The original sachet is not a daughter’s house, but a steel arrow. The blood trough of the arrow is suddenly and suddenly, and it is not surprising to see this evil thing in the boudoir.

Qu Yan ran suddenly raised his head when he saw the arrow and cut a short arrow shaft with a line of fine print.
Yang E Huang’s heart feels different, but seeing Qu Yan ran forehand holding an arrow, he couldn’t help but reach out and touch the sachet to his waist.
Qu Yan ran saw that the fine print of the arrow shaft was Li Chong’s 93 words.
Qu Yan ran suddenly felt a lot of people with the same name, but how many people can Yang E Huang know named Li Chongjiu?
She spent a month together when Li Zhong went upstairs in September to recognize his handwriting, and these three words were obviously from his hand.
I remember that Li Chongjiu said at that time that he was a humble Beowulf and couldn’t write in big characters. The writing of Li Chongjiu’s 93-character brush was crooked and I couldn’t compliment it. No wonder that the paper was so bad that people almost threw it away when I was playing pipa that day.
Li Chongjiu was the companion of Qi Wangfu, but Princess Changle was a guest of Qi Wangfu. She must have known this person. Yes, Princess Changle knew that when Qi Wang Pipa had someone to help him catch the knife, how could she not know that it was Li Chongjiu who caught the knife?
The two had known each other for a long time, and now Yang E Huang would like to hide this arrow shaft as a personal object. If it is not white, her mind is not surprising that Li Er Langjun, who is full of heroic spirit, doesn’t want to go to Chang’ an and Luoyang. It turns out that her heart has long been dedicated.
Yang E Huang saw Qu Yan ran holding the arrow slightly and explained, "Sister Yanmen, my father was surrounded by two hundred thousand fighters from Turkey in Fenyang Palace five years ago, and I was instructed by Fan Shang to break through for help. On the way, a Turkic cavalry ambushed me and a Turk climbed into my carriage. Fortunately, this man saved me with an arrow."
"I can’t forget saving my life, so I’ve been keeping this arrow with me as a token to pray for his safety."
When they met at the end of his life, they had a life-saving grace song. "It turns out that the person who saved my sister is the secretariat of Youzhou today."
"Well" Yang E Huang nodded, but see song yan ran looked up stupefied at his wrist gently shaking.
"Sister, why are you so pale?"
Qu Yan ran smiled and said, "Maybe it’s a little cold, sister. I’m a little unwell."
Yang E Huang earnestly said, "Sister …"
"It’s okay. I’ll just lie down."
Say "Qu Yan ran put the sachet in his hand and turned out of the wing door to stay in a secluded place. He leaned against the shoulders of the roof board and could not restrain himself from tears.
Liyang doesn’t know when it rains like a waterfall.
There is a faint smell of sandalwood at the tip of Wei Gong’s house.
When Li Chongjiu woke up slowly and opened his eyes, he saw that his first sandalwood box in Yi Long was hanging high, and the sandalwood smoke was rising.
Ear is rushing rain Li Chongjiu pinched his forehead. After arriving in Liyang City these days, Shi Biao treated Li Chongjiu very thick. Every day, a small banquet was held for two days, and a big banquet was held by Li Chongjiu. However, this wine pool is also very unbearable in the meat forest.
Although there is no way for the high school generals and officials of Wagangjun to talk about it one by one, it is also considered that they have a familiar face in front of them and matched the paper materials.
After Li Chongjiu got up, someone sent him ginseng soup to sober up. These days, Li Chongjiu, who lives in Wei Gongfu, is very comfortable, but at the same time, he also saw that the life of Wagangjun is like luxury. Fortunately, Shi Biao was originally a brother of the cremation who knew luxury, such as restraining himself from being in Wagangjun’s people, but they all seem to have been ten thousand years old.
So even if Shi Biao is still, where is Wagangjun? Li Chongjiu is not so heart-warming.
While Li Chongjiu was drinking ginseng soup, the pro-health outside reported to Wang Junkuo for audience.
Li Chongjiu immediately got up and put on his clothes and saw Wang Junkuo say "visit juwan"
Wang Junkuo with the wave motioned Li Chongjiu don’t have to bother to sit back and say "something happened in Xiao Jiu".
Li Chongjiu saw that Wang Junkuo personally came to know that something big was going to happen and asked, "Uncle?"
Wang Junkuo said, "Xu Shiji sent a confidant to tell me that Li Yuan’s second husband, Qin Wang Li Shimin, secretly came to Liyang, and last night, he entered the government and held a secret meeting with Wei Gong."
Li Chongjiu pondered a little and said, "Li Shimin must have come to talk about it. Do you think that Li Mifei can move Li Shimin in a few words?"
Wang Junkuo caressed his beard and said with a dignified face, "If the king of Qin came, it’s just that when Wei Hui met the king of Qin that day, he deliberately transferred someone to inspect the city. Obviously, he didn’t want me to know about this great event."
Li Chongjiu heard that the in the mind a unter den andao bad transferred Wang Junkuo said shi biao heart in ghosts.
Li Chongjiu said to Wang Junkuo, "Xu Shiji has ordered someone to tell you that his heart is with us, so I can secretly pass the news to see his mind."
Before Wang Junkuo finished his words, he suddenly heard that the Duke of Wei had arrived.
Li Chongjiu and Wang Junkuo both looked at each other and got up to the door to meet Shi Biao.
Shi Biao is still dressed as a feather fan with a black ribbon scarf. After seeing Li Chongjiu, he said, "Dear brother, are you awake?" General Wang, you are also here. "
Li Chongjiu and Wang Junkuo couldn’t guess whether Shi Biao really knew in advance or not, and Wang Junkuo didn’t know this.
The other party is deep and shrewd, and it’s not that two people can see from their faces that Li Chongjiu said, "Please work hard, Wei Gongxin, I slept very well. If it weren’t for Dou Jiande in Youzhou, I would really like to stay here for another month."
Shi Biao said with a slight displeasure, "My good brother will be in such a hurry that you and I met at the end of the century. Over the past few years, we have been far apart, and it’s easy to get together. You must rest assured that if anything happens to Dou Jiande, you and I will be attacked by the north and the south."
Li Chongjiu laughed and said nothing.
Shi Mi said, "Today, my brother came to swim with me."
With that, Shi Biao took Li Chongjiu’s hand and went out together. Before he left, Wang Junkuo made a careful look at Li Chongjiu.
The ox cart was prepared outside the mansion, which is the legacy of the gentry in Wei, Jin and Qin Dynasties. Scholars or wagons were expensive in the Qin and Han Dynasties. It is said that in the early Han Dynasty, wagons could not ride in the same ox cart because of the fatigue of national strength.
In the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the gentry began to like ox carts. At that time, people loved metaphysics and talked slowly, but they talked about the mysterious people with ox carts, which was very popular because of their leisurely environment.
For example, when Shi Biao and Li Chongjiu went out, they took the ox cart with two shafts and two wheels and four oxen to drive the open view to block out. If there were no hemp fiber, Shi Biao’s robe, big sleeves, feather fans and nylon towels, the ox cart would be very suitable.
Shi Biao invited Li Chongjiu to go out and I don’t know what interest. Despite the heavy rain, hundreds of pro-guards escorted the bus to the Yellow River outside Liyang City.
The Yellow River is surging. Li Mi and Li Chongjiu pointed out like a mountain. "Dear brother, you see that Liyang is near Yongji Canal in the west and the Yellow River is convenient to transport water in the east. In the Sui Dynasty, an official warehouse was set up to collect grain and millet from Hebei in a distant warehouse city, so the people have a cloud and Liyang collects Kyushu solid."
Li Chongjiu didn’t know that Li Mila himself came here to say this, but Li Yangcang was rich. He knew the history of Li Yangcang. After Li Mi took it, he scattered grain and gathered troops. Two hundred thousand people gathered in Dou Jiande. Li Yangcang collected all the grain and grass in Shandong, and the grain and grass in Cangcheng finally came to Li Shimin in the eleventh year of Zhenguan. He also reported that the grain and grass in Li Yangcang had been exhausted.
Compared with yourself, it’s easy to seize the granary of Zhuojun County and the Taiyuan warehouse city offered by Pei Ji when Li Yuan Jinyang, the gap is really not as big as usual.
It is no wonder that the Wagang Army did not take precautions against the counties in Hebei and Henan after capturing Liyang Warehouse and returning to Luocang, because there was an endless supply of troops in the second warehouse.
Li Chongjiu knew that Shi Biao wouldn’t say these words because he said, "This is a gift from heaven to Wang Ba. Wei Gongzheng can take this opportunity to make a comeback by selecting the lean army of Hebei and Henan refugees."
Li Chongjiu really doesn’t know what Li Shimin took to shake Shi Biao. After all, history is very different. Li Mi, the hand of Liyang Warehouse, will not give up.
Shi Biao heard Li Chongjiu say this with a long sigh and said, "Well said, you know this truth, my good brother, and you know that my foolish brother knows it, but it happened that there are a bunch of ignorant mortals who can’t understand it." To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-nine Right time, right place and right person
Seeing that Shi Biao showed regret, Li Chongjiu vaguely guessed that Shi Biao had changed his mind. It seems that the reason is not from Shi Biao but from Shi Biao’s people.
When Shi Biao Yang Xuangan went into exile after the defeat, he was recommended by Wang Bodang to Zhairengfang. After entering Wagangzhai, Shi Biao Wagangzhai made great contributions repeatedly, while Zhai Rang knew that his beadle status was insufficient and ordered Tian to usurp the position of Da Sui Jiangshan to give way to Li Shi Biao, who was born in Zhao County.
With the powerful Wagang Army, Zhai Rang didn’t straighten his position, which led to the conflict between Li Mi’s new entry into Pushan public office, the old collectors’ side of Sui Dynasty, and the veteran side when Zhai Rang and other Wagang Army were founded.
So Shi Biao killed Zhai Rang, but it also caused a rift in Dan Xiongxin Xu Shiji’s achievements in Tai Yuan.
Shi Biao monopolized the big and became strong. Since he won every battle, his prestige has made tile hills gather together. His performance still remains the most promising. He took the Sui room instead of the first power. However, after the two defeats in Mangshan and Luoshui, Shi Biao’s prestige was also lost.
Otherwise, the loss of Shi Biao’s prestige would not have forced Shi Biao to invest in Central Li Tang by virtue of the fact that Xu Jingzong, the secretary of Liu Xie’s office, almost succeeded in "forcing the palace."
Shi Biao’s tone seems to be quite bleak now.
Li Chongjiu looked at Shi Mi and asked, "What happened to Brother?"
Shi Biao smiled and said, "The thing is that I have a good brother who is at the end of the road."
Li Chongjiu hurriedly said, "How dare Wei Gong show his younger brother all the time if he has orders?"
Shi Biao smiled and picked up Li Chongjiu’s hand and said, "It’s enough to be relieved to have a brother. Brother assured that he hasn’t reached that point yet, but this sentence of having a brother serves to show that someone has not paid you this brother for nothing."
With that, Shi Biao ordered the carriage to sail back to Wei Gongfu, the king of Wei Gongfu, Mahan Wang Junkuo, who had been fidgeting for a long time. It was a great joy to see Li Chongjiu come back safely.
When the three men returned to the house, King Mahan said, "His mother Shi Biao is really an ungrateful dog thief. We saved Liyang for him and he wanted to surrender Li Tang."
Li Chongjiu said, "The matter is inconclusive. This is just our speculation, or maybe we guessed Wei Gong wrong."
Wang Mahan said, "That’s all. I don’t understand this roundabout thing. It’s the second husband. Since Xiao Jiu came back safely, you should go back. Shi Biao is suspicious."
Wang Junkuo said, "What do you know, asshole? If so, it’s even more obvious that I have a ghost in my heart. Xiao Jiu is my nephew, Wagangjun, and it’s well known that if I avoid suspicion everywhere, it’s called Shi Biao suspicion."
Li Chongjiu said, "What the second uncle said is very true."


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