What should we do?

Everyone has no idea, no energy!
a storied building
Li Chu sat in the office and bowed their heads and continued to look at Qin Yu’s information when a man suddenly walked in outside.
"how about it? !” Li looked up and asked
"A suspect has gone into shock and asked whether to continue the trial!"
"Trial!" Li nodded. "If we don’t come up with some real evidence, we will be in trouble! Intensify your efforts and ask for an answer tonight! "
"I estimate that the shock has stopped for two hours at most, and I will definitely make him vomit," said the young man, "but there may be some sequelae!"
"It’s okay for these people. They’re nobody’s business." Li Chu got up and said, "Let’s go with you and have a look. Hurry up and pry these people’s mouths open!"
Say that finish Li step will go toward outside walk.
Just then there was a sudden gust of wind outside the window and a light shone on the room.
Li looked back and saw a helicopter landing outside and immediately scolded 1, "Dog Day, which department is this?" Next to the fucking building? There are no rules! "
"I’ll ask!" The young responded.
Li Yin face stepped out of the office.
The outdoor helicopter didn’t go to the apron but stopped directly in front of the main building gate.
In the engine room, a middle-aged man in his forties, half wearing a pilot’s leather jacket, half wearing camouflage overalls and boots, shaved neatly, and crew cut came down the ladder neatly.
"Step on step!"
Four guards at the gate of the main building rushed over with guns and meteors.
"That unit? Who told you to park the plane here? " Leading guards speak HeWen.
Crew cut middle-aged glanced at each other and didn’t reply.
The cabin once had a conversation with Qin Yu in the north, and Lin Xiaoling and four other troops also jumped up.
Crew cut glanced at the crowd and walked quickly towards the steps.
Soldiers directly raise their guns "to ask you? Take out your documents! "
Crew cut glanced at each other and kept walking. "I have no documents!"
"You live for me!" The soldier pointed his gun at crew cut.
The left army grabbed the barrel leg lifts and stepped on each other’s lower abdomen. "Are you stupid? ! Can’t you see the height of your eyebrows? "
"Are you fucking blind? ! Look at the plane number. What department is this? Wuzhi! " Lin Xiao stared at her eyes and yelled, and pushed another person with one hand.
Four soldiers smell back to look at the Wu Zhi profile number and then stay leng.
A line of six people stepped into the hall, just in time to catch Li Si and others and just came back, accompanied by the little leader of the military intelligence department.
Li Si and Lao Dong didn’t know each other and just didn’t take it seriously.
Lin Xiaochong came to talk succinctly and asked, "Who is the Military Intelligence Department? !”
The little leader was stunned. "Who are you?"


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