"Come on, DreamWorks"

"Come on, birthplace of miracles"
"Come on, pit owner, you know I’ve always supported you."
Xindingsheng cinema line
"All propaganda to my department, hitting my savage girlfriend, all men blowing hard at me, how soft the article is, how to write it, and press my department to death. I don’t want to see any negative reports. ok"
"The boss doesn’t seem to blow. The net is boasting."
"You don’t know shit. If it’s a bad film, you should scold the audience’s curiosity. If you want to see it’s a good film, you should praise it until the audience can’t stand it and decide to come and see this kind of thing. I’ll teach you to give you a timely help. You don’t have that thing to add flowers to your life. Will you?"
Huaxia cinema line
"I want to see the whole cinema line without other films in the same period. My savage girlfriend has a film arrangement rate of 1."
Ma Bufan roared.
"er, manager ma, this is not good. It’s very offensive."
"What’s wrong with offending anyone? Those movie box offices add up to less than others’ heads. Give them more movies, that is, when the waves are raging, they will push my savage girlfriend in the next week."
Besides discussing the plot, Weibo is paying attention to the box office results of DreamWorks.
"Being competitive in the same period is the second Hollywood blockbuster Superman 99"
"Bah, I don’t have the competitiveness. It’s not enough for 42 countries and regions to draw the first day box office at the same time."
"Hahahaha, China fights the world? I like it."
"Come on, I’m waiting for my girlfriend to get the ball. It’s the first box office in a week."
"Roll Yuxuan Leng is my daughter.
Segmented reading 41
Friends "
"Stop it and draw your sword."
Yeah, China War. The world still asks if you’re okay with this battle.
Army attack
"I reported that my savage girlfriend released the box office the next day, and the total box office broke 1.5 billion."
"I reported that my girlfriend broke the historical record for two consecutive days on Saturday and Sunday, and the screening scale also reached a record high."
"Don’t sign up for the box office list of returning the ball for a week. My savage girlfriend has been sitting tight. Superman 99 was cold in a large area, not to mention the first week. The total box office of 500 million US dollars may not have this schedule. No one can play. Haha"
A week later.
My savage girlfriend "Su Cannon" crushed the top box office weekly list with a small goal.
Chapter seven hundred and forty-five Pit master really small goal
"DreamWorks, the birthplace of miracles, has achieved the main goal of creating miracle pits again"
"My savage girlfriend crushed the top box office weekly list with 300 million box office in the first week of screening."
"Foreign media shocked my savage girlfriend to sweep the army to the top of the box office weekly list."
"Hollywood Superman, the first crazy guy in 990, 200 million, give me back."
"The champion of the box office weekly list achieved a small goal. I asked who else was in the first week of the ball monthly list of 300 million yuan."
Online media has exploded.
What "Su Cannon"? Who dares to call it the heartless pit master? It’s very heartless. His girlfriends are suddenly "barbaric" with the wind and are afraid.
In a simple office
An old man put out a newspaper and shook his head with a smile.
"Well, I told you that this is not a thing in the pool. This strategic vision and this decision-making method are not comparable to him. I want to catch him as a natural leader once I see him."
"Ha boss is not so exaggerated?"
"exaggeration is that I am conservative, so I should take him into the counselor’s office. At this age, I can’t find a few countries.
That’s a beautiful hand. Let’s consider it a bad film, not to mention the quality of the film.
From the time he planned to release the film, he laid out all the resources and channels to publicize himself, and then ran out with confidence and shouted a small goal of 300 million to add the last fire. Naturally, people will be sarcastic and sarcastic. I tell you that it is not hanging at all.
In doing so, he created a contradiction by himself, and the pre-sale of 600 million box office after the first round was his greatest advantage.
The figure of 600 million pre-sales must have been the champion of the first day of the ball in this schedule. After the first-hand success, I will throw out an impact ball box office list to guide public opinion to shift and create contradictions. We will rush to the stab ball box office list.
With this pre-sale basis, people in Canada are eager for Chinese films to make a splash and hope to add a trace of national will through the guidance of public opinion.
Do you think he can make a lot of money and wash his nickname Su cannon clean?
One minute, you can laugh wildly, and the next, you have to hold him and do your best to hold his strategic vision of the overall situation.
Everyone else is watching the country, and he has long been ready to go to the world. One step ahead is genius, and he is an absolute genius and natural leader. "
Secretly smiled and replied, "The quality of his films is really good. It’s really hard for him to be unsuccessful when he has the right time and the right place."
"Ha-ha, I said that this chicken thief is a movie. I don’t have time to watch love and love young people, so I won’t join in the excitement."
"Boss, I still have one thing I don’t understand. What is he doing? Is it really making money? On the surface, it looks like this, but I always feel that something is wrong."
"Don’t guess, there’s no need to guess. The motivation for doing this little thing has always been simple. Threatening and indulging have never been to him. He has always been a gamer’s attitude. Before things get nasty, he will love 100 million pieces. Do you want him to be happy for one yuan?
The money made is absolutely convenient and real. It may be something that we look important but he treats as a treasure. He cares about things that are different from others. I can’t find it accurately. Don’t think that he will take the initiative to contribute. Zhang Lao told me. "
Boss said cheerfully a clap forehead.
"By the way, I asked you to find someone."
"I’m looking for news."
"Well, as soon as possible, I have to blackmail this small one and not make him too arrogant."
It’s a bit unscientific to switch the direction of public opinion instantly. According to the law, it will, but it won’t be so fast. So who is the behind-the-scenes trader?
Suluo ha ha a smile.
It’s easy to transfer contradictions
In any case, we must always reconcile with them. If we have a common goal, there will be no contradiction. It’s as simple as that. Look at the old American economy is dying. What should we do if the people protest loudly? Find a Middle Eastern country to blow up the contradiction between countries, right? The situation is hello, I am good, and everyone is good.


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