"… one hundred million!" I didn’t expect the nine-fold understatement to be one hundred million, and the jade emperor couldn’t help but be taken aback. Although he said that the number of soldiers in heaven will be wide, the current limit of mobilizing troops is only ten million. Compared with the nine-fold world, it is really a bit dwarfed. "Enough is enough! Can you count the 100 million troops that day? !”

"anytime!" Nine hands spread out. "You can hit me at any time with 100 million men at any time!"
"good! In that case …! " The Jade Emperor said, "Then we will attack the West Tianling Mountain here on time at 9: 00 in two days!"
"No problem!" Nine heavy smile "so nothing else? !”
"Then I’ll flash! See you in two days! !” After that, Jiuzhong started the function of sending the ring vertex again and teleported back to the ethereal imperial palace during the golden jubilee.
At this time, Apple was about to leave Jiuzhong and hurriedly waved and stopped, "Hey, Apple, don’t go yet!"
Chapter four hundred and forty-four Finish up
? "Eldest brother is there anything else? !” Apple smell speech turned back and asked ""
"Well …!" Jiuzhong thought and said, "In two days, we will have a big battle to fight you. In these two days, there are not enough players in the hell. Select and transfer from other league guilds to organize 100 million troops for me!"
"No problem!" Apple’s heart itched and asked again, "Boss, just tell me. What is the big battle to be fought in two days?" !”
"Hey hey … this is still a secret for the time being!" Jiuzhong still sold one without telling Apple, "You will know when the time comes!"
After explaining the apple’s ninth weight, I will go back to the original line. I have to have a good sleep in the middle of the night.
For the next two days, nothing else was to deal with the finishing work after the Armageddon of the invasion strength of Area 5.
The Holy Alliance, All Saints Alliance and Hongwu Alliance jointly launched a large-scale dragnet-type surface sweep of the whole Huaxia area, whether it was in the occupied area behind enemy lines or occupied areas, to ensure that there was no stronghold in Huaxia area for the fifth district.
Don’t say that the three major leagues have really cleaned up this time, and they have cleaned up again to find ten places left over from the five districts in extremely remote and secluded places in Huaxia District, so as to build hidden city strongholds in the future.
A round of carpet cleaning-up to the invasion strength of the fifth district can be regarded as the complete eradication of Huaxia District and the restoration of the invasion strength of the fifth district.
This time, the five-zone forces can be described as a protracted war. In the early stage of the war, because the leaders of Huaxia District were distracted, they were drilled by the five-zone invading forces.
Players in Huaxia District were once tortured and suppressed, just like a group of lambs to be slaughtered. Generally, more than 20 million players were killed back to the novice village, and the loss was not insignificant.
Entering the middle stage is the beginning of the establishment of the sacred alliance, and the people’s hearts are scattered like sand. The confrontation between the invading forces in the five districts has also turned into a tit-for-tat stage, and both sides have their own gains and losses.
After the war entered the later stage, that is, from the three-legged alliance situation of Holy Alliance, All Saints Alliance and Hongwu Alliance, it was not a good day for the five districts.
In the early and middle period, although there were many losses in the combat power of Huaxia District, the elite was really elite, and the effective forces were all intact except the Yan Wang Qing Soul Club. After the war entered the later period, these backbones shined brilliantly, especially led the holy alliance forces to make a big counterattack against the invading forces in the five districts.
The first to suffer from the invading forces in the fifth district is the ninth heavy in Vietnam. The Halloween Alliance and Hongwu Alliance in Huaxia District have joined forces to entangle the main forces of the invading forces in the fifth district. At the same time, they have separated military forces and troops to invade Vietnam on a massive scale, which is unstoppable and continues to attack the maps of Rongchuan and Shengxiong in Vietnam.
Not to mention the map of Mahatma in Vietnam and the map of Rongchuan, most of them were sent back by the players of the Holy Alliance before liberation, which suffered heavy losses. However, in Huaxia District, due to the proper strategy, the three major alliances also caused a big blow to the main forces of the invading forces in the five districts before paying the minimum price, and more than one million players were driven back to the novice village.
After that, the last map of Vietnam-the map of Baling-was attacked in the early hours of the morning while the iron was still hot. It was impossible to imagine that the forces in the five districts had returned the favor and also launched a raid on the misty city, the capital city of Huaxia District.
As a result, the invasion force war in the five districts of Huaxia District just entered the late stage and soon advanced into the final decisive battle with its head held high.
In this world war I, both sides put all their eggs in one basket.
The invading forces in the five zones have almost cut out five major war zones, and the players have devoted their troops to the misty city, vowing to lay a solid foundation for occupying the Huaxia area in one fell swoop, or they will die if they fail.
It’s a pity that people who want to fight with Huaxia District want to fight with Jiuchong. They definitely have the wrong wishful thinking. People in Huaxia District lack everything, that is, they don’t lack as many people as they want. Fighting hard, the great god Jiugong has enough goods himself, but it is just an outbreak in Jiuzhong’s eyes, and the root is not in his sight.
Misestimating the situation naturally leads to a terrible defeat.
Overnight, before the invasion of Area 5, I lost everything I had accumulated, and finally went back to my lair naked with my tail between my legs.
The other four districts are still good, although they have lost, but there are still few homes to go home. The worst thing is that Vietnam not only won everything in Huaxia overnight, but also built the old nest in Vietnam. In the end, 99% of the people were not saved, and it was completely killed before liberation.
It can be said that the mainstream of the game world has nothing to do with them. Even if they can still get out of the novice village, they can find a piece of charity to play in their backcountry, and it is impossible to turn up a little wave.
After the final decisive battle, the invading forces in the five areas, the first area and the fourth area will go back to their hometown. The feud in Huaxia District will come to an end temporarily, and the two sides will temporarily enter a period of calm.
However, it is certain that there is a strong iron man like Jiuzhong, and this quiet period will be very short.
Soon Jiuzhong will get even with each other one by one and never fall, so that the forces of the remaining four districts will pay the blood price for their invasion of Huaxia District.
During this period of calm, Jiuzhong will not be idle. He still has a lot to deal with urgently. The first thing is to pick up the war between Buddhism and Taoism.
Two days later.
At 9 o’clock in the afternoon, Jiuzhong appeared in the central square of the misty city on time. In the past two days, Apple has followed his instructions, and the other alliance guilds have auxiliary transferred and reorganized 100 million combat troops. At this time, the Ministry is standing by in Sifang Street in the central square.
With the exception of the 100 million fighters who have been tied up, the hell-mad fighters have cultivated excellent combat quality over time. Once the troops are tied up and don’t do it, he thinks that the whole army will be like a drawn sword and go out to kill the enemy.
The fighting quality of other alliance fighters is obviously reflected in the hell’s crazy flower fighting. The fighters almost ended up talking and laughing in the square, and they were talking about the reason why the Nine Heavens brought them together like new recruits.
Jiuzhong looked up and glanced at the place. Someone was at Jiuzhong’s side. Apple knowingly waved and motioned for everyone to be quiet.
When the venue was quiet, Jiuzhong cleared his throat and said, "I’m going to take you to a big business today and make a windfall!" 《》
Chapter four hundred and forty-five Clear your backpacks


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