"Bound? No! Dad never told me anything about the boundary! When I asked my dad about things in the world, my dad always dealt with a few words casually and never wanted me to talk more! " Qin wan slightly wrinkled show eyebrow after a while just shook his head and said slowly

"alas! Now I understand your dad’s mood at that time! " Shook his head Zhang Xiaotian said with a wry smile.
"What’s the matter?" Yang Xiao frowned export asked
"Do you know who that Pang Gong is?" Zhang Xiaotian responded and asked.
"The demon Xuanzong!" Yang Xiao Zheng directly said
"Then do you know the position of Mo Xuanzong in the world?" Zhang Xiaotian asked again.
"elder brother! Don’t sell it, just tell us! " Yang Xiao smiled a cry and said
Others besides ice spirit a thoughtful expression are also a face of curious looking at Zhang Xiaotian!
"alas! In the secular world, my world is equal in hell! Hell is strong and the world is strong, and the strength is the same! But when I got to hell, I met Brother Xiao! Only then did I know that this was not the case! The world is very strong, far stronger than hell! " Zhang Xiaotian sighed and said slowly.
"hmm!" Yang Xiaodi and others nodded lightly. They all heard Zhang Xiaotian say that.
"But! I didn’t think that the gap between the world and hell is far from what we thought! In the status hell … it is even weaker! " Zhang Xiaotian shook his head and said in a low voice.
"World strength is really that strong? Then we won’t go to the border later! " Qin Wanwei slightly wrinkled forehead two curved fine eyebrow light said
"More than that! You also said that your dad loves you very much. If so, I’m afraid your dad won’t push you into the arms of that bastard Pang Shen! " Shook his head Zhang Xiaotian said slowly with a bitter tone!
"Hum! Brother! You are exaggerating the strength of the world! Even if they are strong, the potential of our heaven and earth help is huge! I don’t believe that our heaven and earth gangs can’t compete! " Hear Zhang Xiaotian so exaggerated words Yang Xiao said some not angry.
"world! We all underestimate it! Although our heaven and earth help has great potential, there are limits! " Look back to a face of angry Yang Xiao Zhang Xiaotian gave a wry smile! Twist a head to see to milli one distant Zhang Xiaotian sighed slightly murmured.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Boundary Lingshan! The identity of the earth treasure king?
When Yang Xiao wanted to say something, he suddenly thought of Zhang Xiaotian’s current strength. This chapter was calmed down by Yang Xiao’s anger psychology. Even Zhang Xiaotian’s strength and potential are so strong, so it’s conceivable how shocked he is! Where did you go for a while, Yang Xiao muttered, "All right! Even if the world strength is very strong! But as Sister-in-law said, no matter how strong they are, we should not go to the border. Can they come to us in hell in turn? "
"yes! We don’t go to them, but they will come to us! " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a light said.
"What? Did Mo Xuanzong know that we killed Pang Shen? " Yang Xiao’s face suddenly became nervous and asked him if he didn’t know how strong the strength of the demon Xuanzong was, but he felt more or less the strength of some demon Xuanzong from the expression of the ghost emperor in hell.
Even the earth treasure king can command it. If the demon Xuanzong really knows that they killed Pang Shen, then …
"Not the magic xuanzong! But Jieling Mountain! " Slightly shook his head, Zhang Xiaotian light said deep in the eyes out of a sharp light.
"Lingshan? What mountain is that? " Yang Xiao Zheng followed by strange asked
"Lingshan is not a mountain! But a force! " Eyes once again Zhang Xiaotian white Yang Xiao went on to say
"A force?" Yang Xiao opened his mouth wide and his expression was a little surprised.
"well! Lingshan is a Buddhist force! " Nodded Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
"Is it known to Jieling Mountain that we killed Pang Shen?" Yang Xiao licked some dry lips and looked a little nervous. Asked Yang Xiao, since I heard Li Fugui say those things about practicing Buddhism in the restaurant, I have a little fear about practicing Buddhism from the bottom of my heart! Seeing the image in Xiao Qing’s mind from Zhang Xiaotian again, Yang Xiaodi is even more afraid of practicing Buddhism!
Cultivate Buddha! Ghost repair is a natural nemesis!
"cultivate Buddha?" Small fine body Yishan mouth murmured
"no! We killed PangShen things temporarily who also don’t know! But those in Lingshan will come to us after practicing Buddhism! " Shook his head Zhang Xiaotian said flatly.
"Those who practice Buddhism … why do they come to us?" Yang Xiao nervously asked
"In fact, those who practice Buddhism are not looking for us! Will also go to hell and other ghost repair! And generally ghost repair is not worthy of them to find! " Zhang Xiaotian responded and said wryly.
"Have you seen Journey to the West?" Suddenly Zhang Xiaotian twist a head to see Yang Xiao export asked.
"Er … yes!" Yang Xiao nodded wait for a while said.
"It’s right to have seen Journey to the West. Although many things in Journey to the West are fictional, some things are still true! Since you have seen the Journey to the West, you should know that King Earth Treasure is a bodhisattva! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded lightly and said.
"Bodhisattva? Lingshan Tibetan king? Don’t ….. King Earth Treasure is a Buddhist? " Yang Xiao to a face of shock shouted
"Buddha? You can also say that! " Zhang Xiaotian laughed at a lightly said.
"But! Isn’t he the master of hell? " Yang Xiao asked some hard to accept! Cultivating Buddha is a natural nemesis of ghost cultivation! Hell is a ghost, but a Buddha is the master of hell!
"master? Hum! He is indeed the master of hell! It is our ghost master! " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a coldly said in that a "slaughter" literal Zhang Xiaotian especially aggravated the sound!
"The earth treasure king … how can a Buddhist master be the master of hell?" Aside, Qin Wan also asked with some disbelief that the only daughter of the three top forces in hell is not lacking in understanding of Buddhism!
"Buddha has reached the sixth order to be called bodhisattva and arhat! And reaching the seventh order to cultivate Buddha can be called Buddha! " Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
"The earth treasure king is a sixth-order Buddha?" Yang Xiao asked some dry throat.
"no! Earth treasure king xiu is the seventh order! And it is the peak of the seventh order! " Zhang Xiaotian shook his head and said with a smile.
"The peak of the seventh order!" Yang Xiao couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of water! "Wouldn’t it be said that the earth treasure king has become a Buddha? No wonder it’s remembered that King Earth Treasure has already reached the standard of becoming a Buddha, but he is willing to be a bodhisattva in hell because of his heart! And if you go out of hell for one day, you will never become a Buddha declaration! "
"He reached the seventh order, but he didn’t become a Buddha! Because from the root, the root of the Tibetan king is not a Buddha! " Shook his head Zhang Xiaotian sneered and said.
"Earth treasure king is not a Buddha? Just now, didn’t you say … "Yang Xiao looked puzzled when he heard this from Zhang Xiaotian.
"Because! The earth treasure king was a ghost monk! Seventh-order ghost repair! " Zhang Xiaotian said slowly, slowly.
A stone stirs up a thousand waves!
Zhang Xiaotian not light not heavy sentence but let Yang Xiao they all outcry!
"The earth treasure king is a seventh-order ghost practitioner?" Yang Xiao asked in surprise
"The earth treasure king has conquered the ghost emperor?" Qin wan is also a face of disbelief.
"But! What you said just now is that the Earth Treasure King is also a Buddhist! " Yang Xiao suddenly remembered what Zhang Xiaotian had said before, so he quickly asked.
"There is nothing wrong with me saying that he is a Buddhist! Because the earth treasure king can control the Buddha’s power! Turn the soul force in the body into Buddha force! " Zhang Xiaotian disdain a smile and said slowly.
"What?" Another shock, Foley? "Yang Xiao Zhang Dianfei and Qin Wan Xiaoqing, they are all unbelievable.
It’s said that spiritual power can be transformed into Buddha power by practicing sarira and Buddha? I have never heard that ghost repair can also transform soul power into Buddha power!
The Buddhist practice is a ghost practice, and the natural enemy is completely restrained by the Buddha’s power! If ghost cultivation can also transform soul force into Buddha force, then … doesn’t that mean that Buddha cultivation can no longer be a natural enemy of ghost cultivation? Thought of here, Yang Xiaodi and others are eyes shining!
"elder brother! Do you know how to transform soul force into Buddha force? " Thought of here, Yang Xiao licked his lips and asked with flashing eyes.
"Soul force into Buddha force method? How can you know the secret of practicing Buddhism in Lingshan? Besides, it is not without cost that Ghost Xiu wants to transform his soul power into Buddha power! Every time I transform that ghost, I have to take a break to recover! " Zhang Xiaotian wry smile said slowly.
"This is already very powerful!" Yang Xiao to some unwilling muttered to ghost repair can make the soul force into Buddha force, then ghost repair is no longer so afraid of those who practice Buddha.
"You’d better put these thoughts away! If you want to turn your soul power into Buddha power, it is not without requirements for ghost repair and land repair! Transforming the soul force requires ghost cultivation to reach at least the seventh order or realm! " Shook his head Zhang Xiaotian light said.
"Seven orders!" Yang Xiao opened his mouth wide and became dumbfounded.
"The ghost emperor fix ghost? There has never been a ghost in hell! " Qin wan frowned and said lightly
"Seven-order spiritual practice can transform the body and soul force into Buddha force? I’ve seen seven-step spiritual practice before, but I’ve never heard that they can also transform body and soul into Buddha power! " Ice spirit frowned and said in a low voice
"That is the secret method of Lingshan Buddhism! Not every seventh-order ghost practice can transform its soul power into Buddha power! " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at a light said.
"Ghost repair is not limited to the boundary of hell! Hell has not reached the seventh order of ghost repair, but it is not necessarily not! Isn’t the earth treasure king a seventh-order ghost repair? " Yang Xiao shook his head and said slowly
"The earth treasure king is not hell ghost repair! But hell is not without seven-order ghosts! " Shook his head Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
"There are also seven ghosts in hell?" Everyone is shocked again!
"well! There are two or three in total, so it is not clear whether two or three! " Nodded Zhang Xiaotian said flatly.
"Hell also has seven order ghost repair? How come I have never heard of it? " With wide mouth, Qin Wan reacted with surprise and asked, "When they were in hell, they didn’t reach the seventh order! After going out of hell, I will reach the seventh order! " Nodded slightly Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
"Out of the hell? Where? Bound? " Yang Xiaodi wait for a while asked.
"well! In Jieling Mountain! " Zhang Xiaotian nodded lightly and said.


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