"Can’t let it go!"

"Let it go!"
There was a sudden debate in the hall. Have all the powerful ministers of the green robe bodhi old zu heard about Wu Zong? Once in Wanqiu, people can be enemies.
"Follow me to the ancestral temple!" Chen wangchen way
The ministers followed Chen Wang to the ancestral temple quickly.
Looking at the arrival of Chen Wang with his ministers in full transit is also a face of doubt.
Chen Wangma handed over the green robe to Lao Zu.
Man Zhongtian frowned for a moment and shook his head. "Zong Li can’t let him destroy the ancestral temple and must be punished! If you let me go today, Chen Guozong will make trouble if he wants to break it. From then on, there is prestige in the ancestral temple? "
"But the blue-robed bodhi old zu will come soon, so I’m waiting to resist?" Chen Wang is worried
"No matter what way ZongLi must be punished, I don’t kill ZongLi is the biggest favor? No way! " Man Zhongtian affirmed
"alas!" Chen Wangyi sighed.
At this moment, an official among the ministers suddenly moved.
"Your majesty, the old minister has an idea!" The official look weird way
"oh? Aiqing, speak quickly! " Chen Wang immediately call way
They looked at the old minister together.
"Zong Li can’t let me go. Is it the majesty of Chen Guozong Temple? But we can change the place? " The veteran laughed
"In place? Do you mean that the blue-robed bodhi old zu will force me to live away? " Chen Wang frown way
"No, I mean, if you don’t leave Zong from the dark, you will leave Zong into Da Lei Yin Temple?" The veteran laughed
"Da Lei Yin Temple?" Everyone eyebrows a pick.
The name of Da Lei Yin Temple has resounded through Wanqiu for more than a year.
"Blue robe bodhi old zu is not bad? But that also depends on who is facing the evil, and the green-robed bodhi old zu may not be able to resist him. You know, Cai Jiangtai didn’t take the evil of the green-robed bodhi old zu lightly, and besides, the green-robed bodhi old zu of the Leiyin Temple will not look for us. Even if Jiang Tai is killed and rescued from Zongli, it can be regarded as an act of god! " The old minister YinXiao way
"Yes!" A group of ministers immediately laughed
"But is that evil willing to accept the divorced couple?" Chen Wang frown way
"We can slowly persuade people! There is always a way! " The old minister said
Then the old minister looked at Man Zhongtian. "Elder Man, I am Wanqiu. This disaster depends on you. But your son is very close to Jiang Tai?"
"This is not very good, your majesty!" Full Zhongtian shook his head worried way
"That’s settled!" Chen Wang immediately laughed-
Da Lei Yin Temple Daxiong Baodiankou
Taking a deep breath, Yan took a deep look at Jiang Taidao. "The five males will jump out of the three realms and not the five elements in the future!"
"What?" Jiang Tai is not white at the moment.
"This game of chess was left by your ancestor Jiang Ya’s predecessors, calling the ten-side unique spectrum to measure people’s potential!" Manzhong explained
"Ginger teeth?" Jiang Tai eyelids a pick.
This is not a celebrity problem, but his Jiang surname is absolutely proud. This chess game is absolutely exquisite. If he didn’t know his past life, Jiang Tai would probably be confused.
"Jiang Taigong is indeed a model of heaven. Today, it can be compared with few people, but you are Jiang’s blood. When you have a chance to return to Qi Guoshen Taigongcheng!" Yan laughed
"TaiGongCheng?" Jiang tai vacant way
"It’s still early. I’ll definitely let you know then!" Jison laughed.
"hmm!" Jiang Tai nodded blankly.
Yan took a meaningful look at Jiang Taidao. "I can’t see through your chess. I have jumped out of the outside method to predict your future, but I believe that Jing Hou will have an extraordinary future and let Sigong bring you something!"
"Oh?" Jiang Tai curious look at Jison way
Jison thought for a moment and said, "God didn’t give you a gift from his father. It depends on the family’s share, and it won’t be too much. Because there is a rule in Jiang’s name that you want something by your own hands instead of waiting for someone to reward you!"
"Good rules!" Jiang Tai nodded.
Jison and taking a smile in the eye.
"Do you think it would be best if Dad let me hoe Tian Ge?" Jison solemnly said.
"Hoe Tian Ge?" Jiang Tai gapes at a loss.
"Naturally, it was not the military academy that taught the hoe Tian Ge, but the ancestor Jiang Ya re-combed the hoe Tian Ge. Although it may not reach the power of the ancient Shennong, it definitely belongs to the super-class achievement method, which will make you more powerful!" Jison explained.
Jiang Tai "…!"
"Why? You are not satisfied? " Jison curious way
"Can you change it?" Jiang tai eccentric way
I already have a standard hoe for Tian Ge, so I don’t need ginger tooth combing, do I?
Jison once again stressed with a slight expression, "Hoe Tian Ge, my Jiang surname is also a secret, and its power can be comparable to that of Tianjing Skill!"
Shake your head again. "Can you change it?"
Yan looked thoughtfully at Jiang Tai.
Jison was silent for a moment and then smiled slightly. "But you can choose not to change the reward. It can be 100% worth!"
Jiang Tai "…!"
Can you exchange a hundred dollars for a dollar?
"Can you change your luck?" Jiang Tai asked.
Jison look slightly odd nodded. "Of course, ten zhangs? I can give it to you now, but are you sure you want ten feet of luck? "
"Yes!" Jiang Tai nodded.
"On that day, my father gave me ten feet of luck in the military, and I just didn’t!" Jison took a ju from his arms.
"Fourth brother, you give it to me. What about you?" Jiang tai frown way


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