Pan Hui is wrong. Now it’s a willow with smoke and slowly nods to look at all the people. Finally, it stays in the eyes of Du Anshen. It’s still calm, just like looking at a stranger. "I am bound to return to the gods for a lifetime, and all the grievances and enmities are respected again. Pan Hui has returned to the market. Everyone has their own duties and their destiny."

After the words, Duane suddenly lost his soul like a walking corpse, and the whole person became angry.
Feng Qing doesn’t know whether to be lost or sad. He knows that the most important woman in his life except his mother is really gone this time and can’t come back. Now he has Guanlan and his daughter and this. I don’t know if he can continue in Changxuan.
Guanlan stepped forward to hold Feng Qing’s hand and gently sent the baby who had stopped crying in his arms to Feng Qing with tenderness and support.
Seal Qing complex Guanlan glances will pick up the child in the past.
Now, the only child left in this world is Pan Hui. This Pan Huiyan must protect the born child. This child named after Pan Hui will be the only thing he misses Pan Hui in the future. He will certainly raise the child and grow up. Pan Hui’s entrustment and wish.
When Liu Hanyan finished speaking, he never looked at Duane again and looked at Mu Cheng in a blink of an eye. "I was in such a hurry that I always forgot to ask who made you?"
Mu Cheng looked back fearfully with reverence but not supercilious. "It is the little fairy who protects Aoqing’s safety."
"You can think it over before you answer." It seems that Liu Hanyan is not surprised at this answer, but his words are even more severe. "Ao Qingjie is just unable to escape from the private world because he has not finished the Muyan world. It is a felony to redeem the private world because of his punishment!"
Big princess quickly interrupted "oh, I let him out! He and Aoqing have never really met me since the marriage agreement came. This is not to let him spend more time with his fiancee to cultivate feelings! How embarrassing it is to save two people staring at each other in the bridal chamber when the hijab is unveiled on the wedding day! "
AoQing immediately through "who want to cultivate feelings with him! I want to break off my marriage! Break off an engagement! "
A Lei Guang is very impolitely split at Aoqing’s feet. Even Chu Liuxiang and Chuxing meteorite hold up a double-layer light and shadow barrier at the same time, and they also force the ground to stop the ground from cracking a half-foot-wide crack, like tearing a ferocious mouth and bared their teeth to show the absolute disparity in strength.
Aoqing immediately stopped hiding behind Mucheng and dared not stir up.
This time, she finally knew that the goddess who had been giving herself a message on the cloud level was the goddess of terror punishment in front of her. It was precisely because she knew that her little dream was trembling because this root was a freewheeling master. When she was happy, the Doby dog turned against you and chopped you directly.
She has been chopped many times, although each time will not really hurt her life, but the abnormal terror is beyond her.
"What do you want to do again? !”
The ground crack was soon recovered by willow smoke. big princess tilted his head in front of Muju at this time and looked behind Muju. Aoqing didn’t mean to find out people, but let Aoqing’s little head shake into a rattle.
Chapter 564 Her name … Time (3)
Willow smoke-laden obviously doesn’t intend to let her sister continue to scare people like this. Her right hand gently touches a wisp of hair scattered in the front. Cold way: "This matter has been returned to the celestial body immediately, and Aoqing is not allowed to stay. Now that the apocalypse has been completed, it should be possible to return to the celestial body with Jackie Chan …"
"Let him go home, too …" big princess stretched himself and said lazily. "Although I have long forgotten this child, it’s a crime to be regarded as the crime of guarding you over the years, but if it is in the future …"
"The little fairy promise never again in the future! If you make a mistake again, Xiaoxian feels punished! " Mu Yan immediately swore that she was afraid that she would be left alone.
Big princess, glancing at MuYan scoffed "punishment? ! If you commit another crime, how can it be as simple as punishment? Zun will definitely let you know what is really gone! "
The word "punishing the goddess" is not only the title, but also the highest profit of her seven realms.
Mu Yan was immediately too scared to speak again and nodded respectfully.
"It seems … nothing!" After big princess threatened Mu Yan, he looked around a circle. Naturally, Duane and others ignored it, but he saw Chu Liuxiang and Chu Xing’s meteorite mentor and pupil. A few eyes were full of interest, and they gathered together to look around the people for a few times. This just clapped their hands and suddenly said, "What do I say? You are so familiar! You must be … Chu Liuxiang! I thought you should have been bored in the human world and returned to the underworld long ago. So you are still in the human world! Who is this girl? Your daughter? It looks a bit like you! "
Chu Xing meteorite stared at his master’s face with eyes wide open, but he didn’t think this cynical face was anything like himself. Aoqing "ceng" jumped in front of his best friend and looked at the master and nodded while touching him.
Big princess seemed to find a bosom friend in an instant and immediately cried excitedly, "Right?"! Look how much they look alike! At first glance, I know that it must be father and daughter! "
Aoqing nodded with great agreement.
"Where is it like!" Chu Xing meteorite recognized his girlfriends at first sight, and no matter what his roots were in front of him, he couldn’t afford to provoke them. But Chu Liuxiang put a hand over his mouth and struggled.
Chu Liuxiang corners of the mouth blood is still smiling with extraordinary bearing "big princess really has a good eye, but it can also be regarded as a star meteorite. In the first world war, the ghost was left in the human world just to find the lost pieces of then. After thousands of years, the base recovered the remaining pieces. Later, it was discovered in the ice sheet that the child was hidden in the last piece of debris and had to live in the dangerous ice sheet. It was also a fate to keep the child around him."
Chu Xing meteorite was stunned and forgot the struggle. I never thought that she and her master turned out to be like this. It’s not that she is a teacher and pupil or a father and daughter. It’s no wonder that she is more handy than other disciples in practicing the light and shadow barrier. It turns out that her body has a piece that belongs to Master then, and the light and shadow barrier was originally Chu Liuxiang’s unique method.
"hey!" AoQing suddenly cried "then you are not punished really like taking refining! That’s not to say that there is only one piece of you left in the whole seven realms except Xiao Chu’s body, so there is really nothing left! I still don’t know what will happen to you without the elixir? "
A chestnut fell unceremoniously on Aoqingtou big princess’s face. "You are so stupid. How can Aojiang have your stupid daughter then? Since you can be forced out of the body, you can repair it and be refined. It would be nice to cultivate another one yourself. Besides, he has already rebuilt then, but you can’t see it if you don’t repair it enough. Otherwise, Zun would be surprised that he still stays in the human world."
Chu Liuxiang made a big gift with a solemn expression on his face, saying, "I didn’t mean to hide it, but I didn’t stay in the human world until I was reassured by The Hunger. Please forgive me."
Big princess just wanted to say something with a wave of his hand when he heard his sister’s tone measurement.
"I haven’t settled accounts with you about your own devotion to build Wansheng Island!"
Willow smoke-laden has come to the long lamppost and looked up at the lamppost engraved with names. It seems to be looking for the position that originally belonged to Pan Hui, and it seems to be remembering the lamppost whose names are still there. She didn’t even look at others, even when she spoke, she still kept her eyes on the dark lamppost.
The reincarnation of two lives is not a bit of memory, all the experiences are imprinted in the depths of her mind, but she has no emotional roots and white reincarnation. After the reincarnation returned to the throne, she chose to forget and bury two short but bumpy and rich life experiences.
However, I don’t know that this second year, she always feels that the life is longer than the memory, and I wonder if there should be something that doesn’t lie in the memory, or something that should have been erased from the memory but she can’t find any clues, which can be feelings and doubts.
My sister’s voice was faintly heard in my ear, and she didn’t go to the accident after listening to it a little. It was just that my sister was ending everything.
"oh! I’m telling you, you can’t call me master now. Your master is a red shadow, and I separated a wisp of ecstasy. That wisp of ecstasy was taken back by me long ago when Wansheng Island sank. It’s a punishment for the goddess red smoke and red shadow, and it will disappear. It won’t appear again. You still practice honestly and fly to the celestial world to see it when you reach the fairyland in the future. After you’ve been a disciple for many years, it can give you a post-god position. Of course! This requires your own hard work! Zun will never be selfish! "
Just as the archduke was speaking, Liu Yanyan had floated to her side and said with a faint expression, "Sister, it’s time to go back."
There are some things that Liu Hanyan has doubts, so naturally he needs to go back and check his reincarnation to prove all these doubts in the human world …


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