"I don’t know, but I can try and see what happens when I become like this!"

Tianyang looked up and was lost. He didn’t hesitate to run to the entrance of the city.
Soon he saw the gate and he stepped out without fear.
be absent-minded
I don’t know how long it took Tianyang to hear Liang Sen’s voice.
"The city is closed to outsiders."
He looked around at the remains of frame cars everywhere, while in the distance, the guns pointed to the abandoned chariots.
This is a new cycle!
Tianyang rushed to grab Liang Sen’s arm and cried excitedly, "Listen to me carefully. I’m not crazy or making trouble!"
"You must listen to me carefully!"
"This is not the first time we have explored this city …"
People around you look at Tianyang strangely. It’s Sean. They also feel that Tianyang is like a stranger at the moment.
Tianyang, whether Liang Sen believes or not, tells the story of the previous experience and tells the story of the two attempts to leave Xin’ an City.
"We tried hard but failed, but I came back to life in these cycles."
"There is another possibility that I can think of in my life!"
Tianyang looks slightly ferocious, and his eyes are angry and somewhat crazy.
"They want to drive me crazy and make me desperate, but I won’t bend. Yes, come on, let them come!"
"Ha ha"
Tianyang finally released Liang Sen and rushed into the gate and the city with righteous indignation.
Liang Sen shouted that he only heard the sound when he twisted his eyebrows slightly, saying, "I also think this scene is familiar now."
Then he ran into the gate and shouted, "Come on, let’s go after Tianyang."
But Tianyang is so fast, and is it what Liang Sen and others can chase? At this time, Tianyang has rushed into the depths of the city and came to a street.
He pulled out the moonlight and released the crescent moon, but firm but gentle struck around wildly.
"Come on!"
"Come out and fight with me!"
"I won’t be easily influenced by you! Absolutely not! "
Tianyang roared with dilated pupils, and he took it out on the next building, lamppost and car skeleton like a madman.
I don’t know how many times I released the firm but gentle sun, panting and sweating like a wounded beast, looking around with red eyes.
At this time, his camera equipment flashed.
Tianyang got a tingle and quickly picked up the equipment and threw it out, shaking his head. "No, no, no, no,no."
Suddenly he couldn’t see the lights, nor could he see the surrounding buildings, lampposts and car wrecks.
He came here for nothing. He has been shrouded in pure darkness.
In the darkness, he heard a subtle and strange sound.
It’s like a snake’s scales rubbing gently on the ground …
Chapter 725 Parasites of the mind
There is a malicious smell floating in the air. If it has the essence, Tianyang will smell the bad smell.
There is no madness or despair in Tianyang’s eyes at this moment.
Pupils have returned to normal, and they are no longer panting, pore contraction, sweating, heartbeat and calm eyes.
And just crazy.
Light up
The light comes from the surface of the sun, which outlines a pair of folded silver wings and flashes in a certain rhythm.
The milky way is flashing!
Xing Han’s unsheathed boy stood alone in the dark with double swords and said coldly, "Are you coming?"
Psst …
In the darkness, a snake-like letter appeared, and then a figure emerged from the shadow and was exposed to the silver glow around Tianyang.
It’s a’ human’ with a rickety posture. Men and women can’t see that its body is made up of several poisonous snakes.
When it came out, snakes kept falling, and those’ snakes’ all had vertical eyes.
So the’ man’ looked at Tianyang with thousands of eyes.
"You … let’s just call you. You made a fatal mistake. You shouldn’t fight me in a dark environment."
Tianyang raised Xinghan and pointed forward, "But you probably won’t have a chance to correct this mistake."
Chi chi chi …
Around the darkness, the shadow of the’ human’ feet ejected black and illusory chains, which entangled this figure and ignited dark inflammation to burn those one-eyed strange snakes.
The snake swarms squirmed and screamed, and the figure swelled with it. Then it sloped to maintain its human form, just like a boiling snake nest. When the snakes came out of the hole, it was like a waterfall flying over the ground …
Several strange snakes opened their mouths and spit out snake letters, exposing their fangs and biting Tianyang.
Day Erwin Engst is ready to launch the’ full moon’ with the moonlight raised.
The force of grey blue moon spreads around, infects and flows quietly, but never misses a corner, filling every tiny gap and wrapping the snakes in.
Strange snakes dyed gray and blue faded, and’ moonlight’ burst.
The snakes are in a panic. They roll back like low tide waves, trying to get out of the’ full moon’ range.
But at this moment, tiny dark lights were emitted from the surrounding darkness, and they caught every strange snake, nailed them to the ground and put them into a string.
Every ray of light turns into a dark flame and ignites every strange snake. Without temperature, there is no hot flame, but the strange snake’s body decays rapidly, exposing its bones and moaning and dying.
The last strange snake turned into bones, and the day after tomorrow, Yang was in a trance. I don’t know how long it took him to feel the light.
It seemed that someone was shining a light on him, which made him close his eyes. After a while, he got used to the light and found himself in a room.
The room with that despair record.
On the window of the room, an aircraft with a bird-like shape is entering the window and its own camera is shining.
Tianyang noticed that his chest and hands were half-transparent, and the one-eyed strange snakes slipped out and fell to the ground, crawling weakly.
There was a cough in the room.
The light of the aircraft moved in Tianyang, only to see that there were Liang Sen and others in the room besides him, and they were either sitting or lying down. At this time, there were also illusory strange snakes slipping out of their bodies.
These strange snakes swam towards the corner of the room, squirming and hugging, then their figures faded inch by inch, and finally something like an eye was left in that corner.
It is round in shape and has a vertical stripe like a snake pupil.
There are several dim lights swimming in the’ pupil’ as if strange snakes were moving.
The strange snake slipped out of the back of Liang Sen, and they woke up with a blank look like Tianyang.
Tianyang first walked to the side of the "eye" that was obviously a relic, and reached out and touched it immediately, and pieces of information emerged in the heart lake.
[Psychic Pupil] This is the legacy of the’ psychic parasite’, which enables the dark particles to be activated, and the characteristics can be split. When the body parasitizes its own consciousness, it must constantly stimulate the host’s mental state to be in a state of madness or despair before it can parasitize.
Frequent attention will cause serious consequences such as cognitive impairment and collapse of consciousness, so it needs to be cautious.
Psychic parasite!


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