"hey!" Yin Kaishan followed Li Shimin for a long time and believed in his command. He immediately nodded and promised to leave in a hurry.

Li Daoxuan hurriedly asked, "What does the king of Qin mean?" Tang Jun’s withdrawal gave it to Liu Heita, didn’t it?
Li Shimin laughed. "Don’t worry, you’ll be white in two hours."
Tang Jun gradually withdrew the fierce offensive and temporarily stopped. The soldiers in Xia Jun felt that the pressure was tight. Even Dou Jiande couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. He had never seen such a fierce siege war, which made him breathless. However, with the withdrawal of Tang Jun, he was able to breathe a sigh of relief temporarily. He watched Tang Jun leave Dou Jiande, and his heart became more and more worried. Tang Jun’s combat effectiveness is really strong. This Youzhou Army and Bing Army are the foundation for the preparation of the army. The combat effectiveness of the old Sui government soldiers is really remarkable.
Xia Jun foot soldiers are all sweaty, and their clothes have been wet. Many people want to lie down and rest, but Su Dingfang forbid them to lie down, but let them help each other to walk slowly through the wall. At the same time, a group of fresh troops take the wall from the other side to take over the former position and make a defensive posture.
"Let the soldiers rest and restore their physical strength as soon as possible when the meal is tight. Patrol soldiers must be vigilant and never take it lightly!" Dou Jiande commanded that even if Tang Jun retreated, he could not be careless.
Su Dingfang replied that Fan Yuan, who was about to retreat, came in a hurry and told him that "Tang Jun, the king of Xia, retreated."
"Even if you retreat, you can’t be careless. I’m afraid they will come to attack the city at any time!" Dou Jiande said.
Fan Yuan added, "Xia Wang, I mean, the Tang army has withdrawn and will not attack Le Shou for the time being."
"Huh?" Dou Jiande one leng quickly walked out of the tower and looked intently. Tang Jun had almost disappeared, and you could vaguely see the Li Shimin flag shaking in the west wind.
"Tang Jun is retreating?" Dou Jiande feels incredible. After all, Tang Jun’s offensive is too fierce. What do you think? It’s all about trying to break Le Shou’s sample. After going to Le Shou City several times, Li Shimin will choose to retreat.
Dou Jiande looked intently and thought for half a ring. "Even so, we can’t relax. The gate is still closed. People are not allowed to open it. Let me know as soon as Tang Jun is killed."
Su Dingfang fuels a way "here"
Dou Jiande patted Su Dingfang on the shoulder with Ruan Jun and others in a hurry. Chengtou turned over and the horse was about to rush to Cao Shi on horseback.
"madam!" Dou Jiande saw Cao Shi calling her.
Cao Shi heard the sound coming in a hurry, and the maid behind her was holding a basket.
"Husband, it’s already noon. I think you’re hungry. I made a cake for you to eat for the time being." Cao Shi said, taking the basket from the maid and opening the lid to reveal the golden Hu cake. It seems that Hu cake is still steaming, which makes people drool.
"Thank you, madam!" Dou Jiande said, reaching out to find out two Hu cakes and then handing them to Ruan Junran, and then handing him QinBing a basket, Dou Jiande couldn’t remember the leftover residue and stuffed it in his mouth. He couldn’t speak, but he rushed away at Cao Shi.
Cao Shi glanced at Dou Jiande and sighed, and took the maid back to the office to cook some more food.
When Dou Jiande arrived at the North Gate, screaming and killing filled his eardrums. Jumping horses rushed to Chengtou and saw that the horror of Chengtou was worse than that of Simon.
At this time, Liu Heita has fallen into a desperate situation, and there are forward, forward and forward before him!
No matter whether the arrow feather was from Sui Dynasty or Tang Dynasty, Liu Heita could continue to give birth only if he broke the happy life. He personally supervised the army and even personally killed a cold-blooded soldier, Han Dongjun. He had no retreat and could rush forward desperately because of retreat, but he might live.
Dou Jiande tightly stared at the stalwart body outside the city. He was not white. When two people were born together, they were killed from the blood of ShiShan. How did two people come to this? Immortality may be the true portrayal of the two at the moment.
Perhaps most people will have selfishness before death, and they would rather live than benefit. Isn’t there a pure friendship without impurities in this world? Will all friendships become vulnerable due to the erosion of time and money? Maybe. Maybe!
Outside the city, Liu Heita kept a close eye on ChengTou, which made him breathe, and at this time he got the news of Tang Jun’s withdrawal.
Tang Jun’s reason for withdrawing troops was so ridiculous that he had to retreat after lunch. Liu Heita couldn’t help cursing "It’s not enough to plan vertically!" I despise Li Shimin more than half a point in my heart. After all, I was still young and didn’t know how to cherish it. I gave Dou Jiande a break for lunch. It’s not terrible for such an enemy. Liu Heita thinks that after attacking Le Shou, he will definitely defeat Li Shimin and become the real overlord of Hebei!
Although he had a great opinion about Li Shimin, Liu Heita decided not to retreat because he had no way out and Chengtou Xia Jun looked very tired. If he continued to attack, he would be able to break Le Shou.
Liu Heita let the soldiers take turns to rest and take turns to attack the city. At the same time, he still paid attention to the situation in Tang Jun
Soon he received news that Li Shimin had withdrawn from the camp, which made Liu Heita despise Li Shimin even more.
However, he didn’t know that Li Shimin was about to launch an attack. The soldiers in Tang Jun didn’t know what the generals were going to do, but in a moment they got the answer they wanted.
The dam of Yahe River was dug up by Liu Hongji and accumulated for more than half a month. The river rushed out and roared towards the swimming. The river crossed the river bank and rushed to villages, crops, trees and hillocks along both sides of Yahe River. The ground or large or small creatures were swept away by the sudden river and then floated on the water surface, helping to be at the mercy of the river.
When the river hit around Leshou City, Li Shimin Tang Jun Camp was stationed in a highland, thus avoiding the impact of the river and dodging a bullet.
Le Shoucheng also came alive in this turbulent wave, relying on the tall and solid wall to rush in. The river was divided into two parts and continued to run forward along the wall. The river took away the ground bodies and swept away the residual blood on the ground, leaving nothing.
Even though the city walls were sheltered safely, the defenders of Leshou City looked at the flood roaring like a dragon, and everyone was shocked when it was mixed with wood and dead bodies.
The flood impact of the tall city wall kept shivering. This situation lasted for a long time until the water slowed down and the wall stopped shivering. Only then did Xia Jun soldiers look at a man with a lingering fear and feel glad in his heart.
And what does Liu Heita do at this time? He still struggled to attack the city, hoping to take it, but when the mountains and rivers rushed in, his heart was filled with despair.
Liu Heita instantly understood that this was a conspiracy of Li Shimin. He built a dam and waited for this day!
Liu Heita let his guard down because of Li Shimin’s fierce and fearless siege. He was not so ruthless in Li Shimin, but the reality told him that Li Shimin not only wanted to break Leshou City, but also wanted his life in Liu Heita.
Liu Heita responded at the first time. He quickly jumped off the podium and tried to ride away, but most of the Han Dongjun heard the stormy sound, and they were too scared to walk. Han Dongjun blocked Liu Heita’s attempt to escape. He killed one person after another in front of him, but he didn’t wait for him to kill all the people. The podium was washed away, and the layers of corpses were rolled up and moved along the waves. The bodies of Han Dongjun who tried to escape were pinned down. They were deeply mired in the mire and struggled hard for a while, and finally they choked to death. Then a wave of river rushed to roll up their bodies and pinned down more Han Dongjun soldiers
In the chaos, Liu Zhan was drowned by the river. Liu Heita rode fast, but after escaping for two miles, he was swept away by the river. Dou Jiande, the right-hand man who was once a famous hero in Hebei Province, died in this way. When people found him in the water, his black and fat body had been swollen by the river, and the whole person was white. I didn’t know Liu Heita’s identity. The people in Pingyuan County dug a deep pit and buried him with the same number of drowned soldiers.
All dreams and ambitions were dashed with this sudden flood.
It was not until half a year later that Dou Jiande read the old feelings and went through hardships that he found Liu Heita’s body and buried him in a hill in his hometown in Zhangnan. At that time, Dou Jiande left a long sigh.
The 739th chapter into a bamboo chest
At first sight, the flood was everywhere, and Qin Shubao looked at the looming corpse in the flood, and his eyes were thoughtful
Li Shimin’s face in front of him is determined. "After this war, Liu Heita must not fight back. It will take some time for Dou Jiande’s defeated troops to attack Leshou and unify Hebei."
Liu Hongji couldn’t bear to show his face. He looked at Li Shimin and said, "Qin Wang’s plan is wonderful, but many brothers’ bodies have been swept away and I’m afraid it’s hard to find them and send them back to their hometown."
Sui and Tang dynasties government military system, all the bones of soldiers who went out to war will be sent back to their hometowns for burial, and the families of soldiers who died will be comforted and given money and preferential policies. Therefore, in the middle Tang Dynasty, the bones of soldiers could not be sent back to their families, and they could not be compensated accordingly. Many people did not want to go to the army again, and Datang could recruit mercenaries.
Li Shimin heard Liu Hongji’s words that he was slightly unhappy to do great things, and he was informal. When his father and eldest brother slaughtered the people in Chengcheng County, didn’t they just stabilize the morale? Today, he made the flooding plan in Li Shimin, which can not only quickly destroy the strong wind enemy, but also reduce the loss of Datang. This is a good plan.
However, today’s Li Shimin is not the past Li Shimin. He coughed a little, "Alas, I was eager to win at the moment but forgot that this section was my fault. I will definitely invite monks to turn over their dead souls in the future."
The king of Qin can plead guilty like this. What else can Liu Hongji say? He had to shake his head and focus on Le Shoucheng.
In the distance, Leshou City has been flooded. Judging from the degree of flooding, it is at least half a person high.
"What should I do if the king of Qin receives it?" Before Qin Shubao was silent for half a ring, he asked that although he was not very happy with the practice of the king of Qin, the king of Qin was kind to him, and Qin Shubao felt that he could bear it.
Li Shimin looked at the flood and was not in a hurry to talk. The flood soaked Le Shoucheng will collapse sooner or later, but Li Shimin has another good plan
"Let the three armies rest tonight and attack the city early!" After Li Shimin finished, he turned and left. Yu Zhongshui looked at each other and wondered what medicine was sold in the gourd in the Temple of the King of Qin.
In Leshou City, Dou Jiande personally took Leshou soldiers and civilians to repair the city wall. Although the sudden flood did not wash away the city wall, many leaks made the city wall look precarious. Dou Jiande was busy until late at night before returning to the house to rest.
At this time, Yang You led his troops forward again, 50 miles away from the river, 70 miles away from Leshou, and less than 150 miles away.
Just stationed in Dugu Martial Arts came, and roughly said what happened during the day. Yang You stared at the map for half a ring and finally sighed faintly. Although Liu Heita’s life and death are not known at the moment, it can be said that no one can escape before the flood. Li Shimin has been storing water for more than half a month. Once the river rushes out, it will be amazing. Things that try to stop the flood will be attacked by the flood.
I’m afraid that most of Liu Heita’s ten departments were killed, and a lean man in Hebei vanished into a post-dinner talk in the history of the Sui and Tang Dynasties’ hegemony journey.
Liu Heita has fallen, but the pressure on Yaleshou City will be heavier instead of lessening. Yang You is keenly aware of this, but he still firmly believes that it is not a simple matter for Li Shimin to seize the Happy Life.
Yang You is still looking at the map at night. Cheng Zhijie should have arrived in Hengshan County. I hope he can give Tang Jun a fatal blow at the right time.
The bonfire in Sui Jun Camp is gradually extinguished. Most soldiers know that a big battle is coming. Rest tight and ensure sufficient physical strength to live longer.
Early the next morning, the soldiers of the Sui army set out for the south and made rapid progress. At this time, Li Shimin was already attacking the city and was ready. At this time, after a night of repair, most of the places in Leshou City had been repaired, and some of them still oozed water.
Dou Jiande knew that Li Shimin wouldn’t let it go, but he obviously misjudged Li Shimin’s determination to attack. Therefore, there was still calf water around Leshou City, especially in low-lying places, which was more than one person high.
Li Shimin did not hesitate to choose whether to attack without breathing for himself or the enemy. At this time, the test is the morale and physical strength of the soldiers on both sides, in addition to the ability of the generals and commanders on both sides. Whoever has the ability can endure to the end.
Tang Jun drummed the drums, and Qin Shubao took more than 2,000 Tang Jun with him, treading calf-deep sewage, and charged at Chengtou. Water, shouting, and singing made up the main theme of Leshou City. Who can have the last laugh in this struggle? No one knows that in Li Shimin and Dou Jiande’s mind, they are all eager for success, because failure means everything means falling to the ground.
Although the ground is full of mud, who cares?
One by one, strong bodies stirred up sewage, which turned red into one of the most shocking colors of that year.
Mud on the ground seems to be bad for Tang Jun to attack the city, but no one noticed Li Shimin’s smug smile.
From the beginning, Tang Jun put the main direction of attack on Ximen Institute. Not only Dou Jiande recognized Li Shimin’s main attack on Ximen, but many generals in Tang Jun also recognized this situation. No one noticed the South Gate.
Tang Jun, the general who attacked the South Gate, was Yin Kaishan, who was once the most trusted general in Li Shimin. At this time, Li Shimin handed this back to him.
When Simon fought endlessly, Yin Kaishan led his troops to the south gate, but he didn’t rush to attack, but waited for the meeting. What did the king of Qin say it would be? He could wait patiently
The knight behind him quietly followed Yin Kaishan with longing in his eyes. Although they wanted to fight, they would never make a move without orders.
Chengtou Xia Jun wait for a while looked at Tang Jun outside the city without white. What are they doing? Although Tang Jun doesn’t attack the city, they can’t guard the city head lightly. Liu Yacheng keeps patrolling and waking the soldiers not to relax.
At this time, the soldiers in the south gate heard Simon’s thunder fighting, and many people couldn’t help but look askance and listen to the west to fight.
"Everybody pay attention to the west." Keyra Liu taught an uneasy soldier a lesson. He was about to turn around and suddenly he almost fell to the ground.
Liu Yazheng was about to settle down when the sound of stone collapse came to his ear, accompanied by soldiers screaming.
Keyra Liu was at a loss, finding that for a moment, he fell into the pit, and a boulder fell right on his head. Keyra Liu snorted and broke a big hole in his head, and the blood quickly flowed out. He died before he knew what was going on.
Yin Kaishan outside the city was dumbfounded at this scene, but he witnessed this scene with his own eyes. He is not white and strong, but the tall wall will collapse. What the hell is this?
In a moment, Yin Kaishan was white. Once upon a time, he appeared in the mud. He waved a horizontal knife in his hand and killed Chengtou. Behind him were a group of soldiers.
Yin Kaishan immediately raised his horizontal knife in his hand and shouted, "Kill my friends with me!" After a long drink, the iron hoof rolls like the wind to Leshou City!


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