Like an earthquake, the mountain liquid is constantly shaking, as if something big is going to happen at any moment.

Suolin quickly left this place and the arms flew over the surface of this mountain.
As soon as you fly out of this mountain, you can see the mountain … falling apart, accompanied by a loud crash. The mountain is rapidly falling apart and peeling off, and a mass of high-temperature liquid falls to the ground.
The mountain soon disappeared … Lynn thought it might be that Midgart wanted to transform the terrain here, but soon … there was a new situation.
The new situation is that there are other mountains, and the surrounding other mountains are also rumbling one after another.
These mountains don’t disintegrate, but fly high … towards an imaginary goal.
This goal is a world that appears in front of Midgard …
Chapter one thousand and sixty Fort?
It suddenly appeared, just like the previous star.
Midgart … and three satellites … and a … huge object appeared in front of the satellite.
It’s not a tumbler because it’s not spherical, but it’s still quite big, but it’s probably not appropriate to say’ world’.
Say it’s a fortress. What might be better?
This is a square object with a length of more than 1000 kilometers, a width of 500 kilometers and a thickness of perhaps 300 kilometers.
There are quite a number of prominent structures on the surface of this object, which looks a bit like a city built on a surface.
However, due to the overall dim light, I can’t see the details clearly, but it should be some kind of literary product
Lynn decided to call it’ The Rectangular Fort’ because it looks like a fortress.
Besides, it’s not a ruin, and it shouldn’t be. Otherwise, Midgart wouldn’t do it.
Midgard is now 100,000 kilometers away from the target. It has stopped moving and stayed in front of this …’ Rectangular Castle’.
Midgart didn’t do anything, but one of its satellites … that is, Lin felt that it had become a melting zone, and this satellite had already fired at the’ Rectangular Fort’.
It makes ammunition a mountain made up of high-temperature liquids.
Although I don’t know why one mountain collapsed before, the remaining mountains are all in good operation … and they are well launched into the virtual space.
These mountains are still in the form of high temperature and liquid in the cold and virtual, and the speed is very slow at first, but it will get faster and faster after flying for a while.
Finally, it accelerated to a speed of almost 3,000 kilometers per second … and crashed into the surface of the’ Rectangular Fort’
For the first time, dozens of mountains flew to the rectangular castle, but the rectangular castle didn’t wait to be hit. When these mountains approached a certain distance …
Boom-a large number of objects that look like sharp stones flew out of the surface of the rectangular fort. They hit the lava mountain and caused a violent explosion.
But when Lin matched the sound effects to these explosions, the satellite had already launched a second wave of attacks. There were hundreds of lava mountains in this attack.
They are all about 100 meters in size and hit the rectangular castle at the same speed as before.
Lynn thought maybe we should arrange a unit to fly with them and then land at the Rectangular Fort to see what’s there.
At this time, the Rectangular Fort also carried out a counterattack mode similar to that before.
It shoots more than ten meters long on the surface, which looks like stone objects. I don’t know if these are missiles or what. They are trying to intercept lava mountains.
When you touch a mountain, there will be an explosion. Every time, they will emit the same number of stones as the mountains. This interception.
However, it seems that the Rectangular Castle can’t defend. Lynn noticed that a large number of … cylindrical objects flew out from the edges of the Rectangular Castle.
These cylindrical objects are more than 100 meters long. They fly out at almost the same speed as the lava mountain, and they flexibly avoid the lava mountain and fly straight to Midgard during the flight.
Ten cylinders flying to Midgard eradicated these ten cylinders, and fifteen cylinders were fired at satellites beside the pipeline.
It seems that they are going to attack all locations at once, but these cylindrical objects …
It didn’t really work
Because before they approached the pipeline and three satellites, it seemed as if they were suddenly subjected to some strange image …
Lin found that their location was moved to tens of thousands of kilometers away.
Instead of being sent over, it seems to be’ pushed’ over, and their moving tracks can be clearly seen.
Although the speed is very fast, Lin’s arms can still see clearly how far they have moved laterally.
The columns that were’ pushed’ into the distance disappeared in a flash, and I wonder what effect they would have if they hit.
But obviously … they won’t hit easily.
The next step is to continue bombing the high-temperature satellite wrapped in lava and emit more lava mountains.
When the surface mountain is almost launched, the lava-like material on the ground will quickly gather and uplift to form a new mountain and launch it.
This makes their numbers keep pouring out of lava mountains … but Midgart and the other two satellites do nothing.
They seem to be watching from the sidelines, watching the resistance of the rectangular fort.
The rectangular fortress also seems to be able to resist a large number of intercepting … stone missiles for quite a long time.
These missiles kept intercepting the coming volcano, and at the same time it tried to attack Midgard with more weapons.
Include that front cylindrical object, fired more object toward the pipeline.
These things should all be missiles, and their shapes and sizes are quite different …
Unfortunately, Lin didn’t see their effect because they were’ pushed’ far away when they flew close.
Moreover, after being’ pushed’, these flying objects can’t turn around and fly back. They either explode in situ or fly far away.
In the end, all their attacks have no effect …
Midgart decided to make a more effective attack.
Lynn saw … the satellite moved.
While continuing to launch lava mountain, it slowly accelerates to fly in the direction of Rectangular Fort.
This seems to have caused the Rectangular Fort … fear that they will aim most of their attacks at this approaching satellite, and as before, their attacks have no effect.
It’s all pushed by …
The rectangular castle doesn’t seem to move. Although Lin thinks it looks like an animal, in fact, it has never moved in that position.
What it can do is to continuously launch a large number of missiles to fight back.
The satellite has flown halfway, and a lot of lava has been generated and emitted from the mountain surface.


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