"Ruan Bin, do you enjoy being pursued by women? Do you have a special sense of accomplishment when eo women chase you?"

Ruan Bin casually said "You think too much" when typing on the mobile phone.
But Xia became more serious. She sat up and said seriously, "I know I was wrong. I shouldn’t have added anything to her coffee, but I don’t want you to feel indebted to her because of this. It will make me feel bad like I asked for it."
Ruan Bin said mercilessly, "You just asked for it."
"You? ?” Xia Bian flat mouth said, "I’m angry when you say that."
Ruan Bin sent the rejection message out, and then he looked at Xia seriously. He said, "Come on, stop it. I signed a contract with her this week. Everything is fine, but before signing the contract, I didn’t want to make a deal with her, whether it was the company or helping you atone."
Xia stopped talking, and she couldn’t argue that she had taken people to the hospital because of the company’s heavy interests and her own bad drama.
Ruanbin sighed and pulled her over and continued to lie on his leg. "Stop it at the movies."
Summer was so wronged that his most common saying now was "Stop that now" as if she were being unreasonable.
She suddenly said, "The shore is not as good as ours."
"Not now."
"Didn’t you say so before? Now is not the time."
Ruanbin was impatient and asked, "Is your heart finished signing the Lu Shiyu bill? Whenever you go on business, take a good look at your shadow."
Xia bit his lip and felt more wronged. She knew Ruan Bin was right, but did she have to be so fierce?
At noon, Xia and Tang Sitian had a heart-to-heart talk in the old place. Seeing Xia repeatedly sighing, Tang Sitian casually asked, "What’s the matter? You should be happy when the gorgeous list is settled."
"Isn’t this not signed yet?"
"It was a question of time. How did you quarrel with Manager Ruan?"
Xia is really admirable. She said, "Si Tian, your eyes are so vicious. We don’t quarrel, but I don’t think he cares about me as much as before."
Tang Sitian smiled. "It’s a common problem for women in love to be sensitive and suspicious. Unfortunately, you have this problem."
“? ? Then what should I do? "
"I can’t digest it myself."
Xia Xiang made a decision and said, "Sitian, help me introduce a job. I want to make it public."
"think it over"
"Yeah, I’ve thought about it."
"Well, I’ll tell you when I have news."
A week later, the Huamei bill was finally signed by Ruan Bin, and after the company made great achievements, the celebration dinner was even more indispensable.
Yang Shen booked a box in a high-end restaurant, a box and two tables. Several leaders in the company went to Huamei, and many people came there.
Yang Shen "Lu Da Beauty seems that our two companies need more contact to solve a person’s marriage event, don’t you think?"
Lu Shiyu laughed and said jokingly, "That’s exactly what I’m thinking, leaders. Look at it. All my girls hold up half the sky. If you marry a strong woman, not only will the family help you take care of it, but even the economy can help you share it."
Then Lu Shiyu introduced the past one by one. "This is Jiating advocated by our expansion center, and this is the sales owner Guo Shiying? ?”
Sitting at the next table, Tang Sitian whispered to Xia, "Is this a celebration dinner or a fraternity? If several bachelor departments in our company have been taken away by them, that’s all right."
Xia smiled. "That’s right. We can’t digest ourselves enough, and they still come to rob us."
Tang Sitian looked at Lu Shiyu and Ruan Bin and said, "In summer, you should keep an eye on Ruan. Their eo is menacing. It’s hard for you to listen to her. Soft and delicate men love it. It’s hard to refuse."
"He won’t. I believe him," Xia said firmly.
Tang Sitian looked at her and made her feel weak. "What are you doing? He is not such a person."
"Ouch, I think you are just duplicitous and anxious. Just tell me what you have to hide from me."
Summer a face of wry smile expression also pretty nai she low said, "this is not a public if we? Lu Shiyu should not have wild desires for him?"
"Then you are wrong. Some women don’t care whether you are single or not, let alone have a girlfriend. Even if you are married, you should still chase after her." Tang Sitian said, "What about you? I also know that if you don’t have a sense of crisis, you won’t be in a hurry to want to be public. Am I right?"


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