Zhou Cang’s anger hasn’t subsided yet. He stamped his right foot on the man’s chest and said, "Does it mean Zhu Xi?"

"How dare you hit me? Do you know …" The man was still shouting that Zhou Cang’s right foot force directly spilled blood in his mouth, interrupting the man’s shouting.
Zhou Cang spatula clings to this person’s cold face and says, "I don’t want to hear nonsense or I’ll blow your head off with this spatula!"
"Yes, yes! I don’t talk nonsense! " The man was completely frightened by Zhou Cang and never dared to shout again.
"Is it Zhu Xi’s son of a bitch?" Zhou Cang thundered
"Yes, General Zhu means to ask the hero to spare the villain. The villain also works for others!" The man begged for mercy
"General zhu? Hum! Call me Zhu Di, the son of a bitch! " Zhou Cang cold hum a spoonful gently pat two in this face.
"I said! I said! Ask the hero not to kill the villain! " The man was frightened to death directly.
"Say it quickly!" Zhou Cang glared at him.
The man was scared and shivered quickly, saying, "It’s Zhu Di’s son of a bitch." Then he looked at his body and didn’t dare to speak, and he regretted it a little, for fear that these people would tell Zhu Di that he would be miserable then, but it was still a dilemma to live or not if he didn’t talk.
Hearing this, Zhou Cang’s anger was relieved. He raised his right foot and said angrily, "Remember today’s lesson and then let me see you, so I don’t mind one more life!"
The man struggled to climb up and said timidly, "Yes, yes! Thank the hero for teaching the villain to walk first. "
Zhou Cang was about to promise that suddenly a population said, "Wait!"
Zhou Cang wondered and shouted, "Master?" It turned out that Li was involved in stopping this person, and everyone wanted to see what Li was going to do.
Li said with a smile, "Come and don’t be indecent! Since brother just offered us a bowl of porridge, now it’s our turn to offer you a toast. "
Then he handed the bowl of porridge with thick phlegm to the man and said, "Come on!"
Zhou Cang was so happy that the master was so artistic even when he got angry. "Don’t drink!"
"Yes, yes!" The man held his breath and took a gulp to drink the porridge. The thick phlegm was returned to its owner, but they saw a burst of nausea and wanted to vomit, and they were hungry again.
The man smiled ingratiatingly and turned the bowl upside down to signal that he had finished drinking. "Let’s go!"
"thank you! Thank you! " Run away with your hands straight away.
Qin Qiang said before tossing in his chest, "Brother, your move is really high!"
"why?" Li She doesn’t understand its meaning.
"I have heard the story of Cao Cao looking at Mei to quench his thirst before, and now I know that you will forget to stop your hunger when you are involved in brother!" Qin sighed.
Others don’t know who Cao Cao is, but Ding Tao still knows that it is really a bit interesting. Anyway, he can’t eat now, and the last three people laughed together.
"What are you going to do about brother?" Ding Tao said after laughing.
"Yes elder brother! This is not the way to go, "Qin also said.
"Well, I’ll find him!" Li involved a sullen said
"Ok, let’s go together!" Qin Dingtao agrees.
"no! Huang Zhong and Zhou Cang and I will do it. You take care of the lair, especially you and Ding Tao. You must take care of your horses! " Li refused to go together and explained
"All right!" Qin Dingtao got it.
"Yuan fu! Brother Huang! Let’s go! " Li involved in greeting one or three people and went straight to the duke’s house.
Chapter seventy-five I hope you don’t be someone else’s dog again
At this time, Huangfusong and Zhu Di are sitting on the throne, and all the generals discuss such as facing the yellow turban insurrectionary offensive.
Huangfusong sighed and said, "We got 200,000 reinforcements. Unfortunately, after yesterday’s battle, more than half of our troops were killed or injured. Now there are 130,000 people in this yellow turban insurrectionary, but there are two million people who should resist it!"
"Hum!" Zhu Xi said with a snort of cold at this time, "Those who die are just some gluttons, and they will also wave food and grass. It is better to die once and for all, and the Yellow Scarf is not without loss. I heard that the Yellow Scarf Army has dropped by 400,000."
"Oh, that’s good news!" Huangfusongxi avenue
"Yes! Yes! It’s because General Zhu fought bravely to kill the enemy! " Some people flatter and say
Of course, these are the contributions of Li She and others. Zhu Xi ran away early. It was only by Huang Zhong, Zhou Cang and others struggling to find teammates that the losses of the army were reduced to a minimum. This Zhu Xi history generally likes to push the credit to himself.
"Where is everyone’s credit?" Zhu Xi said modestly, laughing and narrowing her eyes.
"Hum! You son of a bitch know it’s not your fault! " Suddenly, a loud voice outside yelled directly, which made Zhu Xi’s smiling face instantly gloomy.
"live! How did you get in! " The sound of the gatekeeper soldiers coming outside
"Roll for grandpa!" The loud voice yelled again, and then there was a fight outside. The sound stopped instantly, which should be the end of the fight.
Sure enough, the hall door was kicked heavily, and Li She strutted in with a tiger’s head broadsword, followed closely by Huang Zhong and Zhou Cang.
"It’s you villagers who dare to be so disciplined again. I see who will save you this time!" Zhu Xi thundered, "Somebody! Cut them for me! "
In this hall, there are a lot of generals who were born in the military, and it is also good to get a collar. Some of them performed directly in front of Zhu Xi and rushed at the three people involved in Li. As a result, they were knocked down by Zhou Cang and shocked everyone in the hall.
Zhu Xi also knows that he is no match. Unless the army piles up, he can’t destroy the three people in front of him, but the momentum must not be weak. He roared, "What are you doing to provoke me again and again?"
"Oh, General Zhu made this statement?" Li she asked
"Hum! Shall I list your crimes? Did you humiliate me in front of all the soldiers yesterday? Are you trespassing on the mansion and disturbing the parliament today? You will die! " Zhu yihan said
"Ha ha!" Li Shedisdain sneered, "If I remember Zhou Cang yesterday well, that is, I hit you behind me. The general Zhu’s conflict was caused by the general Zhu’s intention to abandon his soldiers. If the court knows, I can’t guarantee that General Zhu will still be alive."
Seeing Zhu Di’s quibbling, Li She immediately added, "How can we rural people talk about you as a learned reader without general Zhu’s defense?"
"You can’t escape the crime of trespassing on the mansion today!" Zhu Xi also knows that it was her fault to abandon her foot soldiers that day and drag things to the present.
"Don’t General Zhu know that I am here today?" Li she asks.
"I tube you! Anyway, you will die today! " Zhu Xi nu way
"You son of a bitch …" Zhou Cang nasty.
"Yuanfu!" Li She immediately stopped and said to Zhu Xi, "Since General Zhu doesn’t want to talk about it, let me talk about the reason. Did General Zhu order the cooks to deliberately make things difficult for us?"
After Zhu Di was exposed, he remained calm and said, "This is really a slippery day. I, Zhu Di, have a decent body and a corps commander, will deal with you and do such three things!"
"Then who knows!" Zhou Cang muttered a small voice, but it’s a pity that Zhou Cang was a loud voice and everyone could hear it clearly. Zhu Xi was even more angry and almost spit out one mouthful blood.
At this time, it coincided with the arrival of a large group of soldiers, and Zhu Xi also felt that he had to rely on it. "Even if the king is old today, it won’t save you!" Somebody! Kill them for me! "
After saying his word, Huang Zhong, who has been silent, thrust the knife into the ground, took the shoulder, the sun, the moon and the bow, and shot an arrow against Zhu Di’s cheek. Zhu Di’s face immediately showed a blood stain.
Huang Zhong killed everyone directly. It is well known that the silent Han wanted to take Zhu Di’s life, and even the foot soldiers hesitated before preparing for it, waiting for Zhu Di’s further instructions.
Zhu Di wait for a while touched her injured cheek and looked at the archer. It was the one who made her feel scared yesterday. I couldn’t help but regret that this arrow shot herself with absolute accuracy, but it was just a thought.


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