"Brother, do you really want to keep this snow lion beast in the hands of this black wind?" See black wind go monkey busy way

"That can? We don’t want to rob our brother, do we? What is this? Moreover, I don’t think this black wind is the kind of person who forgets people honestly. In case something happens to the broadsword’ door’ that day, this black wind will definitely not stand by and watch. Isn’t the stronger his strength equal to the stronger broadsword’ door’? "
"But …"
"Nothing but! You have to think about everything in two ways. If you are now’ forced’ to be anxious, then the black wind will directly throw it at Crass’ Gate’. Wouldn’t it be even worse for us then? " Zhongtian motioning with his hand interrupted monkey talk and then finished this sentence, which directly disappeared into the temple and I don’t know where it went.
Then Shui Han also left, leaving Monkey alone in this hall. The "color" and "yin" heavy fists were pulled tightly and obviously not angry.
Lin Sheng stayed alone in the courtyard and chatted, but now he doesn’t know what to do. Now Heifeng no longer wants to inquire about some things in this magical continent, but fortunately, he is still with an antique python who has not seen for thousands of years.
"Swallow day you just said that the snow lion thing is true? Is that thing really so powerful that if you want to be an adult, even if you don’t practice, you will directly enter the sixth-order Warcraft level, which is equivalent to the realm of Wu Zong? " To tell the truth, Lin Sheng is a little unbelievable that there are such fate creatures in this world. Almost naturally, it is doomed to be able to become a strong man.
[23] Xuanmen
? "Snow lions and beasts are indeed endowed with unique talents. As I said just now, once they grow into adults, they can directly advance to the realm of Wuzong by virtue of their own blood superiority. It’s abnormal!" Swallowing day python swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said, look, he is envious of the talent of snow lion beast.
"That doesn’t necessarily mean that the snow lion beast will be destroyed by the strong wind. But just because his talent is so amazing, it is a problem that so many people can peep at whether it can grow into an adult in the end. Even if it grows into an adult, it will still be controlled by some big forces …" Lin Shengwei sighed.
"Master said that makes sense, but who doesn’t want his talent to be better? Humans are still so much worse. One way to practice Warcraft is to make an appointment with talents, and the more smooth it will be …"
"Maybe, by the way, how come you haven’t broken through the two magic apes and magic nuclei? I feel that the quality of the two magic nuclei is still quite high."
"Refining one and the other one, I want to keep it for the time being until I touch the sixth-order bottleneck, and then refine it at one stroke, so that my chances of breaking through will be much greater." Swallowed python said shyly.
"Well, it’s all right." Lin Sheng nodded his head, and he didn’t want to interfere in swallowing day pythons.
Just then, there was a footstep sound outside the courtyard. It seems that someone came to visit the swallowing day python, flicker and rush into the Lin Sheng sleeve to gather the breath.
"The younger generation’s broad knife’ door’ is a real brother’s visit!" A’ female’ came out.
"hmm? This broad knife’ door’ and’ female’ brother? " Lin Sheng first one leng immediately face’ color’ to restore calm cool way
"Come in."
Lin Sheng sat on the stone bench and then saw a purple’ color’ clothes’ female’ came in. Lin Sheng swept away his knowledge and boy was a strong warrior who was about to break through to the peak of Wu Sheng.
"Brother Fan Xuan seen predecessors! "’female’ see Lin Sheng is also one leng, it seems that I didn’t think that my predecessors were shocked by others. They were so young, but oh, they soon recovered and made a gift to Lin Sheng’s supercilious behavior.
"Don’t bother. You don’t know what to do with me?" Lin Shengwei narrowed his eyes and looked at the purple clothes’ female’ way
"Oh, it’s nothing. I heard that an elder came to visit me with a broad knife." Purple shirt’ female’ sat down and said softly.
"It turns out that you don’t have to stand on ceremony." Lin Sheng pointed to a stone bench opposite and said casually.
Purple unlined upper garment’ female’ hesitated for a final didn’t say anything and then sat down opposite Lin Sheng.
"Predecessors don’t want to look so young," said the purple shirt brother Qiao face with a red face.
"Ha ha ….." Lin Sheng laughed and didn’t explain anything. When ordinary people see themselves, they will be hundreds of years old monsters, hiding their true appearance. Lin Sheng is also difficult to explain.
"What can I do for you? I don’t think you’re just visiting." Lin Sheng stared at the purple shirt’ female’ Lang laughed.
"This ….." The purple shirt’ female’ seems to be said to be a bit embarrassed.
She came to see Lin Sheng this time because she really wanted to ask Lin Sheng to be a broadsword. Just because she is a’ female’ brother, she doesn’t recruit a’ female’ brother, but she is an exception because of her identity, but she has also become a broadsword’ door’ brother.
"Predecessors in! Please be worshipped by Fan Xuan! " That Fan Xuan was kneeling directly at Lin Sheng.
"This … what’s the matter with you? Why don’t you just say so?" Lin Sheng one leng and then got up and ready to the’ female’ up.
"I can’t afford to kneel down if my predecessors don’t agree to my request!" Fan Xuan is determined and resolute, and there is nothing she can do to make Lin Sheng temporarily.
"What is it?" Lin Sheng direct language This’ female’ is really a freak. I beg myself on my knees without making things clear, and I don’t know if I have the strength.
"Promise me first" Fan Xuan’s eyes are full of tears, as if Lin Sheng didn’t promise her to cry immediately.
"If you want my help, you have to make things clear first. How can I promise you this way!" Lin Sheng tone with majesty at this time don’t come up with some yan’ color’ this’ female’ sometime to pester?
See Lin Sheng Fan Xuan tone with a sulk also dare not pester value is good to tell the truth.
"Brother Fan Xuan’s father is a broad-knife" door "generation" door "owner, but he has just become a" door "owner. His father just entered the broad-knife" door "and tried his luck to see if he could get some chances from it. I don’t want to have more than ten years now, but there is still no movement. I really want to go in and have a look, but it doesn’t say that" door "is not allowed to enter outside the palm of my hand, but the fault inside is not now, although I can bear it for ten years. To guanyu realm and then even violate the’ door’ rules, I am willing to go in and find my father, but guanyu realm is difficult, although I have already redoubled my efforts, but now there is still nothing to be promoted to the predecessor of the sample … "Said that Fan Xuan suddenly stopped talking here, and the meaning behind it is also somewhat confirmed. Lin Sheng has also roughly understood.
"Do you want me to look for your father in your so-called mysterious door?" Lin Sheng listened to Fan Xuan words hesitant way at the same time, the in the mind is already thinking.
"Fan Xuan knows that this is a bit overwhelming, but Fan Xuan was born without her mother, and she has been living with her father since childhood. I really can’t help it …" Fan Xuan said that she finally couldn’t help crying.
"You don’t cry, I said …" Lin Shengyi was scared. Once this’ female’ person cried, it was a big trouble to Lin Sheng.
"It is urgent that you get up first. Let’s take a long-term view. Tell me about the Xuan’ door’ first and let me think about it." After listening to Lin Sheng’s willingness to consider that Fan Xuan, this is Lin Sheng’s help.
In fact, I don’t know the biggest secret of my broadsword’s door very well. It is said that the founder of broadsword’s door chose to build a mountain here because of this mysterious door. Presumably, the predecessors have already seen that this broadsword’s door was actually a temple, but even at the risk of being spurned, the founder still chose to build a mountain’s door here. There are many faults where the mighty warrior can’t enter, but it’s dangerous. At the same time, there are poor treasures in it. If there is no secret of all kinds of genius and treasure, it will be an unusual gain if there is a great chance for people to enter it. "
"So your father went in through this thing and hasn’t come out for ten years now?" Lin Sheng eyebrows locked is didn’t think there was a similar to longevity period of independence this Ann is Lin Sheng unexpected.
"It’s true that my father was a hundred years old, and finally he was promoted to guanyu with the help of Dan’s medicine. Although he finally took the palm teaching, the broadsword’s door was already as shaky as it is now. My father urgently raised his strength to make the broadsword’s door rise in a row, but he didn’t want to go for ten years. Now the door has always been without a palm." Fan Xuan nodded.
"I can’t believe that the broadsword’ door’ has such a mystery …" Lin Sheng nodded slightly, and his heart was already moved by this mysterious place. The grandfathers of the broadsword’ door’ were so admired, and it must be true that there is such a different chance in it.
"If the elder can save my father Fan Xuan, he will repay you even if he is a cow and a horse!" Fan Xuan seems to see Lin Sheng has some conation to strike while the iron is hot
"This matter … is not impossible, but the mysterious gate seems to be a forbidden area for your broad knife. Even your brother is not allowed to enter. How can I enter?" Lin Sheng did ask a substantive question of "sex", which is so independent and there is a great chance that it is definitely not for ordinary people to get in.
"You don’t have to worry about this. Now that the broadsword’ door’ is in a precarious situation, the management will naturally be a little looser. And now that the broadsword’ door’ really needs strength, if the predecessors can find them a warrior, they will surely not say much.
"Well, if you can solve this problem, come to me again." Lin Sheng smiled indifferently and agreed to this matter.
"really! Fan Xuan thanked the predecessors first here. Rest assured that the rest of the problems will be solved. I will also ask the predecessors to make moves. "Fan Xuan’s face flashed a surprise after hearing Lin Sheng’s promise.
"Well, don’t worry, since I promised you, I won’t change my mind. Now the question is how do you tell the three elders to come to me when the time comes?" Lin Shengxian made a marching order, and Fan Xuan’s goal was natural. He left the hospital and went out just when he bumped into the one who was going to visit Lin Sheng. Heifeng was stupefied and forgot to say hello to him. She is now in a hurry to tell the elders about this matter. After all, her father has not met for more than ten years. Now it’s hard to find a warrior who is willing to help her.
"How did this Fan Xuan come here in a mysterious day?" Black wind secretly shook his head and then to the "door" landau.
"Black wind visits predecessors!"


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