Shang Yang’s black fog and Bai Xixi’s white fog flooded everyone in an instant.

The fog of two colors is intertwined with each other, but it is completely different.
"ding!" "ding!" "ding!" ……
The two-person piano keeps poking.
There are more and more white fog and black fog, and a sense of vastness instantly fills everyone’s mind.
"Why are Qin Xiang and Shang Yang’s songs so similar?" Jiang tai surprised way
"Because they are playing the same song!" Song Fengyi frown way
"Since ancient times, the sage Fuxi’s" Tian Tian Qu "!" Song Fengyi explained
"Fuxi fills the sky?" Jiang Tai gave me a trace of doubt.
"But I heard that this song coincides with the mystery of heaven, and the length and speed of each sound are very accurate, which corresponds to a path of heaven. Unfortunately, in the later period, most of it was lost, and a small part of it was left to be vertical. That small part of the piano sounds can be supplemented, and all of them can be made into outstanding music. It takes talent to learn music, and no one who wants to learn can master it!" Song Fengyi explained
"Now this white fog, black fog …!" Jiang Tai frowned at the poor fog.
"Fantasy!" Song Fengyi explained
"Fantasy?" Jiang tai surprised way
"Have you ever seen a game fantasy?" Song Fengyi asked
Jiang Tai suddenly thought that Mr. Yan and Mr. Resin could make themselves fall into dreamland.
"Piano chess painting piano first chess second piano sound directly to the public feeling is also the most confusing mind! What you see may be a fantasy! " Song Fengyi explained
At this moment, suddenly, the fog filled the world and there was a shout of killing.
In the Great Wildness, it seems that there is a rolling army calling for the killing of the white army and the black army, which come from the white fog area of Bailixi and the black fog area of Shangyang respectively.
White fog and black fog are intertwined and the two armies are fighting.
"Ding ding ding ding!"
"Knock, knock!"
The two piano sounds collide with each other and no one will let them.
And Jiang Tai felt that it was not a small lake before, but a battlefield that was magnified several times.
Himself and the opposite small courtyard are floating to the top of the sky, which is the number of fighting and killing between the two countries.
On the platform of Nine Clouds, the music of Bailixi and Shang Yang keeps on playing.
A series of piano sounds, a series of lightning and rainbows rushed straight at each other and let the two armies kill each other.
However, when the two pianos compete, the white army is better and the black army is slightly frustrated.
"Win without arrogance and defeat and complain!" Black withering resounds through Shang Yang.
The black army’s morale revived and the killing became more and more fierce.
"flashy but not real!" Bai Wei comes with a hundred Li Xi sounds.
The white army’s fighting spirit is getting higher and higher


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