This is the dark dragon Hogg, a guy who is so cold that he has almost no feelings.

Although he knew he couldn’t escape, Hogg didn’t give up.
He looked at the three men in the sky and threatened, "What are you? Don’t you know that I have joined the alliance?"
"If you fight me, the alliance will not let you go."
"And I have spread the news here. My strength league attaches great importance to me. I think the league’s chief champion, King Lu Yuan, should have come."
"Although your strength is good, if you meet the land king field, it will never be good."
"If you are smart, leave early. I can pretend that nothing happened."
See hogg this time also want to Smith ockham three expression suddenly became weird.
Ockham watched Hogg directly pierce each other’s last disguise.
"Hogg, do you think we’ll believe you?"
Even at this time, Hogg still keeps his mouth shut.
"What, do you think I’m joking?"
"I, the dark dragon Hogg, can be a guest of all major powers wherever I go. It has become the consensus of all major powers to join the alliance. Although I did something wrong in my early years."
"But my strength is also here. After some twists and turns, I succeeded in joining the alliance."
"Do you know what you are doing now? You are fighting against the whole alliance! "
In the face of Hogg’s last filial piety, ockham directly refused to give him a little face
"Against the whole league? When can a dog abandoned by the league also represent the league? "
"What you just said is also true."
"We really dare not fight with the alliance for the time being and dare not attract the attention of King Lu."
"But before all this, I was a member of your Hogwarts League."
"Hogg, Hogg, don’t you know what we’re looking for?"
"It is precisely because you are one of the few diamond-level strong people in this world who have been abandoned by the alliance!"
"Isolated aid is our last hunting target."
"And we can bet that even if we know your current situation, the alliance will not come to save you even if it comes back."
"They will wait until after you die, so do you understand?"
"Your dark dragon Hogg is doomed to escape today."
I heard ockham say everything to this.
Hogg is no longer struggling at this time.
"I haven’t seen any big waves in Hogwarts for a hundred years."
"Want my life, right? That depends on whether you have this thing! "
With Hogg’s roar, his body began to enlarge.
And finally became a 100-meter giant black dragon.
As Hogg spread his wings, the whole day seemed to be covered.
And a large number of dark spiritual forces began to spread around and eventually covered the whole island.
At this time, Hogg is as oppressive as the black dragon that can devour the world tree in myth.
In contrast, it is normal human size. ockham’s momentum is a lot worse at this time
But in the face of this time, Hogg showed despair, not ockham.
But the dark dragon Hogg overhead
Hogg knows very well that he doesn’t have to fight against these three people.
Even one person himself may not be able to overcome it.
But it’s not Hogwarts to wait and die
Even if there is a chance in ten thousand, he will try his best to take a chance.
If there is anything Hogg regret most at this time.
That is, he felt that he should not have been so arrogant.
Once upon a time, he really had many opportunities to mend fences with the league.
As far as the algorithm is concerned, it can directly form an alliance like the mermaid clan.


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