Everyone is at a loss.

No one can predict where the future will go.
And the first reaction is picket department.
The desert island of Xiancheng is like fire and water. The two sides suffered heavy losses in World War I, and the whole northern mysterious days were shrouded in hatred
Seeing that the situation will be controlled by law, Zhang Ziran, the big star officer, decisively called Sifei, Siwei Erfu, Exorcism Hospital and Ministry of War South Hospital and North Hospital to pounce on repression everywhere.
This time, his methods are particularly cruel.
On a desert island or a fairy city; if the leader of the riot is arrested, he will be killed if there are rebels.
For several days in a row, some people were sentenced to be suppressed in Heaven, and some were directly sent to Sendai for beheading.
I didn’t even plead this time
The fairy officials behind the fairy city were suppressed and fell on the wind. Although they were dissatisfied, they dared to secretly scold …
In the desert island alliance, the blood tooth Buddha and the thunder ginger heavenly king were suppressed, and the dragon head of the heavenly prison group was even more miserable.
Zhang Ziran’s follow-up means are more than that.
He can even scream for half a month’s trial, and it’s hard to hide.
The high priest who invaded Xiancheng’s industry and ruined the family and ruined the island was taken to Sendai …
Some people sneaked into a desert island to poison people, causing them to die. The master of Xiancheng was killed by the thunder …
Severe punishment for the northern mysterious days, everyone is in danger.
However, due to Zhang Ziran’s fair decision, many resentments were quelled, and the war that had already been ignited was gradually extinguished …
At that time, Zhang Ziran’s prestige increased greatly.
A fairy official suggested that Zhang naturally compete for the position of heaven and lead the northern heaven out of chaos.
But this kind of eye-catching person can see that Zhang Ziran will directly refuse to concentrate on the management of the prison.
The mysterious sky in the north of the event center temporarily fell into a strange peace.
But his heaven completely fried the pot.
Northwest you Tian Tian Shu yuan
"This is outrageous!"
A dragon Buddha was furious and said to his two deities, "It’s disobedient and disrespectful for a small jailer to dare to suppress the deities and wanted great powers!"
"If everyone is so dignified, is there still majesty in heaven?"
"Please, two Taoist friends, I jointly intend to reprimand the northern heaven for immediately crushing the prison head to Sendai!"
He said he was impassioned, but his eyes were dull as if he didn’t care about it.
A Buddha smiled and said, "Wang and Qi Yao, two Buddha’s great Dojo, closed their points because they didn’t want to care about this lousy Taoist friend and would have to reinvent the wheel?"
The other person is even more rude and sarcastic. "His personnel friends may not be too lenient!"
The three camps have different positions.
The dragon Buddha was the protector of the measuring wheel Buddhist Dojo. The dragon Buddha was attacked and killed. This one immediately came up.
Everyone knows what’s going on
During the Three Realms War, the Buddha idled around and the Emperor naturally wanted to speak in the same camp.
But behind them, the two of them are equally powerful, and they are not intimidated by the dragon Buddha.
The dragon Buddha is full of anger, but it can be resisted.
The temples in Youtianting are also talking about it.
"This town prison really king xuan is lost heart crazy? How dare anyone provoke … "
"Afraid of what! I think he is a hero! Look at what this heaven has become now … "
"shh! Not bad … "
In a slant hall of the Ministry of War, there are two people sitting in chess, one is the king of heaven and earth, and the other is the disappearance of Ren Huang Guyuan.
"Gudaoyou, a fellow villager, has been in the limelight recently. If Wang sees it, he must drink thousands of cups!"
Ren Huang’s eyes are calm. "The past is broken. I don’t want to pay attention to this disturbing …"
The King of Broken Capital was surprised. "What he did will harm the ethnic group behind him. That fellow is notorious for being shameless. Aren’t you worried?"
Ren Huang calm down a "others have a strategist seeks the holy name, so madness will deliberately patiently watch it."
The King of Broken Capital is greatly interested. "I’ll see what he can do."
Ren Huang eyebrows a pick "before you worry a lot now speak so bold?"
The King of Broken Capital, hey hey, smiled. "I’ve learned his tricks, too. Please give me a dogma."
Ren Huang sighed, "dogma is in the hands of the dragon Buddha."
"Mom, forget this chi …"
Broken capital king dark scold a yoshimitsu flashing eyes.
Central Juntian Shudian
With a violent roar, the murder is pervasive
"Taoist friends accept"
The two figures are facing each other for a few times. It seems that the clouds are light and the power is compressed to the extreme, but it is so deadly that I can’t wait to eat each other raw.


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