily "White Master"
Mu Wan ‘er stroked Tang Fei’s little head and took out a small bottle full of liquid from her pocket. "Phil sent this to them and said it was effective to align with the maple wound."
"Oh" Tang Fei son took the turn away.
Looking at his beloved disciple Mu Wan ‘er, he shook his head and smiled lightly, then his eyes inadvertently crossed the field. The figure’s face suddenly changed to silver teeth and clenched his teeth "bastard"
Chapter two hundred and sixty-one Challenge you
"White Tiger and Xuanwu countries, who else are you going to challenge Suzaku country?" The applause and cheers gradually stopped until the referee officially continued to shout.
Now that Harga and Mr. Mo are so scared that they wish they were transparent that they could challenge themselves to hide. The magistrate asked them to continue drinking and chatting as if they didn’t hear …
When the magistrate saw it, he could just look at the more and faster chapters of the boy who stood proudly and was as scary as the devil. Then he said, "The challenge is over and the final champion of the four-nation martial arts is …"
"Wait a minute" was just when everyone was eagerly waiting for the magistrate to announce that the final champion was Suzaku Kingdom. Suddenly, an untimely sound came like a thunder in the ground, which shocked everyone.
"Who shouted"
They all wondered whether it was White Tiger Kingdom and Xuanwu Kingdom when they first updated, and who shouted to look at them in succession. Mr. Hal Ga and Mr. Mo looked frightened and hurriedly waved at them …
Although most people didn’t hear who shouted, a few people heard it, including the one that was about to announce the result. The magistrate saw him frowning and looked at the teenager with a puzzled face. "Do you have anything else?"
It turns out that this interruption is Mu Yun …
When the magistrate asked about the scene, everyone knew that the source of this sound had turned their doubts and puzzled eyes to Mu Yun …
See Mu Yun slightly raised his head and looked at the magistrate with a smile. "If I remember correctly, our Suzaku country should also have a chance to challenge, right?"
Mu Yun’s voice was full of uproar, and then more and faster chapters were invited. The sound was getting louder and louder, but it was heated up like boiling …
"This Suzaku Buddhist is crazy. He wants to challenge."
"Yes, I think my brain was damaged when I came out of the battlefield."
"It’s killing me. It’s the first time I heard that I won the first prize and I have to take the initiative to challenge others."
"Maybe people haven’t played enough. After all, people’s strength is there. Do you care who they want to challenge?"
At the moment, the magistrate looked at Mu Yun with a puzzled face and woke up with kindness. "If you don’t challenge, you will already be a champion …"
"I wonder if I have another chance to challenge," interrupted Mu Yun, still smiling at the magistrate
When the magistrate saw that his kindness was treated as a donkey’s liver and lungs, his anger was also born. His face was a little ugly and he glanced at Mu Yun lightly. "It’s according to the rules. Please go to every country and have a challenge. I don’t know who you want to challenge."
"That’s easy. I want to challenge …" Mu Yun’s smiling eyes flashed across the faces of all the people in the White Tiger Kingdom, and Hal Ga was so scared that he dropped the glass directly without holding it. Red wine was immediately spilled all over the floor. He had provoked Mu Yun before and more than once. At this moment, Hal Ga regretted his previous actions, especially when Mu Yun looked at him. His eyes were as scary as ogres …
But at this moment, Mu Yun’s contemplative eyes were moved, and Hal Ga felt a little loose. At this moment, he touched his forehead and realized that he had shed so much cold sweat. But since the devil is not looking for trouble, it is easy to do it. After that, he must find a chance to say that King Suzaku is an eternal ally, and Hal Ga secretly said.
And Mu Yun’s eyes moved and then swept to the front row in the Basalt BN. Mr. Mo’s heart suddenly tightened and his heart instantly accelerated several times. He quickly bowed his head and didn’t look at Mu Yun’s terrible eyes. But if Mu Yun stared at Mr. Mo, he felt as if he were bound …
A moment later, this feeling disappeared. Mr. Mo looked up and Mu Yun had already turned away from himself. He was secretly relieved at the moment …
And then Mu Yun is focusing on the beautiful figure at the forefront of the Qinglong BN, and a white garment is fluttering like a fairy …
"Oh, my god, please go to more and faster chapters. No, he wants to challenge …"
"It’s Mu Waner. It’s Mu Waner. I’m so excited."
"How can this Suzaku Buddhist shape him well? But I like his personality."
"Who cares if he wins or loses? I’ll support him if the game is wonderful."
"I don’t know if he knows or dares to challenge Mu Waner."
At this moment, Mu Yun Mu Waner’s four eyes collided with each other. Mu Yun’s face was like looking at his acquaintance, but Mu Waner’s face was as cold as ice, and his eyes were even colder. Even his whole body was condensed into small ice beads …
Although Tang Fei son has been with Mu Wan ‘er for two years, she knows the master’s temper like the back of her hand. Now seeing Mu Wan ‘er like this, she can’t help but gently back two steps and secretly shrink her neck and vomit a small tongue.
In the hearts of all people, I was looking forward to Mu Yun’s saying’ When I challenged Mu Wan ‘er’, and I heard Muyun say three words’ I’m sorry’ lightly. Just when everyone was caught off guard by this sudden’ I’m sorry’, I saw that Mu Yun’s face changed and his whole body was full of qi, and his face suddenly burst out. A thousand silk masks quietly fell, and a nine-color camel dragon gun suddenly raised your gun and pointed your gun at King Tai Tsing Lung. His eyes narrowed slightly and he shouted coldly, "Do I want to challenge you, an old thief?"


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