At this time, on the second day, Yang Jian was leading a group of heavenly generals to fight against the other chaotic fiends, and Nezha had been ordered by the jade emperor to go to Lingshan for help. But when he passed by on the second day, he saw that Yang Jian was fighting against the evil spirits who came to the heaven. Nezha was belligerent and saw that his so-called three-world god of war Yang Dage was leading him, but 100,000 heavenly generals were still unable to take these evil spirits. An irrepressible one threw away the jade emperor’s orders, waved his musket and joined the battle.

"I have a decree to show that the Holy Spirit Wang Yang Jian, the great god of the Santan Haihui, Nezha has an evil intention to stop his distinguished guests from plotting rebellion and immediately cut off their official positions and hand them over to the Lingxiao Temple for whatever happens. I don’t know if I want to lay down my weapons with them, so I won’t pursue it any more!" The excavate came to the heaviest days and read aloud to a group of heavenly generals.
Everyone smell speech is an uproar. I don’t know what to do. That Yang Jian and Nezha know clearly that Excavate must be false.
"All the heavenly soldiers will take these two people at once!" Obviously this Excavate doesn’t want to give Yang Jian and Nezha a chance to see the mountain soldiers at a loss when they drink a way.
The mountain smell speech have picked up their weapons turned around and surrounded Yang Jian and Nezha.
"Brother Nezha didn’t expect that my brother can fight side by side again today!" Yang Jian looked at the side Nezha laughed.
"Yes, you and my brother haven’t teamed up for many years!" Nezha should way
"kill!" Suddenly the excavate a wave of his hand at mountain drink a way
The mountain smell speech in the heart although some fear of Yang Jian and Nezha, but still crustily skin of head waving weapons to kill.
So a bloody battle unfolded again, but just now the leader became the object of being beheaded and captured.
Although the number of mountain soldiers is large, Naido is a fairy period. It is not enough to see that the root is a rookie-level rookie root in the eyes of Yang Jian, the peak of Pick Jinxian, and Nezha, the mid-term master of Pick Jinxian.
After more than half an hour, the excavate saw a bunch of mountain soldiers and failed to take Yang Jian and Nezha’s eyebrows, but they were not wrinkled, but they winked at the chaotic fiend who had now retreated to one side.
These chaotic fiends naturally understood the meaning of Excavate, and four of them grinned at the Excavate and suddenly disappeared.
Yang Jian’s three-pointed double-edged knife framed a dozen mountain soldiers and stabbed himself with a silver gun. He was about to send out a divine light from the third eye to eliminate their fighting capacity. Suddenly, my heart suddenly burst into a bad mood and hurried forward.
As soon as Yang Jian reacted, he saw a black broadsword cut from his head, and Yang Jian broke out in a cold sweat.
Avoid each other’s sneak attack on Yang Jian, but I heard Nezha call out a suit of Yang Jian and looked quickly, only to see that Nezha was captured by a sneak attack on three wings fiend.
Yang Jian was about to go to rescue Nezha when he suddenly felt that a gravity hit his back and then he floated out lightly.
"shame!" After the fall, Yang Jian stood up again and wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth and thundered.
"Don’t talk nonsense with three eyes, you are dead today!" The second attack on Yang Jian chaos fiend name Tuode he looked at Yang Jian laughed.
"Really? Then try it!" Hands three pointed double-edged knife a horizontal Yang Jian sneer at a way
"Everyone together!" Tuode was intimidated by Yang Jian’s imposing manner, and his heart was a little weak. He greeted the other three demons around him to converging on Yang Jian.
"The devil takes it!" Yang Jian drink a forehead bulging eyes shot a golden light in four points respectively toward the four magic.
These chaotic ghosts and gods suffered a lot because they despised the third eye in Yang Jian when they played against Yang Jian earlier. Now they all dare not meet hard when they see Yang Jian.
"Brother Nezha, if you take a moment, you will go back to your master and move reinforcements to rescue you!" The mind gave Nezha a sound, and Yang Jian immediately set up a cloud and went to the west
"It’s not good!" The four demons found that Yang Jian had taken the opportunity to escape, shouted angrily, and then saw the four demons join hands to hit a black gas and run away towards Yang Jian.
"poof!" After being hit by black gas, Yang Jian felt a sweet throat and spat out one mouthful blood.
Even so, Yang Jian didn’t fall from the cloud and put his heart in a horizontal direction. Yang Jian bit through the tip of his tongue and spit out a mouthful of JingXie. After that, Yang Jian’s driving speed suddenly rose again and disappeared in an instant, which made the chaotic fiend want to chase.
Although I ran a Yang Jian, the whole heaven is now completely in my own hands. After listening to the report of the chaotic changes of ghosts and gods, Excavate reported the changes the day after tomorrow. The fake jade emperor nodded and awarded an imperial edict that wanted to kill Yang Jian in the three realms.
Chapter one hundred and thirty Heaven is a worm
Chapter one hundred and thirty Heaven is a worm
"Fu Hu, look, there seems to be someone coming over there!"
Outside the Western Heaven Lingshan, Lohan, who is in charge of guarding against dragons and dragons, suddenly vaguely saw a man riding a cloud and coming here quickly, so he expressed his heart and his own group of fuhu Lohan Road.
"Isn’t that Erlang God? He’s a quasi-leader and brother. Let’s go and meet him. Don’t lose your manners!"
Lohan fuhu smell speech looked down the finger of Lohan dragon, and suddenly the man was approaching the front. Lohan fuhu recognized this man as the prospective leader’s younger brother Erlang Yang Jian immediately said.
"That’s right!" Dragon Lohan heard the words and nodded, so they also set up a cloud to meet the Yang Jian.


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