"The most perfect solution is finally reflected!" In front of the entrance of Crystal Crazy Palace, there are not only a lot of white skeleton dragons in front of it, but also a special thing, that is, a huge hanging basket.

This hanging basket is smaller than the one they took before, while the hanging basket has a semi-circular thin material’ airbag’ which is much larger than the hanging basket. It is made of a special kind of seaweed. Although it looks thin, it is very tough and the most important thing is that it is airtight.
There are a lot of jellyfish in the’ airbag’, but there is always a gap between jellyfish and jellyfish, which is not complete. Generally speaking, it is not as good as a large jellyfish to pile up a large number of small jellyfish together to generate buoyancy.
But crystal crazy found a special place. When these jellyfish eat food, they are made of floating gas at the same time. Sometimes they will make excess gas, and they will emit excess. So after they are fed, they will be trapped in an airbag, and then the airbag will slowly expand, and then it can carry a lot of weight …
Moreover, the jellyfish inside will go into a state like a deep sleep because of the lack of oxygen. They will not struggle around and try to escape, so they don’t have to worry about their influence on the progress of the hanging basket.
What about moving in the hanging basket? Then it’s all about sitting in the white skeleton dragon fuck.
According to the swimming mode of fish, Crystal Crazy adds bones and seaweed leaves on both sides of the hanging basket to make’ fins’, which can swim by sitting in the white skeleton dragon to control the back and forth to stir the air like water.
And behind the hanging basket, it also adds a huge tail fin to control the direction and assist the movement.
In addition to the main airbag for holding a large number of jellyfish, the hanging basket is also tied with two auxiliary airbags for holding a small number of jellyfish. When landing, they will release these airbags so that the whole will slowly fall.
And these two airbags are tied with long ropes and fixed after landing on the ground, and they can also pull the airbag back.
This thing seems quite good. Lin is a little surprised that Crystal Crazy can make something similar. It should have come up with this method by watching the original hanging basket and then watching the fish swim.
"You guys go!"
Crystal crazy ordered several white skeleton dragons to go to the hanging basket at once. They had four’ fins’ on both sides of the hanging basket and one behind them to make the’ tail fin’ move.
They let go of the rope hooked on the ground, and the hanging basket really flew slowly. At this time, the white skeleton dragons swung their fins on both sides, and the whole hanging basket moved slowly …
But the speed is too slow … but it also represents success! Crystal crazy looking at this thing slowly rising it eyes revealed hope and fanaticism.
The surrounding white skeleton dragons also gave a burst of cheers. The experiment seems to have finally … succeeded!
This thing is not only a weapon that can bring the white skeleton dragons to the rift valley, but also a weapon that can be used in combat.
It clearly remembers the scene that the Emerald Dragons of Lixie City rode Yalong to burn the whole city. If it is possible for the opponent to have a Chinese army in the future, it must also have a strong army in preparation.
Although Lin thinks this thing may encounter many problems and is quite inflexible, several white skeleton dragons have been rowing for a long time and have not flown out of the castle.
Obviously, it has more problems to deal with, and if it rises too high, this structure will also cause some problems, but if it is not fighting, it has the ability to fly over the rift valley at present.
While Lin observe them, she also received that message of brain worm.
The brain bug said to Lin in front of the displayer, "Report that stupid creature. It says it wants to dig a hole."
"Dig a hole?" Lin questioned, "Does it understand your language?"
"I know a little bad sentences and my pronunciation is clumsy," said the brain worm. "In the first stage of torture, it didn’t say anything. In the second stage, it tortured painfully. In the third stage, it told me its target torture method. Brain waves sent to suppress thoughts, which was unbearable."
"The target gets brain crystals, digs a hole in the woodland, and then it stops talking, and it doesn’t know what the answer is. It has this feeling in its consciousness and it wants to do it."
….. Does this mean that it wants to get the brain in the crystal crazy crystallization and then dig a hole and bury it in the crystal woodland? It feels really strange.
Because the brain was there before it was dug up by the scorpion.
Thinking of Lin, she continued to ask, "Do you know what it understands your language?"
"Understand the law," said the brain worm. "There may have been an exchange. I want to flatten it."
Sure enough, what are they like … So what special things will happen if you bury your brain there?
"Do you know the burial place?"
"Accurate location next to the 27th tree"
Chapter two hundred and forty-nine Woodland Scream
There used to be a scorpion city, but there are no scorpions here, but the city made up of this pyramid is still full of biological breath. This place is very lively now …
Flying over the heights, Lin Fei can see a lot of jade dragons coming and going. Tent huts have been built near those pyramids, and many jade dragons have climbed to the pyramids, hoes and hammer tools to knock the crystals and carry them away.
At the same time, some jade dragons hunt near, and some dig up the ground. They test whether it is suitable for planting plants here.
Susumi also exhibited a large number of projects to turn this place into a new emerald dragon city. Lizou City is a good place. Some huge pyramids have rivers connected to the ground, which can solve the water problem and the food nearby is rich. Because there are no trees around, it is much easier to build.
But there is still a problem that the original city is too far away from here, and it is impossible to abandon the original city. Both sides are separated by the whole forest, and there are quite a lot of dangers in the forest …
So Su Sumi considered increasing the breeding of Yalong to make some Yalong become’ males’, so that many Emerald Dragons could be transported back and forth quickly.
Yalong can also transport some crystals, which is perfect! Su Sumi has discussed this situation with Mukra recently.
The aviators flew over this’ New Emerald Dragon City’ and approached the crystallized woodland.
This is crystalline woodland, and this place hasn’t changed much before. The ground is dry land, and covered trees stand everywhere, because there are a few creatures where they feed, and they hardly die.
The 27th tree …
Lin counted as she flew, and soon found the 27 th tree. The traveler flew to the tree and observed it first. This tree is no different from the surrounding trees. Why should he bury his brain here? According to the brainworm, it seems that Neptune wanted to do it himself, but he didn’t know why.
Lin found some cracks in the crystal skin of this tree. As the flier approached, the tiny tentacles protruding from his mouth seemed to extend directly to the tree.
Listen to the sound of this tree in this way.
Then the flier responded to the weak stream released by the tree, which was stimulated by the stream and sent out an "Ah-! !” sound
This seems to be a rib centipede. Try again …
Lin heard a lot of creatures, but one of them was very suspicious …’ Goo’


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