There is no way to upgrade as quickly as before.

However, the appearance of two crystals of gods made Liu Yuan find a way to improve his strength quickly.
It is a very good catalyst to be able to achieve superevolution and crystallization.
When Tam and others realized that they were far beyond their current strength,
They will be able to adjust their future cultivation direction according to their experience at that time.
This doubt is equivalent to first reading the answers and then following them.
After all, crossing the river by feeling the stones and crossing the river by following the predecessors are two concepts.
Think of this Liu Yuan called Tam to his side.
At this time, Tam seems to covet the crystallization of five-color dragons and gods in Liu Yuan’s hands.
It looks at this crystal of God, and its eyes are full of longing.
"Tam, you can have this thing."
Liu Yuan put the five-color dragon crystal in his hand in Tam’s hand.
Tam, however, soon changed after he got this crystal of God.
See as Tam instilled his spiritual power into the crystallization of the five-color dragon and god.
A dazzling light flashed from the crystal of the five-color dragon and god.
Then a huge virtual shadow appeared at the top of Tam.
It looked at Fonttam as if looking at something.
Then I don’t know what information the five-color dragon virtual shadow perceived.
It nodded its approval and then slowly merged into Tam’s body.
And when this diamond-level five-color dragon virtual shadow and Tam’s body are merged together, Tam’s body has undergone amazing changes.
That represents the evolution of life, and the light flashes from Tam.
Then Tam’s body surface began to appear a lot of scales.
The original symbol of magic lines also became more complicated in this process.
Besides scales, Tam’s limbs have become more stout.
A little while later, a new creature with white scales and a diamond gem appeared in front of Liu Yuan.
With curiosity, Liu Yuan looked at Tam’s panel at the moment.
【 Fairy frog (pseudo) 】
[Attribute Fairy]
[Grade Diamond One Star (Pseudo)]
Seeing that the name of Tam’s race has changed, Lu Yuan clearly knows that this five-color dragon crystal has had a great influence on Tam.
At this time, Tam’s physical strength was not only raised to an alarming level.
Even its own spiritual level has reached the level of diamond one week.
Although this state of the eye is not Tam’s real strength, it is beneficial to the crystal super-evolution of God to reach a short-lived state.
But this state of Tam doubt is very powerful.
Even Liu Yuan felt that he had no chance of winning at this time.
Although Liu Yuan relied on the four elephants to assist in the fierce battle, he has been able to make himself have comparable diamond attack power for a short time.
But having such attack power does not mean that Liu Yuan’s strength at that time has been able to match the diamond-level strong.
After all, Liu Yuan had diamond attack power at that time.
But there is no matching spirit and amazing defense.
If you really let Liu Yuan fight with that diamond-class strong.
The best he can do is to hurt the other side and really defeat the other side.
And once the other party is serious, it relies on the diamond-grade special body that is close to the integration of heaven and earth.
Even if Lu Yuan is desperate, the final probability is that the law will do too much harm to the other party.
But the eye tam is different. In this state, the diamond grade is the standard diamond grade.
Tam can fight head-on with the diamond-class strong if he wants to fight when he is limited.
And after observing Tam for a moment, Liu Yuan sharingan probably understood that Tam could make himself reach such a special form, M.
Diamond-class strong people are recognized by heaven and earth, thus gaining the ability to fight with the help of heaven and earth.
And God crystallized the strength of a diamond-level strong man after his death.
In a sense, it is equivalent to a key to unlock the forces of heaven and earth.
Holding this key in hand, Tam is naturally equivalent to having pried open the door to force heaven and earth.
But if you want to open this door, you must not only have the attributes that match this key.
And the messenger’s own strength also needs to reach a certain level.
Otherwise, even if they hold such a key, they can still achieve the degree that platinum body gains diamond power.
It can be said that although the crystal of God is powerful, its limitations are equally obvious.
Generally, pet animals can achieve the requirement of crystallization by the root method.
Shi Huang told Lu Yuan that there was a second time when God crystallized.


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