You are so proud that your team is behind!

Even if the world gave up, I, the head coach, gave up, but they didn’t give up. I used to be their source of strength, but now they don’t need me to have the same poor courage. I trained not a group of puppets, but a group of real soldiers. They didn’t get confused in their eyes. They knew they should fight. What a great team this is …
There is an emotion in Changsheng’s chest.
What was Hertha like before he took over? It’s a team where everyone can’t see hope and future, but they are confused and full of vitality.
But what about now? Even if they "throw in the towel", these people will still bite their teeth and insist, even if the world doesn’t like them, they will still bite their teeth and insist!
Remember when you spoke to them?
"my name is general Chang Sheng Chang Sheng. Chang Sheng often wins. I pursue not interesting football, but victory. Football victory makes my blood boil. Victory makes me think football is interesting!"
These words are truly integrated into their blood and become the strongest belief in their hearts.
What a person says can influence others, create motivation for change and eventually succeed.
What an achievement that is!
Chang Sheng, a rookie in coaching, actually did it.
This is that team he train!
Can he not be proud?
Besides winning the championship, the biggest achievement of the coach is to watch a team change from ordinary to a tiger-wolf division and a king’s division.
Although he hasn’t won a championship yet, a team with no hope has become a team with faith in his hands.
What does this say?
I said that his constant success is not the same thing. Although he has not received formal professional coaching courses, he is not from a famous family and has no brothers all over the world.
But he still has the potential to succeed!
The reason for winning this game is to let your team hone in front of the first-class teams and see the specific strength, such as preparing for the promotion to the first-class league in the season.
I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect that …
Changsheng rubbed his hands excitedly.
Let him see a bright future!
A game brought him so many surprises.
Now he thinks it’s right to prepare the game carefully.
We are sure to win this game!
Rudy Gonzalez was also infected by the winning words.
First, he looked at his eyes and always won, and then he turned his eyes to the stadium and looked at the players who were struggling with each other despite being behind and facing strong enemies.
He hasn’t seen a Hertha player like this for some days … It shouldn’t have never been seen before.
He has been a coach at Hertha Club for more than ten years, and he has been in the first team for years, but he has never seen so many players in Hertha show such mental outlook.
It may not be difficult for one or two people, but it is very rare for everyone in a team to have such a belief!
And what this team was like before Changsheng came? Rudy Gonzalez knew it all too well. After that, it was a bunch of lost dogs!
But this constant victory has really changed everything and turned a group of homeless dogs into soldiers with firm beliefs!
He suddenly thought that if he was the head coach, he would be very proud to have such achievements, right?
He looked into Changsheng’s eyes, no longer the former kind of mockery and contempt, but heartfelt admiration.
Constant success is that you can transform an entire team after staying in Hertha for just over a year.
And myself, after staying in Hertha for so long and more than ten years, time has flowed away like water, but there is no trace left.
I still want to be a top coach?
What a joke!
Is in the sight of the China people, I’m afraid I can really become a top coach …
When the time comes, I will be by his side to see this strange experience in my eyes and keep it in my heart!
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Yawning Pinto
Hertha was full of fighting spirit and was not knocked down by a goal.
On the contrary, their offensive slowed down after Certa took the lead.
As time goes by, the signs of this slowdown become more and more obvious.
Especially when Hertha players move a lot in defense, Certa players take care of their bodies more.
Anyway, they are already in the lead, so it’s really unnecessary to play with a group of second-division players.
When the time comes, if you get hurt, you will suffer and you will suffer.
They are players in the first-class team, even if they are substitutes, they think they are superior to those in the second-class team
They can’t beat their opponents without blowing off dust, but they never want to roll around in the mud with their opponents.
They can’t accept even messing up their hair styles.
Let them throw everything and Hertha desperately, they will definitely not do it.
Even if they are one goal ahead now, they won’t feel anything wrong.
In their minds, it’s very simple to win Hertha. One goal ahead at half-time, slow down the pace, take a break at half-time, and then one goal will lead by two goals.
Then the game was over in suspense.
Of course, if they want to brush a few more goals, that’s fine
In general, this is a competition that can be won without even messing up your hair style.


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