There is a sound in the "Nothing" screen, "There is something in the third group, let’s continue regardless of them."

The team moved on after disarming and resuming the search formation.
Yip hon heard a chuckle in the picture. "This little thing runs quite fast."
The team was delayed for a while, but the leading spider had already thrown the team seven meters.
Yip hon concluded that the cabin should be a goal of this group.
The team has just taken two steps, and the mechanical spider has run outside the cabin. Ye Han suddenly heard an exclamation, "There is a hole in the monitor’s door!"
Yip hon jumped out of an image in the corner of the picture. It was a door with a hole in it, obviously from a mechanical spider lens.
At this time, a blur suddenly appeared in the hole, and then the picture rolled and shook, and then the screen went black directly.
Yip hon’s eyes turned to the front, and there was an inanimate object biting the mechanical spider, and it took a few blows and tears to break the fragile mechanical spider into a pile of scattered fragments.
I didn’t see the mouth of an inanimate object in the first video. This video is sure that this thing has a mouth, but it is too fast to see clearly.
"fight!" A sound suddenly exploded in Yip hon’s ear, and the soldiers immediately banged the bomb to the side and went back and forth from where to where to go from the shooting range.
A few soldiers in front lifted their legs and wanted to chase the Malay squad leader’s voice in the picture, "Slow down and be careful!"
The soldiers immediately slowed down their hurried pace. The soldiers in front approached the hatch cautiously, and all the guns in the camera were aimed at the hole in the door.
After the soldiers surrounded the hatch, they paused for a moment, and the monitor’s voice sounded again, "What is the bridge G12?"
"Water tank!" The answer is simple.
"White grenades-"
It is not enough for the soldiers to take out grenades and throw one or two into the hole, but to keep changing directions to ensure that every direction can be taken care of by grenades
Yip hon couldn’t help a wry smile. These guys are too violent!
There are two kinds of ship water tanks: one is located in the water treatment tank, that is, the purification and filtration cabin for treating various domestic sewage, which is filled with various water treatment equipment.
The other is the water tank in the video, which is a common one, but the warehouse is filled with square plastic buckets.
Just put them in the outer warehouse, and the outer layer will freeze the water in the bucket at low temperature, similar to the water tank and the feeding tank, which are filled with frozen meat and frozen vegetables.
In other words, the water tank is full of bottled ice, regardless of shells and grenades, you can throw ice into it as much as you like, even if it is polluted, it will not be sent to the layer for melting and then filtered.
After throwing a hand grenade, the soldiers invariably raised the rifle squad leader and rushed with an arrow, jerking at the heavy hatch, and before the hatch could be hit, they were the first to rush into the cabin and immediately fired a secret gun.
In front of Yip hon’s eyes, the horse shook, but he suddenly found out that there was a man rushing into the cabin. Why is the gun so dense?
He suddenly realized that the situation was wrong and quickly dropped the video. He immediately saw that the two soldiers at the end of the channel were madly on fire.
"What about the bridge?"
The road speaks very fast. "I saw someone with a gun without receiving the report."
"There is a situation to report!" Yip hon growled, and the soldiers in front of him walked quickly. "You kept going to a cabin and didn’t let me go and have a look!"
The squad leader quickly stopped "Teacher, let’s send you. It’s too dangerous!"
"no!" Yip hon firmly refused to "check well not to let inanimate objects get into the stratum …"
At this moment, two big brown balls the size of washbasin suddenly floated in front of us, and both of them were very fast, and then they drifted from the distance of the passage to the crowd.
The soldiers are all a little stupid and don’t know where this thing came from. Only Ye Han thinks that the colors and shells of these two balls have a special familiarity.
He immediately thought of the disorderly gun and the inanimate object, and suddenly he was shocked and consciously drank "fire!"
The voice has not fallen. Han has pulled the trigger.
Soldiers can quickly follow the gun and hit the brown ball immediately. Some of the balls were hit by shells and some were directly inlaid with shells. Two balls were hit by shells and flew back.
At this time, the two balls suddenly developed into two stretched limbs.
Yip hon is like a toad run over by a jeep. His eyes almost didn’t fall out of his eyes. What the fuck is this?
If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would never have thought that the strange crustacean of an inanimate object was actually a ball … Could this thing be a hedgehog?
When that thing moves, it’s called a flexible thin leg. As soon as it stretches its webbed feet, it has firmly patted the bulkhead and abruptly stopped retreating.
If the creatures don’t move fast, the soldiers don’t move slowly. Everyone will follow the guns of the creatures and fight like they don’t need money.
The soldiers dare not say that they are experienced after many battles, not to mention that the ball becomes an inanimate object or becomes a flower.
The two inanimate creatures jumped nimbly at once with a flick of their thin legs.
If they were bigger, they might be able to avoid the oncoming hail, but the passage was so narrow that they didn’t escape but bumped into the opposite bulkhead.
The hail horse followed the past and completely submerged these two inanimate objects.
Until this time yip hon a roar loud into the soldiers’ ears "belly-"
I didn’t shout or cry because these two creatures were shot in many places, and their fragile abdomen was almost torn to pieces in the hardest hit area.
The monitor leaned carefully with a gun and was startled to find that the inanimate objects were not dead yet. He also grinned at the monitor with a scaly mouth and two pairs of crooked teeth.
Yip hon just saw this scene and couldn’t help but make a sudden movement. Why do these two pairs of teeth look so familiar?
Chapter 135 Tooth flowers follow pain
There is still a fierce battle at the end of the passage. Ye Han didn’t bother to delve into these details. While changing the magazine, he shouted, "Leave half of the people in the same place and follow me!"


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