"Of course, it’s not that there’s no way for a young lady to see that Ning Gong’s strength is good. It’s better to recognize that my young lady will serve my young lady in the future and send us to protect your life."

"I think Ning Gong is also white. Do you know what to do?"
After that, she looked at Ning Caichen in the green, but her eyes were confident. She believed that people would make the right decisions before their lives.
At this time, Ning Caichen also looked at the greenery faintly-
"What?" Green face a stiff.
"I can’t say it," Ning Caichen’s eyes condensed. "Tell the confession girl for me. Her kindness is appreciated by Ning, but Ning doesn’t like to send people, especially women."
Green face a stiff comely face emerge a trace of anger, she didn’t expect Ning Caichen will refuse and so simply eyes also some cold-
"Ning Gong can think about it and don’t make mistakes."
Green face turned cold, cold way feel Ning Caichen unappreciative.
Ning Caichen didn’t talk, but took a look at the greenery. In the end, he didn’t say anything and left his face gloomy and greenery.
The night breeze roared
"Gong!" Li Ran came back at night.
"How did you find out something?" Ning Caichen asked.
"Today, I went to the South Gate to inquire about some homeless refugees, but there was no situation in Liangzhou City. I don’t know what happened. So many refugees didn’t know about the battle in Liangzhou." Li Ran said.
"There is no situation." Ning Caichen’s eyes condensed and added, "Is there any news from the teacher?"
"No, Mr. Jiyuan doesn’t seem to have come to Los Angeles yet."
"Well, what about Chen Gong? Have you found out?"
"Chen Gushu was born to a servant girl and the master of the Chen family, but the servant girl Chen Gong died shortly after her birth. It is said through the grapevine that Mrs. Chen Jia tampered with it, and now the Chen family in Chen Gong is also excluded, but this person is not simple …"
"Well, that’s it for now. These days, you should pay close attention to the news in the city, especially in Liangzhou, and pay attention to a Zui Xiang building, Bai Mudan. Remember to be careful."
"Well, that’s it for now. You go to rest."
Finally, Ning Caichen waved Li Ran away from himself, but he was lost in thought. He felt that now waterinfo was like a quagmire, and the appearance was calm. In fact, there was no news at all about the battle of Liangzhou City at the front line, which made him feel uneasy. Even if the battle there was tragic, there was always news unless someone deliberately blocked it!
Moreover, today’s green words made him wary that he might be in trouble. The news of killing the three brothers of Shushan and Emei could not be concealed, which made him feel a sense of urgency. During the day, he had a hard time killing the green, but he finally gave up because he didn’t think it was necessary. Even if he killed the green, he couldn’t conceal the news, which directly offended Bai Mudan. Although the green didn’t tell their identity, he had some doubts. He was afraid of the forces of Shushan and Emei. Now it is the most important thing to deal with the next thing. He didn’t want to make too many enemies
"He refused."
On the other side, in the attic of Tianya Shuige, Bai Mudan was lying on the bed in a pink robe, green and respectful.
"Miss, that Ning Caichen is a little unappreciative. Do you want to kill him?" Green suggested that she felt that Ning Caichen was a little unappreciative and such people needed blood suppression.
"For the time being, let them deal with the news that Princess Yongle has arrived in Luoshui, and you will find out if you check closely during this period."


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