This thousand silk mask was given to Mu Yun by master thyme on Mu Yun’s tenth birthday. Because Mu Yun can’t practice martial arts, all kinds of treasures are rare with Muyun. It’s a little something for Mu Yun, so the master conveniently gave it to Mu Yun. This thousand silk mask is not even a universal instrument. Mu Yun never thought that it was now sent to the military.

Linger is always chattering and making trouble. Mu Yun, a clever and lovely girl, has long been used to having her by her side. Mu Yun lost her parents when she was very young. Although her family was very kind to herself, she didn’t have that kind feeling. She always felt that she was alone, but Linger didn’t taste it. It was quite a kind of "dependent life" for the two of them. I couldn’t help but think of this Mu Yun.
Mu Yun wore a mask and picked up a paper fan, which was quite charming. Mu Yun looked at herself in the mirror and chuckled, while Linger was forced to go back to the tripod. This little girl was naughty in case of any mess. After all, she didn’t want to be noticed to protest against this action of Linger, but Mu Yun protested that it was effective. Nai Linger pursed her mouth and returned to the tripod. After all, she still counted on this’ wood’ to nourish her every day. Mu Yun’s eyes made her heart ache and almost agreed.
"Cough … cough" Mu Yun coughed two times, so he shook his paper fan gently and walked to the gate.
Mu Yun’s usual dress today is too different, plus the thousand silk masks. Are there two doormen at the door or which relatives? But no matter who the doorman is, he is not qualified to ask and respect Mu Yun.
Even if Mu Yun lived in Qinghai City for more than ten years and was used to the colorful and busy Qinghai City, she had to admire this bustling trade metropolis, while Linger was crying in the tripod and wanted to get closer and see for herself. The fanatical eyes almost jumped out. Mu Yunze Nai’ took’ her around, and this afternoon passed slowly in the shopping of two people.
Bailijia is located in Mu Yun, a residential area of Qinghai City. Since it is necessary to buy medicinal materials, it is natural to cross the residential area to reach the commercial area. It is said that natural materials and treasures can be bought there. Even if it is not so centrally located in the commercial area, there must be a Jubaoge, which is known as the first exchange of the People’s Republic of China. People from other three countries will also come here. Of course, the Jubaoge will never let guests down. No matter how strange things are, Jubaoge can get them. It is necessary to ensure that everything is available at a reasonable price.
Treasure Pavilion in Qinghai City is just a semicolon. The real treasure pavilion is located in Qinglong City, the capital city.
Jubaoge’s great ability and popularity are said to be due to the fact that Jubaoge’s backer is the Jubaoge owned by the royal family of Qinglong Kingdom, but it has always been prosperous and colorful. This yuan mainland has never dared to play Jubaoge’s idea.
I have also heard about these Mu Yun. Mu Yun walked directly towards Jubaoge. In less than a quarter of an hour, Mu Yun, dressed in white and waving a paper fan, came to Jubaoge in the center of the business district.
In front of the Jubao Pavilion, Mu Yun looked up at the five-story splendid attic, which can be described as "the fog shows the four walls of the tile kiln". On the roof, there is a huge gold ingot with a square foot, and the word "Jubao Pavilion" is dazzling.
The two strong gatekeepers at the door have a strong body, and occasionally the crimson qi haunts and breathes evenly. According to Mu Yun’s observation, the young ones are also masters in the late period of practicing qi, and it is very likely that such people can make a sacrifice even if they go to four big families, but they can watch the door in this Jubaoge. This Jubaoge is remarkable.
Mu Yun shook his paper fan and walked towards the house with four steps. Two strong men immediately Mu Yun opened the door, and their attitude was very respectful, which made Mu Yun more curious about this treasure cabinet.
The floors and stairs on the first floor of Jubaoge are all red wooden houses with a faint fragrance and elegant simplicity. Of course, things on the first floor are nothing rare. Baby is some ordinary goods. Mu Yun, however, lacks interest after looking at it.
A beautiful woman next to me was not interested in seeing Mu Yun, so she quickly greeted her and paid a tribute to Mu Yun.
"I’m in charge on this floor. I don’t know what you need?" With a charming smile on his face, sweet said
Mu Yun looked at the beauty in front of her eyes and couldn’t help sighing again that this treasure cabinet is such a beautiful woman and looking at the strength that it is not weak. I really don’t know who these floors are. Mu Yun secretly thought.
Beauty steward see Mu Yun don’t talk as if in meditation and repeated it.
Mu Yun was conscious and rude.
"Oh, I’m sorry, the steward, I … need some medicinal materials. I wonder if this Treasure Pavilion is available?" Mu Yun embarrassed to say.
"Don’t worry, Jubaoge has everything. I wonder what medicinal materials you need?" Beauty steward said confidently
"Ah, in this case, I’m relieved. Here are these." Mu Yun said and handed the list of medicinal materials to the beauty steward.
The beauty steward took the bill, glanced at it and returned it to Mu Yun.
"Gong, these medicinal materials Jubaoge do have you on the second floor. The steward on the second floor will help you." The beauty steward still smiled sweetly and said.
"Well, thank you for being in charge." Mu Yun thanked him and went downstairs.
"These herbs are usually bought by Luo Guren. This man looks unfamiliar and doesn’t look like Luo Guren." The beauty steward looked at Mu Yun’s back and muttered.
Chapter 15 Laurence family Luo Tong
According to the steward on the first floor, Mu Yun came to the second floor of Jubaoge along the mahogany stairs.
Compared with the primitive simplicity of the first floor, the second floor looks expensive. Some floors, stairs and things are all silver and much bigger than the first floor, but the customers are much less than the first floor.
Mu Yun looked up at a signboard hanging on the top of the shed on the second floor with the words "medicinal materials area". No wonder there are so few customers in Mu Yun andao. It turns out that the whole second floor of Jubaoge is selling medicinal materials.
Mu Yungang was just about to walk into the medicinal materials area. An old man dressed in gorgeous clothes came up to Mu Yun and saluted Mu Yun. He said, "This man and I are in charge on the second floor. You can directly tell me what medicinal materials you need and I’ll get them for you."
Mu Yun carefully looked at the old man with a red face, light pace and calm breath. He wanted to be as good as the two strong men at the door, but such a master respected a customer with average strength so much. The strength of this treasure cabinet is really amazing.
Mu Yun took out the paper with the medicinal materials written on it and handed it to the old man in China. "These are what I need, old man."
The old man still smiled and took the medicine list and gave it back to Mu Yun, then said.
"Turns out to be these medicinal materials must be male or Luo family? Please forgive the little old son for being ignorant. "The old man’s attitude has become more and more respectful.
This move is to confuse Mu Yun, but MuYunMa will react. Because there is a Luo family in Qinghai City, there is a Dan teacher who must have come to Jubaoge to buy medicinal materials. I also know that every time I want these medicinal materials, I think of myself as a Luo family.
Thinking of this, Mu Yunma gave a gift and explained that "the old man misunderstood that it was not the Luo family."
"oh? You, you are not the Luo family? Then these medicinal materials …? " The old man wondered
"I’m really not a Luo family. Can a Luo family buy these herbs?" Mu Yun asked.
"Oh, it’s not that please forgive me. Please take a rest. The old man will go and get these herbs." The old man let Mu Yun rest in the chair next to him and then turned and walked towards the medicine area
Mu Yun sat in a chair and took a sip of tea. Then he looked at this treasure cabinet carefully. Soon the old man put Mu Yun’s medicinal materials into several small bags and put them on the table next to Mu Yun.
"This man, these are the medicinal materials you need. There are 500 pyrospar in total." The old man said to Mu Yun.
"Er, I don’t have the old gentleman’s spar with me. I wonder if I can exchange it with something else?"
"Oh, it doesn’t prevent the treasure cabinet from changing things, but I don’t know what the public wants to change?" The old man asked.
"Quenched body Dan" said Mu Yun and took out a grain of refined quenched body Dan and handed it to the old man.
The old man took the quenching body and felt a pure qi coming from the palm of his hand


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