Guo Yi was also crazy at the moment! Heart andao, this is the real immortal who doesn’t eat people. Fireworks are sober and refined. If people look at her, they will feel inferior.

Bai Xier naturally saw Guo Yi’s straight eyes. She glanced at it faintly and turned her eyes. "The night is so beautiful tonight!"
Guo Yi really wanted to say that no matter how beautiful the night is, it’s not one in ten thousand, but he didn’t say it after all. Instead, he quipped, "Xian, you didn’t call me out so late just to let me watch the sea with you, did you?"
Bai Xier shook his head and stared at Guo Yi with a pair of beautiful eyes. "I want to ask you a question. What are your feelings for Xiangyin?"
"Well … we are good friends!" Guo Yi didn’t expect Bai Xier to ask such a question.
"Good friend, what do you call her wife?" Bai Xier still looked Guo Yi straight.
Guo Yi’s heart cried out in distress situation. "It’s just a joke. I often joke with the red beauty."
"A joke? But Xiang Yin said that she would come to see you tonight. This is not a joke, is it? " Baixier avenue
"This ….. the original fairy night will call me out is this reason!" Guo Yi suddenly burst out laughing and said, "Don’t worry, it’s just that Guo Yin’s thief will never treat his friends like I will never treat my friends like a fairy!"
Guo Yiyuan was a funny joke, but Bai Xier didn’t laugh at all. He still looked at him straight. Guo Yixiao suddenly seemed to get stuck in his throat and couldn’t laugh anymore.
"This joke is really not funny!" Guo yi angrily said
"ah! Guo Yi, I want to tell you from a friend’s point of view that you and Xiangyin are my few friends. I don’t want you to hurt her, and I don’t want you to get too close to her. If I see you very much in love again, I may not be able to help myself. "
Bai Xier also don’t know what to say such a thing, the somebody else two people a willing to play a willing to get her?
This is the second time she has intervened in Guo Yi’s emotional affairs. For the first time, she successfully separated Guo Yi from Liu Yan Ran, and this time it seems that Guo Yi and Hong Xiang Yin will be given points again.
Anyway, when she saw Guo Yi and Hong Xiang sound very much in love, her heart was jammed with panic. After saying these words, the whole person became relaxed.
Bai Xier left, but Guo Yi still looked at the quiet sea at the ferry. My mind was complicated and suddenly I couldn’t help but wonder what he was laughing at.
I don’t know from which haystack Hua Er Tower climbed out with a big belly, and then walked behind Guo Yi and laughed. "Fairy is fairy. Even if you do this great thing, it’s still so respectable!"
The colder the night gets, the colder the moonlight turns.
Chapter 451 Chasing the Sun and Shenzhou
Chasing the sun, Shenzhou is the fastest means of transportation-the speed is hundreds of times that of a real dragon, and it can sail 3 trillion miles a day.
On this scorching day, when a giant boat made of gold in Wan Liyun broke through the clouds and fell into the water, it splashed and roared and drowned thousands of miles of land.
Chasing the sun, Shenzhou is more imposing than Wan Jiao’s flying boat, just like a huge mountain range. There are not only sails as high as clouds and splendid attics, but also five mountains that stand like fairy mountains.
Compared with the sun-chasing Shenzhou, the people on the ground are not even as good as ants. Everyone felt a throb from their hearts and couldn’t help moving backwards.
The golden color chasing the sun Shenzhou is quite rich and gorgeous, and the material is even more expensive than gold. It takes more money to build such a Shenzhou than to build a star device.
The golden light, like a hot sun, printed the whole day into a golden dazzling brilliance, which made people unable to open their eyes.
"Mom, this is a big deal. Sooner or later, I will also do this with Shenzhou." Hua Er Building is ambitious
"In this way, I am afraid that Shenzhou will have to spend one-third of the world’s financial resources to build a ship. I don’t know if the owner of Shenzhou is an excellent person?" Guo Yi quite sighed.
Hong Xiangyin and Bai Xier still stay in the ancient car, and beauties like them are more beautiful than those who are the first beauties in the world. Once they appear in public, they will definitely cause a sensation, and they will be able to take the ancient car with them without unnecessary trouble.
Hong Xiangyin said, "Sun-chasing Shenzhou is a family business of the moon. It is said that there are 1,000 silver-class Shenzhou in the whole Luohai River, 1,000 gold-class Shenzhou, 100 blue-gold-class Shenzhou and 10 gold-class Shenzhou."


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